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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 9 Recap

A lot of waste paper was thrown in the room. It turned out that Teacher Ma was designing the superhero’s jersey and made it for himself. After making it, the jersey was exactly the same as Duan Muhao predicted. Although there was a stop sign, but still lacked a handy weapon, so he took out the slingshot that he had treasured for a long time, and made various guesses like a fool at home.

Wei Yichen waited for Le Xi to cook for him. To tell the truth, Wei Yichen’s usual cold appearance formed a huge contrast, which is hard to imagine. At the dinner table, this person was eating and praising Le Xi. It looks good. When Le Xi mentioned super powers, he expressed willingness to return the super powers to him, and wanted to return it to him. Wei Yichen in front of him heard that her mood suddenly became very bad, saying that she didn’t want to be an ordinary person and didn’t want to be an ordinary person. Let Lexi be an ordinary person, then knocked over the dining table and left.

Just after Wei Yichen left, when Yue Xi had packed up the trash and was about to leave, Wei Yichen appeared and asked what happened to Yue Xi. Her words smelled like gunpowder. Le Xi thought Wei Yichen was playing with her and told him If Wei Yichen was flying a kite, the line is now broken. Wei Yichen watched Le Xi leave, tightly holding the movie ticket in his hand.

In an abandoned building, a student was bullied by several children. At this moment, Teacher Ma in a shirt appeared, saying that they were robbing in broad daylight. They were really brazen. The students mocked him as a fool. Teacher Ma insisted Said that he was the Flash, so he took out a slingshot to beat them and fled. In the process of chasing them, they accidentally fell into the waterway, and several people ran back to cover the manhole. At this point, the gutterman wearing a shirt quickly spread. A teacher analyzed that the gutterman must be packaged by a professional team.

Their next step should be to shoot a video and then transfer money. The words revealed disdain, and only Teacher Huang replaced it. Gutterman speaks. The news reported that an idle person wearing yellow underwear often wandered the streets and alleys, trying to calm down under the pretext of helping others, but in fact he provoked various incidents. They often appeared from the sewers. The people called him the gutterman. I don’t know if it was The real chivalry is still a commercial activity. In order to express his gratitude, the child asked the Flash to take a bite, but unfortunately he was caught by the reporter.

A man stealing a manhole cover in the school was caught by the Flash. In order to protect his image, the reporter specially asked the reporter to take pictures of himself. The result is exactly the answer to that sentence, which looks like a solution to the problem, but it actually provoked the incident. The Flash at home happened to see someone trying to steal money, so he took action to subdue them, but the thief said that the stolen money could not be convicted of them. So when he was about to press the password, the police showed up, and he escaped through the wall in front of the police, and went to the news again.

After seeing the news report, Wei Yichen hurriedly called Cong Lexi and said that besides this super-powered person in strange clothes, there should be another super-powered person who can imitate the appearance of others, and this person has recently imitated Wei Yichen’s appearance. Close to Cong Lexi, that is to say, those who quarreled and kissed were fake Wei Yichen. The misunderstanding was solved, but Cong Lexi suffered. Although I don’t know the other party’s real purpose, I hope that Cong Lexi will not startle the snake before finding out the identity of the imitator.

After learning the truth, Cong Lexi was in a very depressed mood. Nan Ruoyi comforted Cong Lexi. Lexi cried out that he couldn’t see people clearly since he was a child. When he was a child, he was deceived by his parents and when he grew up, he was deceived by someone he liked. It’s the deadliest if you are hurt by someone you care about. Feelings are blind, and can only see the side they want to see.

If Wei Yichen came to the family to look for Le Xi, he apologized to Le Xi and said that the imitator said what he wanted to say on the day he sent the flowers, and also gave Le Xi the bracelet, so Le Xi was not sad.

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