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The Heiress 女世子 Episode 1 Recap

The son of Dingguo Han Jizhong died young. In order to prevent the imperial court from taking away the military power and preserve the glory of Dingguo, Han Jizhong had to make his twin daughter Han Yuanniang disguise as a man. From the age of six, Han Yuanniang transformed herself into Han Shiyi. In order to prevent others from discovering her identity, she could only eat, drink and have fun all day long, pretending to be an unlearned idiot, which was notorious. By chance, Han eleven became the companion of the five princes of the dynasty, and the two became still there.

Han eleven began to make suggestions for the five princes, vying for the crown, and the relationship between the two gradually became close. Eventually, the five princes accidentally discovered the identity of Han eleven as a woman. At this time, the political situation was turbulent, the imperial power struggle was in full swing, foreign enemies invaded, and the border In a hurry, Han 11 resolutely followed his father and led the Han family to the battlefield…

Da Chen was founded a hundred years ago, and the frontiers were all guarded by the Han family army. In recent years, the emperor’s health is not good, but the seat of prince has been empty. The five princes, Chen Yanyi, had a lot of contributions to the army, but he was never seen by the emperor. The second prince, Chen Yanhao’s uncle, was the prime minister, and the two princes were fighting against rituals, but the emperor called Han Shiyi to study at the Imperial College.

The students in the Imperial College are all well-known students, led by Prime Minister Wang’s second son, Wang Zhongyu, who is better at eating, drinking and having fun than Han Shiyi. Because the Han family holds heavy soldiers, the two princes in Beijing will surely win over themselves. Han’s father asked Han Shiyi to change the business of entering Beijing as a woman dressed as a man. Just eat, drink and play, and not stand in line. Han 11 drove into Beijing in an ox cart, and in the car, Han 11 asked the girl about the fun places in Beijing.

The girl told Li Jinxuan that the most fun in Beijing was, so she decided to go to Li Jinxuan tonight. The bullock cart accidentally collided with Mr. Guo Zijian. The girl probed and asked who was so courageous to hit our son’s car, and the groom was also polite, and it was obviously the 11th car crashing. On the 11th, I heard that Mr. Si Ye’s car said that the groom saw that he had money and deliberately ran into him. Master Si Ye couldn’t help but let Eleven need nonsense, Eleven said that he was still dignified and the prince of the country could still wrong the old man.

Master Si Ye wanted to make a trivial matter and let the groom give the money to calm down. Eleven and one said that he hadn’t given up in a reasonable and unforgiving manner. Besides, if your money was not enough to buy supplements for the cows, Master Si Ye was very helpless to ask ten Think about it. The eleventh said that I don’t care if I am an old man in Siye. I warn that I will make money in the future and say goodbye to wrong people. I am so popular that I have nothing to say about the behavior of this son after getting in the car. Face contempt.

At the entrance of Li Jinxuan on the eleven, the girl said that although Li Jinxuan has only been in business for three years, its reputation and scale are second to none in the capital. On eleven, the products of the richest man, Li’s family, are naturally generous, and the three of them entered Li Jinxuan. When I walked in, I saw Hong’er Luan’er who was dancing and asked the girl how these two girls were. The two girls said “vulgar” in unison. Eleven said that they liked the vulgar and asked Xiaoer to give the best private room. I vacate myself and I want to watch the show. Xiao Er said that the room has been booked. Eleven said to Xiao Er that he is not bad, and Xiao Er said that he can’t afford it, so he went to the private room. I drove away the boy who was watching the show, and the boy who was watching the show said that you don’t need to inquire about who you are first.

Eleven said that he was Han Eleven, the son of Dingguo, and he didn’t care who he was. The son of the theater left in embarrassment. Miss Wang is in another private room, hoping to meet the fifth prince. But I was shocked by the applause of the eleven. On the eleventh, I heard that the dancing girl must be loved by the masters. The second said that Hong’er and Luan’er are famous characters in the capital, no matter who they are, they only sell art and do not accompany guests. This is Li Jinxuan’s rules, Qi Xiaoer left when the food was served, and eleven muttered that he was about to break the rules today, and then ordered the two girls, Jinzi and Yin.

The two adults entered the room of King Qi and told King Dingguo of Qi that the son of the Han family had arrived in the capital. When he entered the capital, the court was very big, but he almost fought with others when he first entered the capital. It really hurt Dingguo’s reputation. King Qi expressed his appearance. It doesn’t explain much. One of the adults said that we don’t care about this elder son. What really cares about is the Han Jiajun behind the Han family. Tomorrow this elder son must go back to the Imperial College to study, so that King Qi must first win over the elder son to prevent the second prince from taking the lead. King Qi said that he would go to the Imperial College to win over Han Shizi. Hong’er and Luan’er wanted to leave after dancing. Gold and Silver came to the stage to stop him.

He said that Shizi would like to reward himself. Hong’er said that we only dance and do not accompany the guests to ask if we don’t understand the rules. The girl said that our son is the rule, so she forced Hong’er Luan’er to see Eleven. At this time, the guards in the store came out and let the two girls stop. The two girls said to see who dares to stop our son from wanting to meet people. Then he fought with the guard. King Qi’s guards saw the fight downstairs, went in and reported to King Qi, and King Qi let his subordinates go down and take a look. The security guard in the shop was beaten up by the girl,

King Qi’s guards stepped forward and asked them to teach the two girls the rules of Beijing. The two girls were not convinced that they had to break the rules today, and then they started fighting. On the 11th, while eating bananas, cheering for her girl. Seeing that her girl was at a loss, he threw a banana peel to the guard. She didn’t forget that the two girls who played well with the king of Qi who stood behind were in her room. King Qi asked the guards to stop. Eleven found that King Qi and the guards were awkward and said that they had lost. Without forgetting to report his name, King Qi said he couldn’t afford to provoke him, and then King Qi let go. Eleven prayed in his heart that King Qi stepped on the banana peel he had just thrown on the ground, but Wang Qi and his party avoided the banana peel. Miss Wang, who saw the five princes of King Qi, wanted to pass through the crowd to greet King Qi, and when she came downstairs, everything had already left.

Back to the residence, Eleven said that his reputation must have spread today, and the girl said that he was sure that the streets and alleys were now talking. Eleventh said what I wanted was such an effect. I remembered that my father before leaving home asked this woman to pretend to be a man to enter Beijing. We must be careful not to let the emperor find that our Han family has no successor. This is very detrimental to our Han family. The capital will not do anything on business. If you do not have a written word, you can’t just do it. If someone pulls you to stand in line, just pretend to be confused to ensure your safety. Eleven sighed that it was easy to pretend to be a waste material. She was just worried about seeing through the birth of her daughter. The girl was worried after hearing what she said. On 11th, she comforted the girl and said that she hadn’t been discovered before playing as a dude. I’m going to see what a great place the Imperial College is.

Two scholars in the Imperial College were discussing which one is better, Hong’er or Luan’er. Wang Zhongjue and his companion just came, saying that the two girls each have their own beauty, it is very boring to compare them, you should read the story with your heart, and the scholar said that he would go to the study hall again after finishing the discussion. Wang Zhongyu heard that the Han family’s son was particularly arrogant and made trouble in Li Jinxuan as soon as he entered Beijing. He must teach him a lesson and let him know the rules of the capital. Dr. Xia came to the academy, and every student achieved his or her position.

The doctor asked the newcomer Han Eleven. One student said that he hadn’t come yet. Dr. Xia accused him of being late for work on the first day of November. Wang Qi thought There are so many tricks with the Han family. Eleven rang the bell, and the girl came in to help Eleven clean up and asked Eleven to be so late today, would she go to the Imperial College for school? Eleven indicates that the emperor’s face is still to be given, but take your time and wait for yourself to eat and drink before you go. In the school, Wang Zhongyu said that the get out of class was about to be over. Han 11 hadn’t come yet, and he didn’t put the doctor in his eyes. The doctor asked someone to go to Dingguo Gongfu to invite Han 11 to teach. Wouldn’t the students come? Deceive the king. As soon as I heard that Han Shiyi said that he was too thin and could not bear such a big charge,

I am not late just because I am lost. Actually, I really want to see everyone early. After all, I have to play with my classmates in the future. The doctor scolded that reading is not fun. You must study hard. That is why the eleventh seat was seated. Sissy. After sitting down, I saw King Qi, and I was surprised to ask why you are here and where you are. King Qi looked at Eleven and did not speak. Eleven thought that King Qi was afraid of himself. After school, the students got up and tried their best to the doctor. A small thorn stick was thrown on the cushion of Eleven.

Eleven sat down and was pierced and immediately shouted who it was. Wang Zhongyu told eleven that this is the capital city, not Beijing, Beijing has the rules of Beijing, and there are rules here. Eleven means that they don’t understand. Everyone laughed at Eleven, and then laughed at Eleven. Wang Zhongyu said that from now on, he was the boss of Eleven. Eleven said in a disdainful tone that you are not qualified to be my boss. It was rare for me to take care of it, so I wanted to leave. I was caught by a student and said that he had to go under his hips if he wanted to go.

Otherwise, take off all 11 clothes. Eleven said that he was drilling, and Wang Qi thought about what Han Eleven would do. When he was almost under the crotch, he broke his knees to one side and ran out, proudly saying that it is not easy to grab yourself. This is a book hitting him in the foot. Eleven roared that it was the Wang Ba Laozi. Looking back, all the students came towards him with books in their hands. The two pressed eleven on a rock, one wanted to rush past Lai to hit eleven, and eleven kicked each other with his foot, and the two immediately stepped forward and held down eleven’s foot, and the other wanted to rush over to hit eleven. Was stopped by King Qi, King Qi let everyone go, Wang Zhongyu said that the fifth prince is this? Wang Qi said that he wanted this person, and Wang Zhongyu then left. Qi Wang and Shixi walked to the corridor, Qi Wang said that he just saved you shouldn’t you thank yourself?

The eleven said that he did not let you save, and besides the kindness and no thanks, the king of Qi just stared at eleven, and eleven then said that he was preparing a gift for the king of Qi another day, and the king of qi was still staring at eleven, eleven Say you don’t want anything I give you, or I will give you myself? The king of Qi pushed the eleven to the pillar and said it was okay. From tomorrow on, let the eleven be his own companion. When the eleven is heard, he shunned it with various reasons. The king of Qi said that he is a monarch, and you are a minister, do you want to disobey the order? No, the eleventh one looked serious and immediately changed his words and said that he was willing to be the judge.

Back in the mansion, the two girls were very surprised. Eleven said that he knew they would win him, but he didn’t expect it so soon. The girl was worried about Eleven. Eleven said that the beauty is simple, and the five princes have a deep heart. They still have to quickly find a way to get off the boat and ask the girl to ask them to find out how to raise things. The girl handed it to Ten. A book slip, saying that all the students’ materials are here, this is the girl who said that the grandpa is here. On the eleventh, I visited the emperor and greeted the eleven’s father.

Eleven said that he was weak and his father would not let himself suffer from studying. However, the emperor asked the eleven to study hard and let him leave. The emperor asked Wan Gong Gong how about Eleven, and Wan Gong Gong replied that he was just a dude. The emperor said that the fifth prince was also in the Imperial College. He wanted to see how the fifth prince and the eleven were getting along, so he asked Wang Gong Gong, which was better, the fifth prince and the second prince. , Wan Gonggong said that the nine sons of Longsheng are different. Everyone was talking about the fifth prince who presided over the Lantern Festival.

Miss Wang was also looking forward to the appearance of the fifth prince. On eleventh to join in the fun, Miss Wang saw that eleventh warned eleven to stay away from the fifth prince, and eleven mocked Miss Wang’s taste. After the king of Qi Shangxiang lights up the lights, a group of assassins are ready to assassinate them, and they leave after eleven if they can’t visit the muddy water. Miss Wang worried that King Qi ran to see King Qi in safety, but was stopped by the guards. Eleven sighed and said that Miss Wang really likes this paralyzed tiger. A girl told Eleven that it was our bullock cart that was walking through this alley. The assassin escaped without assassination. King Qi ordered to continue chasing. The assassin took the knife and walked towards Eleven.

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