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The Heiress Episode 8 Recap

The son opened the closet and found that it was Yuanniang. Jin Jin returned to the house and reported that the fire was strange. The house was uninhabited for many years. Is there an open flame? ignite. Shi Zi asked Jin Jin to take a look, and Wang Er took advantage of this gap and left. When Shi Zi analyzed the fire, Yuan Niang appeared in the room. This was a plan to move the tiger away from the mountain.

She returned to the room and opened the closet and found that there was a hat inside. Yin Zi realized that everything she said just now was heard. Shi Zi said to patronize these days. Fighting wits and courage with the five highnesses, but forgot what we really face. If something happens to you, you must follow the previous plan to get rid of the crime of deceiving the king in Hanbok. Both girls are very hesitant. The son said that his life and death are not enough, understand.

The two girls nodded. Wang Er came to the joint and put his hand on the mast, and his subordinates told him to go home quickly. King Qi recalled what happened today in the room. If Wang Zhongyu found out that the daughter of Eleven, the Wang family would definitely act. Jiye and Xinting knocked on the door. King Qi ordered a secret investigation of the movement of the palace. Wang Er thought that if he was discovered by the king, it would be a crime of bullying and extermination. He didn’t expect that the eleventh sister would have to bear such a big responsibility. Isn’t this the real version of Mulan? Isn’t this the heroine he was looking for? , For the role Wang Er decided to start protecting the son. This is when the servant told Master Wang Er to let him go to the study. The servant looked at Wang Er wearing a servant’s clothes and suggested that he change his clothes so that he must save himself.

Wang Er let the servant calm down and let him go to the study. Go get it done. When he came to the study, Wang Xiang asked Wang Er why he was going to Dingguo Hou Mansion. Wang Er said that he was just going around and taking revenge for the elder son who pushed me into the water. After Wang Xiang made sure that he had no other purpose, he told Wang Er that your behavior is likely to make us. And the Han family tore their faces. Wang Er said that if he told everything his father did, he might have torn his face with the Han family.

Wang Er asked tentatively if they could really win over the Han family, could the two really coexist peacefully? Wang Xiang said that unless the Han family is willing to surrender the military power, it is unlikely. Wang Er understood and said with emotion that he was guilty of crimes. This military power is the Han family’s He Chibi. You cannot see greedy people, and our Wang family The greedy person. Wang Xiang told Wang Er to shut up. Wang Er said disappointedly that we had left before Dad had no power. Wang Xiang also sighed fiercely.

Wang Xiyuan came to the king’s room and said that she heard her mother say that her brother had been reprimanded by his father, how is it now? Wang Er asked her sister to tell her if she had something to do. Wang Xiyuan said that she was just visiting her elder brother and asked what happened to the fifth prince. Wang Er clearly told Dad Xiyuan that it was impossible to marry her to the fifth prince, and asked Dao Xiyuan and the fifth prince whether they were wishful thinking or their own.

Wang Er said that you don’t know if the fifth prince is in his heart, so he explained You are unrequited love. Wang Xiyuan begged her elder brother to help herself to meet the five princes. If she fails to confess, she will give up. Wang Er couldn’t hold his sister’s stalker, so he agreed, and Xiyuan left happily.

Wang Er brought his sister who was disguised as a man to the Imperial College. Wang Er told his sister that if she ran out of meals and returned to the school, she would definitely pass by here, and asked her to wait here. Wang Er was worried about what a girl would say. If he had his own way, he urged his brother to leave. King Qi happened to run into Wang Er. King Qi told Wang Er that he had gone to Ding Guo Gong Mansion after finishing the night. He didn’t know what the second son of Wang Er looked like. He hoped that Wang Er could manage a little Xuan well and then do what he should do. , Don’t do things you shouldn’t do. Wang Er respectfully said that he would follow His Highness Five’s teachings and left without much trouble.

Ji Ye said that the matter is so important that he should do something about it. Wang Qi said that it is still unclear whether Wang Er knows or not. First, he waited and watched the changes and was known by Wang Er. At this time, I was waiting for Xiyuan to see King Qi coming over, and ran over happily, saying that he only kicked Xiyuan away with only one foot. Xiyuan wanted to teach the person who kicked her, and saw her five When he came, he immediately pretended to look pitiful and stood up and said that he actually had something to say to His Highness Five.

King Qi ignored Xiyuan and found that Eleven was hiding behind the rockery. He walked over and asked if he heard enough. Eleven began to panic in her heart, and fell under his feet. King Qi happened to catch it. Eleven immediately stood up and said that he swears to heaven and reviews his homework every day. I didn’t want to ruin your marriage. Wang Qi said that he was very happy that he had destroyed this marriage. Eleven thought to forget that His Highness liked a man like me, so he left with homework.

The second sister of Wang said that you should give up now, but Xiyuan said how could it fail if it weren’t for Han Shiyi . After school, Shen Chengjun told the son that he must go to my house today. Grandma has been nagging for a long time, but the day is not as good as before. Today, on eleventh, he agreed and said that he would go and ask for leave with your highness first.

After eleven’s bun, King Qi hurriedly used his little cloak to cover the eleven. Xiyuan said that she had offended herself on the eleventh first. King Qi said nonsense, and then took eleven to her carriage. . Yun’er stepped forward to dissuade Xiyuan, Xiyuan was not willing to say that now you don’t even listen to me, then I see Heaven teaches you with you, Zhou Xuezhang sees stepping forward to stop questioning Xiyuan’s whipping, Xiyuan says you again Who is it, nosy, then I will teach it together.

Wang Er stepped forward and called his sister to stop, saying that this was a new controversy, and he almost committed a major incident. He wanted Zhou Xuezhang to take his sister away after Guoqian. Yun’er had written that the son trot to follow Wang Er’s footsteps. The eleven on the carriage was tying the hair, and Wang Qi said that it would not be necessary to distribute it in the future, so as not to lose his own person. He said that he handed a hairpin to eleven.

Eleven said thank you. Wang Qi said that you can do martial arts in future. There is no need to deliberately conceal it in front of others. If something happens, I will help you to cover it. I will secretly make up my mind to protect Eleven. Eleven said that her aunt and grandmother’s house was visiting today and she was going home to change clothes. Wang Qi said that I will send you back to the house. Eleven smiled and said thank you.

When I came to my grandmother’s house, I greeted my father and dad about his physical condition. The two exchanged a few words. The emperor relied on the Chu family’s succession to the throne, but he was really serious. What happened at that time had something to do with a few princes. When I visited the mansion, the hairpin was so expensive that I couldn’t collect it. I felt that the king of Qi was very careful and the companionship made outsiders misunderstand the relationship between him and the king.

The next day on the eleventh day, the Prince Qi’s mansion returned the hairpin. King Qi said that there was no reason to return what he had sent out. At the end of the eleventh day, he said that he would help keep it temporarily and ask me for it when needed. This is a report from the subordinates that Master Lu, Zhang Shupeng and Zhou Xuezhang are all waiting for His Highness in the study. Eleven sees that His Highness wants to leave, but his Highness asks Eleven to go to the study together.

Everyone discussed that Zhou Xuezhang was accused by the Li family of not being a mother. Zhou Xuezhang doubted whether he was his own, and worried that he would become a thief in the future. Eleven immediately said that there was nothing wrong with this. Your mother must have taken advantage of others. Zhou Xuezhang said that if this is true, go kneel and beg. My parents tell the truth. Eleven indicates that if this is the case, everything in the world can be solved by kneeling. King Qi asked Eleven if he had any method, Eleven said that His Highness must have had a clever plan.

King Qi said that depending on the situation, Zhou Xuezhang could not treat it as a palm discussion, or he should follow the original plan. On November 1st, I immediately said that I had a solution. Master Lu was curious about what the trick was. The 11th said it was not a very good trick. It was just a trick. Wang Qi and Eleven came to Zhou Xuezhang’s residence. Lady Li and her daughter were looking at the jewelry and saw someone coming and put them away quickly. Eleven wanted Lady Li to explain her intentions, and let her tell her grievances.

Eleven said it was just that it was difficult to win this case. , Unless you let the school chapter inherit from the family field, Li said that this field is the lifeblood of our family can’t do it, eleventh said that the script was set up a fake, just to win the lawsuit. After making up the handwritten notes, Po Li brought Eleven and King Qi to the field. On the eleventh she ordered the servants to start cleaning up and plan to plant some other things. Poon Li said that you didn’t say that the handwritten notes were fake.

Only if you let Zhou Xuezhang inherit the family property and prove that he is your son can you succeed. When Mrs. Li was born, the scholarship was passed to Zhou’s family because of difficulties in the family. Eleven said that since you have already collected the money, why do you still frame the academic chapter for not raising you. After the court, the lord asked Li, you know that it is not as simple as framing the court. She said that she was also in the eyes of the money and agreed to the few people from Beijing Li.

Finally, the adults said that you will not be punished if you think about your biological mother who is old or in charge. Zhou Xuezhang’s problem was finally solved satisfactorily. Zhou Xuezhang thanked the eleven for his help and said that he had also made a mistake. He must treat the Li family well in the future. Eleven said that this is your business.

The son of this world has not been to Dian Xuan for several days. Erluan’er danced, Zhou Xuezhang smiled and left. Shiyi also planned to leave, but was stopped by the king of Qi and said that he performed well today and took Shiyi to a place. They rode a horse together and came to a flower field in the outskirts. Eleven was very happy to see. Eleven rode a horse forward slowly. King Qi followed behind. A bird flew over the horse and was thrown by the horse. After going out, Qi Wang hurried forward and hugged Eleven, and the two fell to the ground. Eleven pushed Wang Qi away and stood up, and the two stood quietly looking at each other like this

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