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The Heiress Episode 6 Recap

Eleven said that you want me to wear women’s clothing, but we make a bet, if I win you wear it, if I lose, I wear it. Wang Er readily agreed, but didn’t know what to compare. When Gu Gongzi and Liao Gongzi asked where to compare, there were so many big trees in the forests of the eastern suburbs when they would choose two at random. Liao Jichang didn’t know what Han Shiyi ‘s brain is better than what is bad, he must be better than climbing a tree.

When Wang Er heard that you started a gambling house, Liao Jichang said proudly that, of course, 80% of people bought Wang Er to win. Wang Er said that you will lose you when you become a dealer. Han eleven asked Shen Chengjun to collect the money. Shen Chengjun said that otherwise he would bet. He was very happy to bet that you won on eleven. Then Shen Chengjun went to bet. On eleven, they saw the five princes and they were opening a gambling bank. We climbed the tree to see who wins.

Do you want to bet? Eleventh said that if anyone loses, they wear women’s clothing. Hearing this, Wang Qi’s spring dream appeared in his mind, and he thought that he felt more and more weird about Han Xi’an, so he kept staring at Han Xi’an. Eleven asked why he stared at him like this, and then King Qi came back to his senses. Eleven continued to ask King Daoqi whether he would bet. King Qi ignored him and walked away.

The maidservant was sorting out for the king and queen, saying that the second prince will return to Beijing soon. This time, the second prince will be rewarded and the emperor should be happy. The queen said that there is nothing happier than the prince. Wang Er returned to the mansion and was about to go out to see his younger sister disguised as a man. She asked her why she was dressed like this. The younger sister said that the last time he humiliated herself was not over. If Wang Er did not win this time, he would do it himself. Wang Er persuaded him. Anyway, the prime minister’s daughter didn’t want to go, and finally the younger sister used an aggressive method to make Wang Er agree to go.

King Qi was painting, and his subordinates reported to Master Lu that people from Weiyuanmen had injured the city defense officer and escaped. King Qi guessed that Wang Xiang was about to attack his son. The forest in the east is already crowded with people. The son looked at Ms. Wang and joked that there was nothing wrong. He couldn’t be Wang Er’s brother-in-law, and said that Miss Wang’s reputation could be destroyed without him. Wang Er persuaded his sister that the competition today is the most important.

The two of them are warming up for climbing the tree. Shi Zi looked around and said how King Qi could come. After Wang Er clarified the rules, after Liao Jichang’s whistle blew, the two ran to the tree to be climbed together. There was a man in black in the woods who was waiting in ambush, and Wang Er took out the iron hook to help him climb the tree. On eleven, she saw Jin Jin give the whip to herself, eleven directly tied the whip to the rope with the lantern, jumped and grabbed the rope with the lantern with his hand, the man in black threw out the fragments and chopped the rope, ten.

As soon as he fell down, seeing that he was about to touch the ground, King Qi pulled out the hairpin on his subordinate’s head and fixed the corner of Eleven’s clothes on the tree. Only then did he get a recoil, and the son slowly fell to the ground. After the fall, everyone is concerned about whether the son is okay. The son said that he was fine at all. He watched the Beatles send out Yu Ye and thanked Yu Ye for his life-saving grace, saying that he must go to Li Jinxuan to eat and let Qi.

His Royal Highness gave a reward and went with him. Qi Wang promised to be very refreshed, so he was very surprised. The staff came to report that Miss Wang had beaten our man and let the cow free. King Qi saw the debris falling on the ground, and Wang Er took the broken rope and looked at it, as if he knew who did it. When he arrived in front of the bullock cart on November 11, he saw that the body was still in the bull but ran away. Shen Chengjun said that he had ordered someone to find it, don’t worry. Thank you very much on the eleventh day, saying that I have hosted a banquet at Li Jinxuan.

When everyone came to Li Jinxuan, the king of Qi ordered Jiye to sit down too, and Jiye was particularly surprised. The eleventh said that drinking alone would be too boring. It’s better to ask a few girls to sing and ask what your Highness likes. King Qi didn’t say anything. Eleven thought to forget that this man didn’t like women. He understood that His Highness was clean and self-conscious, and drinking was not bad. Xiao Er said that the wine here is also good.

The dishes are ready for eleven, picking up the wine glass and saying that this one will be sent to the wild. The man in black returned to the Wang Xiang’s residence to inform that the fifth prince had a master by his side, and this time he did not succeed. Prime Minister Wang said that the five princes naturally have masters around them, otherwise they would die on Lantern Festival. When asked how Han 11 was, his subordinates said that he didn’t know whether he was pretending to be stupid or he was still entertaining friends. Prime Minister Wang told him that Han 11 must be taken out anyway.

At this time, Wang Er rushed in and said that it was his father who wanted to kill Han Xi. Wang Xiang explained that he was for your own good. Wang Er said why he must be involved in court disputes. Whoever ascends to the throne will let the flow go. Moreover, Han Xi is a waste. It’s useless to kill it. Wang Xiang said that after trying another waste, there was Han Jiajun standing behind him. After all, we might not guess that we did it. It was the one in the palace who really wanted to kill Han Xi. Wang Er was surprised but didn’t say anything.

Han Shizi drank too much wine, Qi Wang persuaded Shizi to drink less. Eleven said that he was also a real man in the North Territory who was drinking and eating a big bowl of meat. King Qi asked you if you were a real man. On Eleven, he asked me if he didn’t believe it. Said Eleven and drank another drink. King Qi asked when he was drunk. Eleven said that his real senior was not drunk.

Today, I don’t know why I drank too much, so I let others eat, and left first. Shen Chengjun and the others were thinking of sending the son back home, but King Qi directly carried the son in his carriage. The drunk son thought that he was in the arms of King Qi. King Qi counted the kings with broken sleeves in history thinking why he wanted to harm him, so he let the son sit by himself, and the drunken son didn’t have the strength to get directly into King Qi’s arms. Speaking of the mansion, Xin Ting stepped forward and said that he had let the assassin escape.

King Qi helped the Xin Ting and said that this could not be changed. He gave the pieces he saw in the woods to the Xin Ting, and asked the Xin Ting to check it out and said His second brother wanted to put some color on the way back to Beijing to let Qi Tai take the key point, but he couldn’t hurt his name, so he went to work with Xinting. Ji Ye brought the sober soup and said that he would take care of his son. King Qi grabbed the soup bowl and said that he would come. He brought the soup to the bed and called eleven. Eleven should not be taken. When feeding the sober soup, all leaked from his chin.

King Qi wiped Eleven with a handkerchief and found that Eleven was a woman pretending to be a man. He turned his head and wondered if this person was Han Yuanniang. It was Han Eleven who died. King Qi decided not to let the second person know about it. After waking up, the elder son was relieved to see that he was neatly dressed. King Qi tidied his clothes and waited for breakfast on eleven. On eleven, he saw that the breakfast was so light and thought that the Prince of Qi was bankrupt. King Qi explained that he should not eat too greasy the next day after drinking. One bite with the steamed buns was very good.

King Qi helped Shizi to pick up vegetables, and his attitude improved. Suddenly he was a little uncomfortable. When he drank porridge, he ate it to his mouth. King Qi wiped it with his handkerchief stick. This is gold and silver. A girl was arguing at the gate of Prince Qi’s mansion to see her son. King Qi asked Jiye to let the two girls in. When the girl saw the son, she knelt on the floor and said that she was not drunk in the morning until she knew her son was drunk. , Get up quickly and thank His Royal Highness a lot.

Wang Xiang and Queen Wang said that Han 11 had failed at this time, and this time he was stunned. I am afraid it will be more difficult to start in the future. The queen said that it would be OK to wait for the emperor to come back and would not let King Qi behave before the emperor alone. Wang Xiang said that since it was necessary to send more manpower on the way back for the second prince, when the prime minister was about to leave the manpower arrangement, he was stopped by the queen and said why not take this opportunity to give them a big gift. In the woods outside the city, the second prince’s men and horses rushed towards the capital, and suddenly one shot hit the second prince. The emperor and the queen were waiting anxiously for the result of the imperial doctor.

The imperial doctor told the second emperor that although the arrow did not hurt the vital point, he could rest for half a year. The queen asked the emperor to be the master of the emperor, and the minister came to report that the assassin had been caught and that the five princes were the mastermind. Shizi is reading with him, and his servants serve a lot of food. Shizi asked you if there is no conspiracy to serve yourself with this delicious and delicious food. King Qi said that he was afraid that Shizi would be bored in studying, so he prepared more food. Yu Ye stepped forward to report that Grandpa Wan had brought people, and Grandpa Wan came in and said that the emperor had let the five princes into the palace.

The son was particularly surprised. Miss Wang approached Wang Xiang and asked if the guards took the fifth prince away by her father. Wang Xiang said that the fifth prince assassinated your cousin and was then taken into the palace. Miss Wang firmly believed that the fifth prince would not assassinate the cousin, Wang Xiang Say you would rather trust others than your own father. To persuade Miss Wang not to have ideas about the fifth prince, Miss Wang said that no one except the fifth prince would do. In the academy, my fellow students were discussing whether the murderer of the second prince was human or Rouran.

Gu Wan and Liao Jichang guessed that the second prince was the fifth prince who had assassinated the second prince. Shi Zi had been in a daze thinking that King Qi should not be able to come to the Imperial College today. If he was killed today, Shi Zi found that he felt a little uncomfortable and walked out of the school. Wang Er thought in his heart how happy we would be if we were all born in ordinary families. The emperor and King Qi began to confront each other, and the minister came up with an arrow and asked King Qi if he knew the arrow?

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