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The Heiress Episode 5 Recap

After Wang Zhongyu left, Girl Ying’er began to seduce the eleventh line of romantic affairs, who knows that she immediately began to undress on the eleventh. At this time, Miss Liu came in and cursed the eleven negative people, and she also gave her a favor to Yinger and Liu. When the sword chased eleven, he ran around, chased eleven out of the room, accidentally failed to walk down the stairs, fell and pulled off Miss Qin’s skirt, and those who had just got out of Li Jinxuan were pulled into their carriage by the king of Qi. After Miss Liu walked over, King Qi said that she was safe now, and he persuaded the young age to focus on reading.

Eleven retorted Dad Dad who told him that the right way is to have a few more children, so he went back to the house. After returning to the mansion, Eleven said that Wang Er would no longer doubt himself. Jin Jin ran away and told Eleven that the Qin family let the elder son give Qin Xiaowan justice, that is, let the elder son marry Miss Qin. Eleven asked the girl to reject the Qin family. The girl told Eleven that Miss Qin almost died because of this. After the Eleven, she told the girl to tell Master Qin that she would like to marry him. On the eleventh, I came to the hall and met with Master Qin and told him that he would marry Miss Qin. As for Dad, he would talk about it himself. Master Qin said happily after hearing that, then go back and listen to Hou Jiayin.

Above the court, the emperor asked what was going on. The minister said that the office of the Imperial College was empty and needed to be re-elected. The emperor asked if there was a recommendation. Prime Minister Wang first recommended Liao Jichang. The minister said that Liao Jichang was not educated and skillless. At this time, Liao Jichang’s father said that he had no way to teach his son, and the dog was afraid that he could not. Assuming this position, the emperor chose someone else. Prime Minister Wang then recommended Han Xi . The emperor asked the five princes for their opinions. The five princes said that although Han Shizi was relatively dull, he was equal and qualified. After speaking, King Qi thought to himself that it was impossible for Han Shizi to take charge of his father’s suspicion.

After the next dynasty, King Qi called Eleven. Eleven asked if he had an appointment. Lu Long and Zhang Shupeng explained the vacancy. Eleven wondered what it had to do with him. King Qi said Let eleventh come in hand. Eleven felt like he was joking with himself, saying that he could only eat, drink and have fun, or recommend someone to help. Lu Long asked and Ren. Eleven said Zhou Xuezhang, saying that this person is very suitable for the requirements of a discussion, Qi Wang said Usually Yan Wei knows the strength of his colleagues very well, and wants to leave after speaking.

King Qi asked Eleven to wait for himself at the door. Lu Long said what should be done if the son of this world is not standing in line. King Qi said that he has a way. After eleven came out and said that he wanted to use this trick to make himself stand in line, he sat on the railing and waited for King Qi. After Qi Wang came out, he sat with eleven, and hurriedly moved away on eleven, saying that he couldn’t bear the search for men and men. She is not the same as her Highness. King Qi recorded the eleven on the pillar and let the eleven stay overnight in his house tonight.

Before King Qi made the dinner table, he saw such a large table of dishes on the 11th and took a bite of the chicken legs to show that the taste was just what I wanted. King Qi said that Zhou Xuezhang’s affairs had been done, thank you for your contribution. Eleven said that he was just recommending someone how to offer a plan.

King Qi remembered that the eldest son was a twin, and he had seen the elder sister of the son. Eleven was very surprised and thought that I don’t remember seeing you when I was a child. It turned out that the mother and concubine were seriously ill, and Mrs. Zhuge brought her sister into the palace to visit. My sister gave herself a bracelet, and when it comes to the North, she can only play it by herself. I later learned that Madame Zhuge entered the palace to send herself out of the palace.

King Qi said that Eleven and his sister looked really alike, and Eleven was angry and said why he compared himself with a woman and child. King Qi explained that in the morning he said that he had broken sleeves. On 11th, he said that you are yourself. What should you do if King Qi said that you really have broken sleeves? Eleven said that you are hello, and it has nothing to do with yourself. Wang Qi said that even if he is a good man, he will not be good to you. On October 11, he was relieved and returned to his seat to continue eating

I came to the guest room on November 11 and found that it was different from the previous one. I thought that King Qi wanted to deceive the outsider that he was already on his side. He was really an unpredictable person. When I entered the room and found that it was a wedding room, I thought it would not be King Qi face to face with a set and a set behind. Let him take one step at a time. I was always entangled whether to take off my clothes to sleep, and finally decided to wear it to sleep.

When the subordinate came to the study room, King Qi asked how the assassin at Weiyuanmen was doing. The subordinate said that he would recruit within half a month according to his highness’s plan. King Qi said that he didn’t need to worry about him, his second elder brother would return to Beijing soon, hand this to Qi Tai, and give the second elder brother a big meeting gift. The subordinates asked if they needed to stare at Han Shizi.

King Qi said that he didn’t need to let his subordinates release the news that Han Shizi recommended Zhou Xuezhang for discussion, and stayed overnight at Prince Qi’s Mansion to discuss the matter. In this way, outsiders will think that the son is already on our team. The subordinates said that Xishaojian was to live with the princess according to the regulations. Is it a bit wrong to live with the elder son? King Qi asked if he had a princess, and the subordinates left. The eleven who was strangled wanted to take off his clothes and go to sleep. When he said that, he went out wrapped in a quilt, and was caught by King Qi not far away.

Eleven lied that he was going to see the moon. King Qi said that in order to prevent you from escaping to sleep with Eleven tonight, Eleven used various reasons to prevaricate. After the two argued for a while, King Qi dragged Eleven back to sleep. The two of them were in the same bed, each pregnant with ghosts, they turned around at the same time, looked at each other, then turned their heads back, eleven thinking about staying up late, but being a night owl. I fell asleep as I said, dreaming that my brother was assassinated by a man in black, and shouted eleven. Upon seeing this, King Qi held the hand of eleven. King Qi stood in the courtyard thinking, saying that he really had to keep a distance from Han Shizi, and he couldn’t let the eleventh affect him.

After the dynasty, the emperor was dissatisfied with the new candidate, and asked the minister if there are other candidates? Prime Minister Wang recommended Gu Wan. Gu Wan’s father said that Dogzi was not up to the task. Then the emperor asked the five princes for their opinions. The five princes said that Han Shizi recommended Zhou Xuezhang. After the next dynasty, the ministers were talking about it. The fifth prince glared. After the Prime Minister Wang returned to the mansion, he stopped Wang Er who was about to go out. Wang Er said that if he wanted to win over Han Shizi himself, he would not need to say this, he could not help. Prime Minister Wang said if one day he loses power, can he support himself?

Wang Er said that one day he would be able to feed his family, saying that he is still far from the golden house with Yan Ruyu every day? Prime Minister Wang’s hatred of iron and steel made Wang Er quickly get out. Wang Er went out and came. Zhou Xuezhang came to see Master Lu. Master Lu himself was recommended to the King of Qi by the elder son. The Holy Master had already agreed and asked if Xuezhang was willing to be in charge. Zhou Xuezhang accepted and knocked a few heads in the direction of His Highness and said that he was willing to serve His Highness.

Rarely free, Han Shizi said that it is better to go to Diandian Xuan, Dian Xuan only staged a little eyebrow scene. The eleventh praising this eyebrow writing is very good, maybe I can still see the mysterious eyebrow. At Yidian Xuanli Wang Er was watching Hong’er Luan’er rehearsal, Wang Er always felt something was wrong, saying that Miss Liu was not very interesting yet.

The interesting people reminded Wang Er of Shizi and Qi Wang. The servants told Master Gu and Master Liao that they were coming, and Wang Er asked Hong’er Luan’er to familiarize themselves with the script and go there. Eleven and the two girls came to Yidianxuan, and when they walked to the door, they heard Wang Ersan talking about wanting to wear women’s clothing when they were talking about hurting people in their new palms. Eleven said yes, I wear it.

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