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The Heiress Episode 3 Recap

Qi Wang finished searching, said no to the doctor, confirm that there is no cheat sheet, then continue the exam, sit down on Eleven and wait for Qi Wang, Qi Wang was still measuring his waist with his hands. After the eleventh exam, he took his bookcase and prepared to go home. Wang Qi stopped him and said that he didn’t need to be grateful to himself. Eleven wondered who would let you help to solve it by himself, and kept staring at King Qi without speaking. King Qi asked Shixi and himself to go back to the house, but Shixi couldn’t say angrily.

Wang Qi returned to the mansion to think that he was angry because he searched his body and called for a round in Xinting. Ji Ye told the Emperor Qi to summon. The emperor was concerned about the assassins of King Qi on the Lantern Festival. King Qi informed that he was fortunate to have his guards desperately protected. This saved his life. He has been handed over to Mr. Gu from the Criminal Department to inquire about the matter. I want to read this as my father knew it, indicating that the Wang family would definitely take action and watch the changes for themselves. On November night, I woke up from a nightmare and shouted that I would never let Chen Yanyi go.

The second prince was discussing the plot of the script with Hong’er. Hong’er joked that who could have thought that these words were originally from the second prince. The second prince told Hong’er not to tell others, if his father knew that Li Jinxuan would not be taken apart. Lord Wang asked Wang Zhongyu to help him ask Han Shizi to marry Miss Wang to Shizi.

In class on the eleventh, the doctor used a stone to hit the doctor. The doctor asked who it was. On the eleventh, it was Liao Jichang and Gu Wan who had planted it and said that the fifth prince had seen it. Wang Qi asked the doctor where he was hitting. The doctor pointed to the left. Qi Wang said that Liao Jichang and Gu Wan were on the right of the doctor to hit the right, so it should be the person on the left. Liao Jichang immediately said that it must be eleven. Eleven retorted that there was Wang Zhongyu on the left, but Wang Zhongyu said that there was still someone in front of him. Shen Chengjun said that everyone came to study, but he did not expect that you discussed Shizi for a long time.

For doctoral class and above, Liao Jichang and Gu Wan were punished to clean the latrines for reading scripts and sleeping. When it was time for meal, Eleven brought the rice to King Qi respectfully, and looked at Eleven eagerly, believing that the meal was filled with ingredients, and said that Eleven should eat, Eleven said that she had no appetite. Gu Wan had a stomachache after taking a few mouthfuls. Wang Zhongyu asked Liao Jichang to be eaten. Someone added food to the meal. Wang Zhongyu walked to the eleven and said that the anger had not disappeared that day. Liao Jichang said a few words and ran to the toilet.

The king of Qi advised Eleven not to play with fire and set himself on fire, he would fight back. In class Eleven deliberately threw the erotic picture on the ground from the front of King Qi. The doctor asked who it was this time. Eleven said that it was the five princes this time. The doctor picked up the book and said that since His Royal Highness has already agreed that this book is yours. The punishment was difficult to convince the public.

King Qi pleaded guilty and picked up the pen to confess the punishment. When he walked to the door, King Qi said that Han Eleven was his companion who should be punished together. The two came to the Analects of Confucius together. Eleven played with the brush. Qi Wang asked Eleven why he didn’t write. Eleven said that he didn’t know what learning was. Qi Wang said that if he didn’t write, he might not be able to return home. Before starting to paint. The doctor saw the eleventh decision today that he must teach eleventh, and eleventh persuaded him to resign and return to the field as soon as possible. The doctor picked up the ruler and raised it to Eleven.

Eleven took King Qi as a shield, and hit the ruler on King Qi. The doctor immediately apologized to King Qi. Thirteen smiled and left. Encountered Wang Zhongyu at the corner of the corridor. Wang Zhongyu used the aggressive method to ask to go to Li Jinxuan for a drink on the evening of November. After Wang Zhongyu left, Wang Qi was behind and asked to accompany him. As the night was approaching, Eleven was playing with a brush and wondering why King Qi didn’t let him go. King Qi expressed his mind on Eleven. At this time, the four beauties who had been sent to report to the emperor had arrived in the hall, and King Qi gave up. .

Arriving at Li Jinxuan on November, Wang Zhongyu went out to greet him. After the two sat down, Wang Zhongyu began to inquire about Han Shizi’s preference for women. After seeing his intentions on October 11, he asked Wang Zhongyu if he wanted to introduce him. Only then did Wang Zhongyu explain that he wanted to match his son with his sister. When I heard this, I spit out the wine in my mouth, and began to wonder if Miss Wang was wrong. He said that it is better to let yourself marry Miss Wang than to marry the maid beside Miss Wang.

Upon hearing this, Miss Wang became angry and came out to criticize. On eleven, the queen mother also came out. Eleven slandered her daughter. On eleven, he hurriedly hid. Lord Wang told his wife and daughter to go home quickly. After the family left on eleven, they saw someone stalking themselves, so they had sex with the girl. . Xin Ting and Ji Ye reported Li Jinxuan’s situation to King Qi. King Qi said that the eleven-pack of the dude dressed up like a boy. The Han family really understands the emperor’s thoughts and now pretends to be weak to protect themselves. On the eleventh, I returned to the mansion, clarified the situation today, and made up his mind to stop the companion reading.

The next day I came to the Qi Palace on November 11, and said that he was hungry in the morning, and asked if he could have a meal in the Qi Palace. King Qi agreed. On eleventh, he said that he could appreciate the four beauties rewarded by the emperor. King Qi asked eleven to talk to the emperor. I stayed in the Qi Palace for dinner on the evening of November. King Qi found two girls for the eleven. He thought that it was impossible to get himself drunk like this. Wang Qi thought that he stayed for dinner on the eleven, and now he pretended to be drunk. What do you want to do again?

So he told the villain to take Eleven to the guest room, Eleven came to the room, and kept saying that he was not drunk. After the next person left, he got up and said that fortunately, I had drunk a thousand cups in advance and was not drunk. Now when I can make a big move by myself, On the eleventh, I came to no one’s room and wanted frivolous beauties. I wondered if you care about these four beauties. I will bring you a green hat now. Speaking of molesting the beauty, the cry of the beauty provokes King Qi. King Qi opened the door and saw that King Qi came to the eleventh and deliberately pounced on the beauty. He never thought that the beauty retreated behind King Qi and tripped over. Wang fell to the ground and kissed each other.

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