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Miss S 旗袍美探 Episode 2 Recap

Fan Jingyu was spotted by two people and said that he was not here to pick up the goods, but the little prince of the dance world, or perhaps a spy in the patrol room. Then they were chased down by the two, and shot in their hands. Then Su Wenli watched After arriving, he took the initiative to call Fan Jingyu, and even came forward to help him cover, only then escaped.

After returning home, Su Wenli said that he was lucky, but he just scratched the skin, so that Su Wenli asked Fan Jingyu about the purpose of stealing her earrings. Fan Jingyu said that she looked more like a drug addict, and also talked about what happened to her and her sister. Su Wenli suspected that when he killed Hu Yunlang, he said that he was not killing innocent people indiscriminately. Then he talked about Ma Minlan. Fan Jingyu said that he and Ma Minlan were only in a pure friendship.

Little Taozi found Su Wenli and told her that she had been fired. She had to find Su Wenli and also said what the police had asked her. Su Wenli asked Little Taozi how grandpa did to them, and learned that Hu Yunlang had acted on them. Angrily, she then asked about Li Qiaomei and told Xiao Taozi that she couldn’t help them without telling her the whole process.

Here Li Qiaomei woke up in the hospital, and Su Wenli also found a referral letter in Li Qiaomei’s clothes. She went back and asked Li Qiaomei if she gave Hu Yunlang the medicine. Li Qiaomei said that although she hated him, she did not kill him. When something happened behind Li Qiaomei, Luo Qiuheng happened to be here, and they had to hide Li Qiaomei, lying on the bed as a patient, and deceived Luo Qiuheng to go back.

Little Taozi helped Su Wenli wash her dress, Su Wenli asked Xiao Taozi if she would be his assistant. After reaching an agreement, the two of them split up. Little Taozi finds Aunt Xue, and Su Wenli finds Ma Minlan and Su Wenli asked Ma Minlan if Hu Yunlang had offended anyone, but Ma Minlan rejected it.

Little Taozi told Su Wenli what happened after she found Aunt Xue. Su Wenli felt very dangerous to persuade Xiao Taozi not to go, but Xiao Taozi felt that she would be willing to go as long as she could get rid of the crime for Qiaomei, even if it was dangerous.

Xiao Taozi saw the informant and followed them into the car, but Su Wenli and Xiao Sui Lao Song were lost. After Xiao Taozi passed by and saw Golden Dao Six, Jin Dao Liu thought that Xiao Tao Zi was also here for the abortion operation, and Su Wenli slowly looked for it based on the smell of paint provided by Xiao Tao Zi, just when Xiao Tao Zi was almost aborted. Su Wenli and others arrived in time to rescue Xiao Taozi.

After returning home, Xiao Taozi was worried about Li Qiaomei’s affairs. Su Wenli told Xiao Taozi that she would meet Aunt Xue for a while and let her call the police if she didn’t come back before 10pm.

Su Wenli arrived at Aunt Xue’s door and found Fan Jingyu, thinking that he had also found Aunt Xue’s place, but hoped that he would not cause trouble to herself, Su Wenli climbed to Aunt Xue’s room through the back door window, Su Wenli rescued Fan Jingyu and was arrested and detained. I saw Ma Minlan in the past. Su Wenli told Fan Jingyu that this was Ma Minlan’s site and also revealed the truth about Hu Yunlang’s death, including things like Aunt Xue’s love for her pony.

Ma Minlan also said that after marrying Hu Yunlang, she found that the actual situation was different from what she thought. She pulled Hu Yunlang back and waited. Then Ma Minlan shut Fan Jingyu and Su Wenli and others into the sauna room, making her subordinates do something like a In the accident, Xiao Taozi waited anxiously at home and called the police station at 10 o’clock in the evening.

Su Wenli turned off the water vapor through her ingenuity, and Luo Qiuheng successfully found Su Wenli and they rescued them. After returning home, Su Wenli told Ruqing what she had discovered. Ma Minlan said that her husband did not match the actual Hu Yunlang. Su Wenli also said that Qiaomei’s medical expenses were paid by herself, and she also advanced half a year’s salary. Now Li Qiaomei You can feel relieved.

Su Wenli met Ding Rushan and talked about her sister, but Ding Rushan wanted to go out with Su Wenli. Su Wenli said it was impossible. Either he was lonely here or she sent him to the grave.

Su Wenli was being measured by a tailor. Luo Qiuheng came and said that the Turkish bath exploded because of Su Wenli, and then everyone celebrated because of the first female detective.

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