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Miss S Episode 3 Recap

Guanshi Zhuang and Mother Rong were in a church with a group of children. Guanshi Zhuang said that she could not eat without paying rations. A little girl named Suyun was scolded because she gave too little rations, and then ordered her staff not to give them tonight. Suyun ate a meal, angrily Suyun took the fork on the table and pierced Guan Shi’s hand. The painful Guan Shi asked her subordinates to chase after her.

Su Wenli and Xiao Taozi were going to Nanjing, and told Xiao Taozi that they must go to Jiming Temple to burn incense when they arrived in Nanjing. I also asked Little Taozi about the names of some foods she hadn’t heard of. After learning that Little Taozi hadn’t heard of them, she decided that she must take Little Taozi to eat. Just when Su Wenli was buying a ticket, she happened to meet Su Yun who had escaped.

Mrs. Tang told Tang Ruyue to buy the ticket by herself but was told that she had already bought it. Also praised by Mrs. Tang. Su Wenli told Song Xiaotan to take her suitcase back and sit and take a look. She also asked them to see how the new car she bought. Little Taozi is worried that Su Wenli will attract the attention of bad guys, but Su Wenli disagrees, because this is her purpose.

Tu Senran gave Mrs. Tang Kesi cake and was praised for being more caring than his own daughter Tang Ruyue. Dong Haoyu cared about Tang Ruyue. Here Suyun quietly fled to the train in order to evade chase. Su Wenli saw the parting scene of Tang Ruyue and they couldn’t help feeling that the most beautiful scenes were at the time of parting.

The car started, and the old Song Xiaotan also smoothly delivered the luggage to Su Wenli’s butler, Uncle Xiang. He was treated with enthusiasm and was surprised by Su Wenli’s home, and was given to them by the car Su Wenli gave them. Surprise arrived.

The picture turned, and we returned to the train. Su Wenli and Xiao Taozi had dinner, and Tang Ruyue said that Mrs. Tang’s requirements were too high. Mrs. Tang thought Tu Senran was more caring than Dong Haoyu, and knew that he would send Commander Kai cake on the train. Instead of sending flowers, Tang Ruyue got into trouble with Mrs. Tang. Suddenly a boy named Mao Mao ran into Tang Ruyue’s mother and her son. I didn’t know it. He was shocked when he saw that it was Hong Xiaochen. Mrs. Tang and Hong Xiaochen quarreled because of Mrs. Hong’s death. Hong Xiaochen cursed Mrs. Tang for retribution. This matter is gone.

Water was added to the train halfway, and then it started running normally. Su Wenli came out of the room and smelled a strange smell. Through the crack of the door, she saw Tang Ruyue who was unconscious and went back to the room without hesitation and rushed in with a pistol. After Tang Ruyue woke up, she told Su Wenli that her mother was gone, Xiao Taozi hurry up The alarm bell was rang. Su Wenli offered to help but was rejected, so she took out her business card and said about Inspector Luo Qiuheng. The police believed that she would ask questions. Xiao Taozi went up and told the police that she needed to pay close attention to Hong Xiaochen. After Police Officer Shen arrived, he clearly told Luo Qiuheng not to interfere.

Su Wenli refused to listen to the clues she knew and told Police Officer Shen. Soon after, she found the dead Mrs. Tang. Luo Qiuheng also came to the scene of the accident at this time and asked Su Wenli to leave, and Su Wenli told her favorable conditions to let Luo Qiuheng stay with her temporarily.

Luo Qiuheng found Hong Xiaochen and asked him a few questions. Su Wenli found Tang Ruyue and learned the ins and outs of the incident, comforted Tang Ruyue and left. Soon several police officers caught Suyun and found her lost jewelry from Mrs. Tang. Luo Qiuheng suspected Hong Xiaochen, and Su Wenli thought that it might not be him. Luo Qiuheng couldn’t ask Su Yun for any information. Su Wenli had no choice but to come forward. But Su Wenli drove back to Shanghai with Xiao Taozi, Tang Ruyue and Suyun directly, but Luo Qiuheng gave up if they couldn’t catch up. Su Wenli took them back to her home and let them stay in her home for a while, but Tang Ruyue refused.

Little Taozi was moved and couldn’t help herself. After some comfort, she learned that Tang Ruyue’s fiancé had come and went down to have a look.

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