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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 2 Recap

the assassin passed the eleven, but was blocked by the king of Qi, the assassin turned around and sprayed drugs on the eleven and they blocked the So he could not miss his feet in front of King Qi, and deliberately let the assassin hijack him, eleven shouted for help, another subordinate of Qi king surrounded the assassin, the assassin took eleven and flew onto the roof, eleven pretended to be very Fearful of heights, King Qi said to the assassin that he was holding a commoner and wanted to threaten me and left. The eleventh called until the common people’s life was not his life.

After two steps, King Qi took the assassin to the ground with a hidden weapon. I was also thrown out. I thought I would be smashed to the ground, but was caught by King Qi. On 11th, he took a bite and stood up straight and questioned that I was almost killed by you, King Qi. He said that he walked to the assassin who had fainted before he died, and ordered his subordinates to send the assassin to the house. Finding a similar death inmate in the Criminal Department said that the dead man committed suicide by poisoning.

Back in the mansion, the two girls knelt on the ground and blamed themselves for being bad, which put Eleven in danger. Eleven didn’t blame the girl, but if you were to blame, you would blame King Qi for not being saved. The girl is very curious about why we are also Dingguo’s elder son, why the king of Qi could not save him. Eleven said that this was King Qi wanted to use the assassin to test himself. He felt that King Qi was very mindful and suspicious. He said that he really couldn’t be a companion to this facial tiger, and it was easy to miss out.

The girl was not very connected to the facial paralysis. Eleven explained that the girl smiled happily and said that King Qi looked extremely facial paralysis. The subordinates told King Qi that the matter was settled, and asked why he didn’t let him save the world. King Qi threw the teacup in his hand to his subordinates and said that people will only reveal their original appearance when they are most dangerous. He didn’t want to use light work when he fell, and this world became more and more elusive. Eleven shook the bell, and the girl wondered why she got up so early. Eleven said she was going to school. Yesterday, King Qi tried to explain to himself that he did not trust him. He had to go to school and make trouble today.

Eleven held a bastard and put it on the table and laughed loudly. Wang Zhongyu said that the whole person needs the right time and place, and see what he can do. One student accused the Eleven of not letting the divine grace and study hard. Eleven said that he was studying hard and didn’t want Wang Ba to study at nineteen like himself. The student angrily said that the dead wood was not carved and left. On eleven, Wang Ba named Wang Er. Wang Zhongyu said that everyone knew that he was the second child at home, and he usually called himself Wang Er Gongzi. Eleven smiled and said that you and my godson had the same name and surname. Wang Zhongyu threatened that he was curious about how long you could be a godmother. Eleven said that if you don’t let you call Wang Er, you can unless the cockfight has beaten me, Wang Zhongyu agreed. All the students were watching the cockfight between the two of them. In the end, they won the game on eleven. Wang Zhongyu asked if he could compare his best with himself. At this time, the doctor came and asked who took the lead.

Pointing to Wang Zhongyu, I didn’t expect that everyone else pointed at him, so he had to suffer a lesson on eleven. Master Zhu taught for everyone and asked Eleven to answer questions. Eleven’s random freshman made everyone roar in laughter. Master Zhu asked Eleven if there were any husbands in the family. Eleven said there were several but they stopped coming for various reasons. , Which means that Dad told himself that he was Jiangmen Huzi and would not rob the literati for food. Master Zhu heard that the son must be proficient in riding and shooting, so he went to the competition to see the son of the son Huzi. The husband of the stable introduced the horse to Eleven, but Eleven chose a donkey. Eleven came to the school with a donkey. A student was curious why he chose a donkey.

Eleven replied that this donkey is petite, and it won’t hurt if it falls down. The person holding the donkey can let Eleven ride the donkey and run around the school yard. Eleven requires the donkey stool to be able to ride it. , The onlookers are all going to hand over to the eleven hands for Han Jiajun, the northern border is in danger. Master Zhu still wanted to test the eleven’s art of war. Ten had always said that he didn’t need to know anything about war books. He was a great general and he would know what he wanted. What he needed to do with counselors and military divisions, everyone shook their heads.

Master Zhu was concerned about the candidates of King Qi’s companion. King Qi told Master Zhu that he chose Han 11 as his companion. Master Zhu was surprised but didn’t say anything. After school, Eleven happily left the hospital. Shen Chengjun’s eleventh cousin, Eleven looked around as if calling me. Shen Chengjun explained that he would invite Eleven to visit his home in the future. Shen Chengjun explained to Eleven the assignment of the academy and stated that he supported Eleven but that he did not have much influence. Eleven said that there is nothing for Wang Zhongyu to toss about by himself, and the two are happy. After leaving, King Qi stopped Eleven and asked Eleven where he was going. Eleven jokingly said that the five princes had no right to intervene during school hours. King Qi said that you are my companion and should go home with me. Eleven had no choice but to bid farewell to Shen Chengjun and King Qi and come to the Qi palace.

King Qi drew orchids. Eleven lay next to him and asked King Qi what he needed to do. King Qi asked Eleven what he would do. Eleven returned to eat, drink and play. King Qi ignored the order to read on November. Eleven picked up the book and read it until there is only boring in the book, but there is no Yan Ruyu. If you find it boring, you can grind. Eleventh thinks that I really use myself as a companion. He respectfully said that grinding is good, and I like grinding the most. Then I started grinding. I deliberately got injured when I saw the orchid painted by Wang Qi and praised the orchid painted by Wang Qi. By the way, I helped Wang beat his shoulder and apply the grinding to Wang Qi’s clothes. He deliberately said what was going on.

It’s just a pity that this dress, Qi Wang said blankly, that you are here today, you can leave. Eleven was very happy, so he hurriedly left. The subordinates asked Qi Wang Eleven why he was so happy when he saw Eleven. He asked what was going on when he saw the rubbing on his clothes, but Qi Wang did not answer. This little trick wants me to escape, and I have to decide on this companion. The second prince muttered to himself thinking that the plot was stuck and said that Han Shixi was a bit interesting, so he played a few games with him.

As a result, he scribbled the words, and panicked after reacting. The emperor said that he didn’t expect Ding Guo to spoil his son like this. It seems that Han Jiajun is really going to stop here. Wan Gong said that Ding Guo has a son, and he can understand it. In this way, the emperor remembered that it was a pity that Prince Ruizheng had died, and said that the Chu family had always hated himself after his death. Wan Gonggong comforted that if the Empress of Yuan Dynasty really hated the emperor, she would not give birth to the fifth prince.

When he arrived at the school on eleven, Wang Zhongyu called sister Han. Eleventh asked who was it called. Wang Zhongyu said that he was a new friend, so he took out a fancy boar from the bookcase and brought it to the table and introduced it to everyone. Eleven did not bother to move his bookcase to the seat of King Qi, saying that he was not free today and would fight again later. When he saw King Qi coming, he immediately greeted him. King Qi said that as a companion, he should sit with you.

During the eleventh of the class, he grabbed Qi Wang’s notes and said that taking notes was something that the companion should do. Then he deliberately doodled on the notes, and then made various troubles. Qi Wang didn’t say anything. Returning to the mansion, he said that eleven is now making trouble for himself, and his subordinates said that he should take a lesson. King Qi said that he should take a good lesson, he can manage tens of thousands of soldiers, but he can’t manage a Han eleven.

In class the next day, Eleven still had various introductions, and Wang Qi was not angry and ignored. After the class, the doctor announced that he would take the exam tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Eleven excitedly said that he could finally listen to the small song. After school eleven rushed out of school, let the girl quickly plan to go out to play. As soon as the voice fell off, the king of Qi called to stop eleven and said that he would help the eleventh day after tomorrow’s exam, and eleven came to the palace of Qi reluctantly.

King Qi himself was reviewing his homework. He asked a dog to squat with eleven. The dog barked at eleven from time to time, and the dog screamed at eleven. Later, the dog chased him and ran away, and rushed at eleven. On King Qi, hug King Qi tightly. King Qi let eleven go down, but eleven told the dog to go down. The dog squatted aside and asked the eleven to continue. At eleven in the evening, he said that he would take care of his supper if he didn’t let him go back. The king of Qi asked Yu Ye to serve his son a supper, with a rope in his hand, Wang Qi asked at eleven that it was not true. Wang Qi said that he had said something false.

He said that he tied one part of the rope to the eleven end, and the other end to the corner of the chair he made. Eleven said a lot of reasons and hoped that King Qi could untie the rope, but King Qi pulled the corner of the chair. On 11th, I read a book obediently for a while and there was no sound. Wang Qi went up to see that 11th actually fell asleep. The next day on November 11 complained that I did not sleep well last night, but fortunately, I can sleep for the exam today. Eleven fell asleep during the exam. Wang Zhongyu threw the cheat sheet to the eleven table.

The doctor picked up the cheat sheet to wake up eleven. Eleven said that he cares about his grades. It’s better to go to sleep if you are tired of doing cheat sheets. The doctor said that the cheat sheet was the notes of the eleven. The cheat sheet was thrown to Wang Zhongyu. Both of them were suspected. In order to get rid of the suspicion, Wang Zhongyu asked the students behind to search. Eleven was thinking of reasons and refused to search. The doctor said that he always pays attention to evidence. Eleven pulls behind her, saying that her companion should also be searched by herself.

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