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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 8 Recap

The physical education teacher seems to be practicing how to talk to the female teacher he likes. As a result, he hadn’t played yet, and was preempted by others to go and run together. The physical education teacher had to peek behind. The physical education teacher who failed the night run started planning to ask Mr. Huang to go to the playground. After he got on the phone of Mr. Huang, Mr. Huang said that he would bring Mr. Giuliano to play. The physical education teacher was so angry that he asked him to study sports together. It’s not about prying his girlfriend.

The physical education teacher denies it, but simply discusses it, but Giuliano said that the physical education teacher is a waste material and is not afraid. They shot across obstacles in the competition. It can be seen that the physical education teacher is indeed a bit of a waste. Just when he was about to lose, his brain made up a picture of Teacher Huang and Giuliano together. The stupid physical education teacher seems to have changed.

As long as he concentrates, he can move instantaneously. So he keeps experimenting on the basketball court. At this moment, he sees Teacher Huang coming here and takes the initiative to greet Teacher Huang. , As a result, Teacher Huang didn’t want to talk to him at all. After the experiment, the physical education teacher realized that he could only move three centimeters in a moment. When I went home, I was frustrated because I forgot to bring the key, and felt that I was nothing.

As a result, he suddenly moved back to the living room, and he could still pass through the wall. The excited physical education teacher kept playing with his super powers at home, and even gave incense to his ancestors, telling his ancestors that he had super powers, and the family would surely flourish. It was also on the grave of his ancestors when he was ahead. It also smoked. A physical education teacher with superpowers was waiting outside Teacher Huang’s dormitory. He happened to meet Mr. Giuliano who came here.

Giuliano mocked the physical education teacher as a waste material not worthy of appearing here. Since he lost, he should quit and stay away from Teacher Huang. Accepting the defeat, planning to compare with him again, Giuliano didn’t bother to compare with the physical education teacher, thinking that he was a fool in his heart, so he couldn’t help but beat the physical education teacher. The physical education teacher was knocked to the ground, and then teacher Huang appeared. , Walked over and raised up the physical education teacher and asked them why they were fighting.

Giuliano said that Teacher Ma was a person who did not believe in words. He mocked Teacher Ma for not going to school very much and was of low quality, but Teacher Huang said that she did not go to school very much either. She graduated from health school. Because of Giuliano’s bad remarks, he had to go first. Teacher Huang took Teacher Ma to the infirmary. Teacher Ma asked Teacher Huang how she felt if he had superpowers that would move instantaneously. Teacher Huang said that if he does, he should do something meaningful instead of fighting.

The face of the emergence of new super powers, and Jean Le Wei Yi Chen Xi go south if a family lives, not to provoke Jiang Liren . When the music Hee if a door to the south, Jiang Liren suddenly appeared, fortunately Duanmu ho timely manner Jiang Liren fled. Nan Ruoyi and Duanmuhao went to the playground, leaving Cong Lexi alone at home. It turns out that Wei Yichen had made arrangements. Wei Yichen, who was not the same as usual, appeared. Holding flowers, and then began to confess to Le Xi. Le Xi also liked him for a long time, and took the initiative to kiss him. Wei Yichen was shy. ‘S left.

After the last time, Le Xi told Ruoyi that she found Wei Yichen was hot and cold, like two people, and expressed that she wanted Wei Yichen to be happy, so she planned to cook Wei Yichen a meal. Duan Muhao was shut outside and wanted to apologize to Nan Ruo. If Yi didn’t want to talk to him, he just wanted to teach Lexi to cook.

In the broadcast room, the little speaker who had fallen in love had a strong desire for control and kept holding him to keep him from walking. Because Duan Muhao refused to delete the message of a girl who had been ambiguous with him, Nan Ruoyi angrily left and planned to ignore him.

Now Jiang Liren sees that the man with glasses is either fear or hatred, fear is controlled, and hate being slaughtered by others. Promise not to touch Wei Yichen again. Jiang Liren arranged for his subordinates to kill Wei Yichen at all costs. Without telling the doctor, he did not kill the doctor, the man with glasses, because only he could solve the poison on his body.

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