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The Heiress Episode 7 Recap

King Qi replied that the arrow was part of my mansion and asked whether the minister had caught an assassin, but he committed suicide too loyally. The queen added fuel and jealousy to Yanyi. You still want to deny it now. You think you are good to you, and you don’t want you to be such a murderous hand. The emperor patted the table angrily and said, I didn’t expect you to be so jealous, and the evidence is in front of you. King Qi said that if it was really what I did at this time, why would he use the arrow with the symbol of his mansion? Would he be so stupid?

After hearing this, the queen wanted to say something was stopped by the emperor, scolded the minister and said that this matter must be investigated clearly , If such things happen, they will be severely punished. King Qi and Qi Tai’s father went out of the palace together, saying that it was fortunate for His Highness to take precautions. King Qi said that he was just in case, but he didn’t expect them to be so impatient. Qi Tai’s father said that from now on, Queen Wang would even regard His Royal Highness as a thorn in his eyes, and the road would be more difficult in the future.

King Qi said that he was only concerned with the people, and it didn’t matter whether he was an emperor or not, but if a mediocre became an emperor, I’m afraid the country would be ruined. Rainwater can wet clothes and irrigate crops. Why hide? Throwing the umbrella away and striding forward, Qi Tai’s father nodded looking at King Qi who was going away. In the college, the elder son saw King Qi say why you are here. King Qi asked if he cared about himself?

Knowing the body of the elder son’s daughter, King Qi opened his heart to his broken sleeves, plus the concern at this time, and smiled happily. Seeing King Qi smiled, the elder said that you were laughing. I haven’t seen you smile after being with you for so long. He thought you were facial paralysis, and changed your name? King Qi said that he would never treat his son like this again, he looked at him affectionately, his heart was frustrated when he saw this expression, and he left.

In the hall, King Qi, Master Lu, and others discussed the assassination of the second prince. King Qi said that this had nothing to do with him, and that such a flower in the court would arouse the emperor’s suspicion, depending on whether they dared to tell the truth. Master Lu suggested that Qi Tai continue to stare at him. King Qi said no. Now that the second prince is injured, he should be able to stop for a while. This is the son who came out from the door and held it to indicate that he was just passing by and wanted to leave without hearing. Call the son to live and let the son marry a place.

Shi Zi thought that he was just eavesdropping, so he brought him to such a place and lied that he wanted to slip away before finishing his homework, but was stopped by King Qi. The two came to the cell and sat down. King Qi helped Shizi to pour tea, saying that Cheng Mingsi came from Weiyuanmen and was picked up by the master Cheng Lin, which was quite true. Shi Zi said that he didn’t know much about Jianghu. Cheng Mingsi was one of the assassins of Lantern Festival. He ordered someone to hide it in his mansion. Jing Zhaoyin and Chang Guochan were Wang Xiang’s person.

The other assassins gave it to Shuntian Mansion. They all committed suicide, and said that the son praised his wise. King Qi said that you don’t need to perfuse me. The son turned his head and talked about it again. The son said if we can get along well with each other. King Qi asked in turn, I am just a ruler in your heart? Shi Zi said that of course he was notoriously lecherous and couldn’t be a minister. At this time, his subordinates were bringing Cheng Mingsi forward, and Qi Wang could only choke back what he wanted to say. Cheng Mingsi knelt down and said it all. The son was curious about what punishment his Highness used to make the prisoner so obedient. King Qi asked that in your heart you are a person who abuses torture.

King Qi said that he was not sensible because Cheng Mingsi recruited him. The son said that his Royal Highness is going to the sixth department for an internship. It is better to go to Shuntian Mansion and be so talented in interrogating the prisoner. It must be the conscience of the prisoner who has been asked to face him day and night. King Qi said that he did not sleep for the whole night. The servant raised Cheng Mingsi’s face up, and the son of the world understood, and sighed, Your Majesty, that you are so vicious that you can really kill people without seeing blood. King Qi said that he can live to this day by means of ruthlessness. hot.

After hearing this, Shi Zi was frightened. He immediately said that he used to be ignorant. Don’t take it to heart if you are unhappy. King Qi doesn’t know what Shi Zi is talking about. Shi Zi quickly said that he knew the savage methods now, and he couldn’t provoke him in the future. King Qi said how I would torture you, you are now mine. Shi Zi curiously asked when he became your person, Qi Wang said domineeringly, I said yes, and ordered his servants to take Cheng Mingsi down. Cheng Mingsi said that it was the second prince who was behind the scenes.

The second prince and Wang Xiang said that they couldn’t think of how easy it would be to solve the big gift we gave. Wang Xiang said that there is no need to worry about the solution. The second prince asked if there was really no way to move this country’s superintendent. Wang Xiang said that this week’s academic chapter was hand-picked by the emperor. The girl helped Shizi make the bed, the Shizi drank tea thinking about King Qi’s torture, and told the two girls, the two girls sighed that they were talking about viciously, saying that King Qi had to pull himself on the thief ship, but he didn’t know what to do. .

The girl reminded me that the ceremony will be held tomorrow. You lost the last time you climbed the tree and you can have an electric mother tomorrow. The son said he had his own way. Wang Qi and Wang Er separately said that tomorrow they could see their son in women’s clothing, and Wang Qi sighed that Han Shi had become his concern. Wang Er felt that he was not very glorious to win.

The next day, everyone was discussing Shizi’s women’s clothing, which must be very good-looking. Shizi is choosing clothes. Wang Er walks in. Shizi said that he will wear it if he speaks and speaks. Wang Er said that if there is an accident, he might win. It’s not myself, so I decided to wear it together. The maid just brought the makeup case, and the son said that he couldn’t wait to appreciate the beauty of the second son of the king.

When Shi Zi helped Wang Er think about how to paint, when King Qi came in and watched the two people frolicking, he was very upset, so he went out. When Gu Wan and Liao Jichang saw the two dressed up, they sighed with emotion that today’s second son is more like a woman than his son. Looking at Shi Zi’s dress, King Qi thought that his worries were unnecessary. Shi Zi blinked at King Qi, ran to King Qi and asked if he was pretty dressed? King Qi didn’t look straight and said it was okay.

The parade began, and Wang Er was curious to say why he would dress up a beard today. Isn’t he worried that his women’s clothing would be seen through? The son said, Wang Er, you have such a rich imagination, why don’t you write a book? Wang Er asked why you didn’t write a book. The two of them frolicked by the river. In order to dodge Shizi, Shizi was half of his body outside the railing. Wang Er wanted to hold Shizi’s shoulders, but could not touch Shizi’s chest, and tore his clothes. Shizi fell into.

In the middle of the river, King Qi immediately jumped into the river when he saw this, covered his coat with the light leaking, and then returned to his house with his son. He said that he immediately ordered his servants to boil hot water. You should change your clothes again. Sending himself back to the mansion, King Qi said that he had called for the gold and silver, and he would be there soon. Seeing the two girls crying and asking Dao Zi how are they, they almost scared us to death.

The son said that I was fine, and you two were going to scare me to death. I must thank the Five Highnesses for saving me. Thanks to the two girls, King Qi went out and let Jiye and Xinting keep them away, and don’t let anyone approach them. Wang Er recalled everything that had just happened, and believed that Han Shiyi was a woman, and that His Royal Highness had already known the identity of the prince’s woman so that he was so afraid of being discovered. He figured out that in the future, Ruyi would let Ruyi go to the prime minister’s study to set up Dingguo’s residence. I brought the repairing picture, and told the beauty painting that I wanted to see if Han 11 was a man or a woman.

The two girls helped Shizi wash, while saying that today, thanks to the fifth prince for saving. Shi Zi said that His Highness had a purpose in treating me well. If he finds out whether he is a man or not, he still wants to sleep if he uses the same methods as Cheng Mingsi to deal with him. King Qi came to the room and wandered back and forth. The well-groomed son went out and saw King Qi step forward and ask how was it going. King Qi asked that he was caring about himself. The son said that you can think about it this way. If you get sick because of this, you will feel owed in your heart.

After speaking, he muttered how Wang Er was doing. It was a pity that he didn’t see Wang Er’s embarrassment. When King Qi heard that he locked Shizi with both hands on the side of the tank, he was talking about how you were flirting with Wang Er in public today. Shi Zi argued that when he was flirting and cursing, it was clear that the situation was incompatible. Wang Qi said why he didn’t see that the situation was incompatible. Shi Zi thought to himself that he was worried that he was entangled with the Wang family, and he was using two boats.

It was not right that the Wang family had already taken action against me. King Qi asked what he was thinking about. The son said that he was thinking that the ice on His Highness’s face could still be used in the season. King Qi said that you are poor. Can’t you feel my heart for you? Shi Zi jokingly said that you really like my model, or that you want to condescend to worship yourself, Qi Wang walked away without saying anything.

Ruyi gave the repair map to Wang Er. Ruyi was always worried that he would be punished by the master. Wang Er studied the topographic map and said slow down and go in alone. You wait for yourself at the back door. The servant was worried that he had to be careful, and Wang Er said cautiously that he had never missed it. When he arrived at the Dingguo Mansion, Wang Er dressed up as his servant. The servant told the son that he had returned and asked Wang Er to help the cook prepare the food. Wang Er promised to find the chaifang and see that the son came back. The son said he was hungry.

Yes, the girl said that she asked the kitchen to prepare something to eat. When she returned to the wood room she had just found, she set a fire. The housekeeper even Jin Jin went to put out the fire. Wang Er deliberately threw a bamboo basket to Shizi’s door. Shizi and Yinzi went out to watch when they heard the movement. Wang Er took the opportunity to hide in the boudoir in Shizi’s room. When they returned to the room, Shizi and Yinzi said they were tightening their chests too tightly. Let Yinzi help them again. Wang Er found out that Shizi was a woman and accidentally ran into the kitchen wall. Shizi found someone in the room and looked at the closet.

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