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The Heiress Episode 9 Recap

On 11th at night, I sat on my bedside with Qi Wang thinking about the scene that happened during the day. On 11th, he found his heart beating faster, Qi Wang smiled slightly. The next day Miss Yuner was shopping at the market. One person accidentally bumped into Yun’er, and the thing fell on the ground. When Yun’er was squatting down to pick up something, she helped her, and then she bought a new one. To exchange the broken things for Yun’er, Xuezhang asked Yun’er if she wanted to return to the house, Yun’er said yes.

Xue Zhang said it’s better to send you back to the house by herself. Yun’er refused and left shyly. Xue Zhang looked at the direction Yun’er left with affection. The king of the court said that he hoped that the emperor would think about the stability of the country. As soon as he had set up the crown, some ministers recommended the fifth prince, and the minister recommended the second prince. The ministers kept arguing, and the emperor was very inconvenient listening to the endless debate.

Speaking of letting the Five Highnesses and the Second Highnesses participate in government affairs together, whoever can see who is competent will move into the East Palace. After the next dynasty, the second prince came to visit the prime minister’s mansion and asked about the king’s views on the decision of the emperor. The king said that this is to let the two contests, and the fifth prince then arrested many people from the gang under the guise of destroying the remnants of the previous dynasty.

Said that the current five brothers are not easy to deal with, we don’t have military power in our hands, and some secret things need to be used in the affairs of the world. Wang Xiang said that it was untouched and fundamental, the second prince need not worry, although there is no military power, but the competition is no better than fighting on the battlefield. I have to do with the court. Asked if there was anything else for the second prince, the second prince said that it was extremely difficult at this time and asked his uncle to get acquainted himself.

Han Shizi said with emotion that this dude disciple has not been to see the girl for a few days, and it is time for him to come forward. On eleven, she came to Yidianxuan to listen to the music and applauded, and the girl Hong’er stepped down and came to accompany Eleven. A man ran in with a knife and held Hong’er with a sword. On eleventh, he persuaded the man to have something to say, and took off all the valuables in his hand, and released the girl first.

At this time, the city defense army broke in, and the eleven roared to stop, saying that he was the son of Dingguo, Han eleven, who dared to mess around, the leader heard that this person was a major offender of the court, and let eleven move. The eleventh thought that the city defense army is the king’s person must make big moves to be able to stop, so he said loudly to let Hong’er not worry, first you have my flesh and blood. If anyone makes our Han family wean off offspring, my father and I will definitely do it. Make trouble to the court.

After saying that, the city defense army retreated, and the city defense army retreated from the door. The eleventh pair of men said that they were the son of the world, and it was more useful to hold me out of the city. The man said, Han Shiyi, you are still as arrogant as you were when you were a child, but your idea was so good that Shiyi was replaced by Hong’er.

Luan went to the back room to tell the king that Tingqin had broken in, and his subordinates also came to report to the king of Qi that there was something wrong with Dian Xuan. Yidian Xuan Neiqin is holding XI Wendao you are really the father of Dingguo Han Shizi, XI Wendao, you have seen me, at this time King Qi and Wang Er came to the opposite side of Eleven from different directions, and said in unison.

He, I will protect your life, King Qi took out his own waist card and said that you took my waist card to go out and no one would dare to treat you. The man said that he would be shot to death by random arrows as soon as he left the house, and let the city defense forces outside retreat, and he would release him if he escaped outside the attack range of the strong crossbow. King Qi and Wang Er exchanged eyes with each other. Surprised to say when the relationship between these two people is so good. The two came to the door and ordered the city defense army to retreat.

The man took Eleven out and walked on the street. Eleven always told the man that he was a greedy person and feared death. As long as you don’t hurt my life, I Keep you out of the city, secretly take out the hairpin hidden in your sleeves in your hand. After seeing this, King Qi pulled his finger off his hand and threw it out of the man’s waist. The man fell down eleven and wondered that he hadn’t taken any action yet, Qi Wang walked over with his hand to check if the man was dead, and picked up his finger by the way. He fainted when he said that he lost too much blood.

Eleven said that it was really time to get dizzy. It must be because I had done more good things. Wang Er couldn’t stand it anymore and said that Han eleven should not play too much, and eleventh only converged. Wang Er walked to King Qi and praised His Highness for his good work. King Qi did not say staring at Wang Er. The leader of the city defense army said that this man was a criminal of the imperial court, and he was taken to the prison for his humble position. Ministry of Justice. Eleven said that no matter where this person was brought, he would follow him for the trial, and he had to know who asked me to cut off children from the Han family.

The three of them were together at Yidian Xuan as early as, Hong’er said that he had seen all the misfortunes in the world, but he did not expect to meet his son, or he had no regrets. He praised his son for his superficial elegance, but in fact he values ​​love and righteousness. He is a good man today. Hearing this, the son was sitting in jeopardy. Qi Wang and Wang Erze smiled and immediately put away the original application. The second prince came to the prime minister’s mansion and asked how to get Xue Jia to come to the capital. Uncle quickly helped me. Wang Xiang said that the five princes used to wipe out the remnants of the former dynasty to live in the arena and the people he had recruited. Now it is too late to take action.

The second prince asked what to do now, this Xue Jia can’t stay. Wang Xiang said that there is no need to worry. Since this Xue Jia has already appeared, he can’t do it. The second prince worried that Xue Jia would say everything and he would be finished. In the public hall, Mr. Gu from the Criminal Department and Mr. Chang from Shuntian House interrogated Xue Jia together. King Qi, Eleven and Wang Er were in the trial. Master Chang said that the bold criminals dared to hold the son of the dead, and someone dragged him down to beat me. He was stopped by Master Gu as soon as he was about to start his hand. He said that he hadn’t found out what the person was called.

The eleventh did not expect that Shuntian Mansion and the Criminal Ministry are now in an incompatible situation. He said that although he was kidnapping himself, he did not hurt his name. When the city defense army arrested him, he said he was a court criminal. Why didn’t he ask what he had committed? . Master Gu ordered Xu Sheng, the commander of the Xuancheng defense army, and Xu Sheng came to the court. Master Chang asked the people under Xu Sheng’s hall what had happened. Master Gu asked Xu Sheng to stay aside.

Then he asked who had reported his name. The man said that he had handed Xue Jia’s father to Xue Fuli, the prefect of Qingzhou. He was now accused of embezzling military rations. He is now detained in Qingzhou prison. After hearing this, Lord Chang said that he should be arrested if he is exiled, and the person who came to drag him down and beat me.

Master Gu is here to stop saying that since there is a chance for us to redress the grievances that have been wronged by us, the 11th Fuhe Road is a rare opportunity to see a criminal interrogator. It is always boring to beat people, so we must make it clear. Master Gu said that the son of the eldest son said the extreme, so he asked Xue Jia for the available evidence. Xue Jia said that it was in his own body.

Master Gu ordered the people to loosen them. Master Chang blocked him and said that the man was going to commit a crime. Master Gu said that the prisoner was already here. After the untie, the prisoner said that the criminal Guo Jia avenged his father and sued the second prince. Wang Xiang told the second prince that the most important thing now is to let Sheche protect the commander. Xue Fuliang is dead, as long as all the responsibilities are transferred to Qingzhou guard Pan Zhanpeng. His Royal Highness is only responsible for disaster relief and not only whereabouts.

The second prince said that his father would still think that he was not doing well. Mr. Chang scolded him and said that he dared to frame the second prince who came and beat him. Mr. Gu blocked him and said that he saw the silk and said that the disaster grain has not arrived for a long time. First, he can only use the spare grain. This is a record of the use and will be sent after next autumn. Also, this Qingzhou disaster food was sent by the court personally. Xue Jia said that Qingzhou had never received a grain of calamity and a tael of silver, and his father was forced to use the warehouse to put the grain out of desperation.

In the court, Master Gu reported the evidence to the emperor for eight hundred miles and wanted to interrogate Xue Furian. Unexpectedly, he told Xue Furian that he was dead. The Ministry of Household immediately explained that the food for disasters had been distributed and there was no delay. The emperor said that Xue Furian was dead, and the Xue family had sued the second prince and immediately declared the second prince into admonition.

The second prince came to the court to give a salute first. The second prince said that he was at fault. After he arrived in Qingzhou, he approached Xue Fuliang and Pan Zhanpeng to discuss. On the second day, Pan Zhanpeng came to receive food and silver. It happened that the mother and concubine fell ill. The minister waited for a day to see that the victims had received food and left.

The emperor said that although you are guilty of oversight, you are excusable, but you are so careless about disaster relief. Master Gu said that the emperor wanted to ask the second prince a question, saying that the second prince had been recovering at home after returning to Beijing, how did the second prince know about Xue Furian when something happened, and that he came just right. The second prince said it was the parents of Yin Lai in Shuntian House last night. After visiting and telling him, he came here thinking that he was at fault, and the emperor ordered Shuntian Mansion and the Criminal Department to investigate the matter together.

Eleven was invited to the Hong’er girl’s room and said that she was very happy. Now she can scream in front of Wang Er. After Hong’er was full of wine, he said that he would go for something like that. On Eleven, she looked at the book on the shelf, thinking how the handwriting became more familiar as she read it, then Hong’er came in, and Eleven hid the book aside. Hong’er handed Eleven a sachet, saying that he would marry Eleven. Eleven said that she married Hong’er because she was afraid that Hong’er would be wronged, and let Hong’er be her confidante.

Master Zhu and Dr. Xia scolded me for various reasons for being absent from class on 11th. They must report to the Emperor Ming for a positive academic style. On 11th, he quickly said such trivial things and told the Emperor. Or if you punish me for doing something, admit the punishment yourself. But the statement cannot be corporal punishment. Master Zhu was very angry and said that this is the student you brought, Dr. Xia immediately said to see what Zhu Da’s popularity has become, punishing you to copy Mencius a hundred times, so hurry up.

Eleven said one hundred times, twenty-fifth, but Master Zhu said it two hundred times, but eleven had no choice but to say goodbye. When he returned to the school, Wang Er saw that he was coming on eleven, and walked away Liao Jichang and Gu Wan. Eleven One sat down on his seat with aggrieved expression. Wang Er used a fan to touch Eleven and said what was going on. Eleven said weakly that he would copy Mencius a hundred times.

Wang Er said what to pretend, and eleven said that you are pretending to be something. Don’t pretend to be with yourself. Take out the booklet that you brought from Hong’er, and then hold the book on Wang Er’s table and pull Wang Er. Going outside the classroom, King Qi happened to see this scene, so he secretly followed. Eleven took two books and compared them, saying that it was just your handwriting and what else to install. Wang Er started acting stupid and didn’t know what you were talking about. Eleven said that you still don’t admit that you are a little eyebrow, then put your hand on Wang Er’s shoulder and said that the person I have always liked is you, and then left. Wang Er was stunned and wanted to like me.

As Wang Er was walking away from school, he wanted to say that his heartbeat was speeding up. He was obviously his heroine, so it was impossible for him to like him. He said that it must be an illusion. Eleven put his hands on Wang Er’s shoulder and said something illusion, and asked if the script was named. Wang Er was stunned and wondered why he was breathing tense when he saw her face. Eleven pushed Wang Er with his hand, and Wang Er came back to his senses. Said to eleven that since you like your own script, you should stop five o’clock with yourself. King Qi couldn’t stand it and urged him to get on the bus on November.

King Qi looked at the rain in a daze, and on the eleventh he stepped forward and called King Qi, and asked what had made His Highness unhappy. Wang Qi asked Eleven that you like a little eyebrow so much. If you are a woman, would you like a little eyebrow? Eleven said that you are so talented and careful, and even a woman likes it. Qi Wang said that you would hook up with Wang Zhongyu. What style. The eleventh question will not be jealous. I advise King Qi not to be too affectionate with himself. We like the difference. We should find a woman to marry and have children earlier. King Qi wanted to say something and let Eleven leave. Eleven left happily. After leaving, Eleven came to the cell to visit Xue Jia.

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