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The Heiress Episode 4 Recap

The two fell to the ground and just kissed. This scene was seen by Yuye and Xinting, who just passed by, and they were all in a hurry. When she ran out, the beauty clamored for King Qi to pursue eleventh, but King Qi froze in place. The girl started to be in a daze after seeing Eleven when she returned home. She asked if she had failed to cuckold the king of Qi. Eleven said that she did not have one now. After this incident, King Qi would definitely not let himself be a companion. The girl wondered why she was unhappy when the thing was successful. Eleven pretended to be happy and said that she might be tired. If she wanted to rest, she let the girl go to rest.

When the girl left eleven, she picked up the cakes on the table and ravaged her, making her face paralyzed to return to her first kiss. Wang Qi was thinking about what she had just kissed. In the morning, the king of Qi woke up from the dream of He Shixi Tianwai, and found it extremely absurd. When I came to the gate of the Imperial College, it happened to be the eleventh. The king of Qi came up with the scene of his dream this morning. His subordinates reminded King Qi to be late. In order to test whether he was normal, King Qi hugged and embraced Jiye and Xinting.

In close contact, I found my heartbeat did not accelerate and said that I was still normal and went to school. It’s no wonder that Gu Wan watched King Qi and his subordinates embracing. During the class, Eleven’s eyes kept drifting, and when she turned around, she suddenly saw King Qi watching the book in his hand accidentally slipping off. King Qi and Eleven both went to pick up their hands and accidentally touched each other. King Qi His heartbeat accelerated.

Wang Zhongyu looked at the hand that held Eleven yesterday, and looked at Eleven’s back, suspecting that Eleven was a female. Wang Qi thought to himself why his heartbeat is speeding up after he has just returned to normal. During the meal time, King Qi deliberately reached out to touch the eleven when he was holding the buns on the eleventh, and Qi Wang’s heartbeat instantly accelerated after the encounter. King Qi found that his heartbeat only accelerated when he was in contact with Eleven. Why did it happen? Gu Wan talked to Liao Jichang about what he saw in the morning, saying that the king of Qi was a man. Wang Zhongyu, who was on the side, had been observing every move on the eleventh, and even more suspected that eleven was a woman.

Between the two, the second son of Wang was very curious. Wang Zhongyu only said something interesting. After eating, Wang Zhongyu found Eleven and apologized for thinking of Eleven yesterday. He said that he was re-inviting Eleven to drink today. Eleven refused, thinking that the Wang family would not really want to recruit himself as his son-in-law. After Wang Zhongyu left, King Qi walked blankly and ignored him as if he hadn’t seen Eleven and left. Eleven thought that King Qi was really angry, and wanted to step forward to say hello and stop the companion reading by the way.

On the eleventh, he apologized to the king of Qi and explained that he was not worthy to be a companion to the king of Qi. Qi Wang kept silent, and wanted to verify that his heartbeat would speed up only after being in close contact with the eleventh. As soon as he blocked the pillar, his heartbeat speeded up again and he turned and left, thinking in his heart that he really had a broken sleeve. Eleven cuckold the king of Qi last night, and the king of Qi said that if the prince likes to give it to the prince, the prince quickly refuses to accept it and the king of Qi leaves. The patience of King Qi on the eleventh was very surprised. He went back to the mansion and discussed with the girl. The girl said that the outside world was rumored that King Qi was good for the south, and told the son that the outside world was rumored that King Qi had chosen eleven as a companion. .

King Qi went outside to do business, and his men told King Qi that Han Shizi was the wishful man in all the girls’ hearts. He had become famous soon after he came. King Qi said that since he is willing to act like a dude disciple, let him go. . After talking about things, when I returned home, I saw that there was a dumpling on the opposite side and I asked Sendo to buy one. Xinting curiously said that His Highness didn’t like to eat these kinds of sweets before. Another subordinate said that Han Shizi likes to eat these kinds of snacks. His Highness Shi was so concerned about Han Shizi. When King Qi heard this, he scolded the two men for taking care of him, so he ordered not to buy it. Wang Qi, who was lying on the couch, turned to toss and turned and couldn’t sleep. He was very confused about Eleven’s favor. Eleven couldn’t sleep even after learning the rumors.

King Qi made a decision in his heart that he must keep a distance from the eleven, and not let him influence himself. Eleven thought that if he liked him, he could not be moved, and he would continue to dress up the dude. At dinner time the next day, when he saw the meal at Eleven End approaching him, Wang Qi wanted to leave, but was blocked by Eleven.

The two of them ate dinner. King Qi said that he did not like to eat chicken legs, so he gave them to eleven. After eating, Gu Wan and Liao Jichang discussed the plot of the two of them eating, Wang Zhongyu told them of his suspicion, and said they didn’t believe it and just wait and see. During the eleventh class, Wang Zhongyu was comfortable and said he wanted to go to the toilet. The three of Wang Zhongyu followed. On eleventh, they found something and prepared in advance. Wang Zhongyu didn’t notice, and then left to go to class. Wang Zhongyu still did not give up on eleventh. doubt.

During the end of get out of class, Wang Zhongyu and others went to play Cuju, and they happened to run into Eleven and invited Eleven to play together. Qi Wang said he was with the Eleventh Team. On the Cuju field, Eleven won the ball in various ways. Wang Zhongyu climbed Eleven and praised Eleven’s skills and said how the Eleven’s skin is so good. After listening to Eleven, she retorted that all women now like her. Wang Zhongyu hadn’t taken a bath for a few days without a smelly body. After saying that the king of Qi left on Xixi, Xili lied that he was in a hurry and left.

Back at the mansion, Eleven looked sad and asked what happened. Eleven told the girl that Wang Zhongyu still suspected that she was a woman. The girl was surprised to ask if she was showing off her feet. Eleven said no. Now she was thinking of a plan to dispel Wang Er’s doubts about herself. The three masters and servants discussed the plan and finally got it. After making a decision, Eleven Heart wants to dispel Wang Er’s doubts and must find a way to get out of the prince’s turbid waters, and she must not stand in line.

This is the next person holding the royal palace’s greeting card to inform the eleventh king’s family to send someone to propose marriage. Eleven asked the girl how to deal with the gift last time, the girl said that it was returned, Eleven said it was too polite, this time she would throw people and things out together, and then she threw the gift to the servants of the Wang family. , And asked the leader to go home and tell Lord Wang that he could not marry Miss Wang, and that he would not be polite if he came again. The manager of the Wang family returned to the palace and told Lord Wang the matter. Lord Wang said angrily that this Han Shizi would not accept our wooing. In this case, the five princes would not get Han Shizi.

King Qi and Junjun discussed what Han Shizi did when he went in, and determined that Han Shizi was a pretending dude disciple. Now this Korean style is not standing in line, what should I do if I change it. King Qi proposed to let Eleven take charge, and then he would have a way to force Eleven to stand. Eleven was invited to participate in Wang Zhongyu’s Hongmen Banquet. Wang Er saw two girls behind him and said that he had finally come out to get together.

It’s better to let the two girls out to play. Eleven reprimanded the two girls before they left. Wang Er took Eleven into his seat. Liao Jichang brought a few girls into the room. Eleven saw the girl hurried away and told Wang Er that it would be troublesome to let the two tigresses know that it would be troublesome to go home. Wang Er persuaded him. The girl is not here now. Could it be that the Eleventh can’t do anything romantic, as long as Eleventh cooperates with Ying’er. After talking about Wang Zhongyu, the three of them left the room and peeked outside the room because they had something to do with their own girl.

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