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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 7 Recap

There was a car accident near Linzhou University. Because the road was remote and located in the blind spot of surveillance, he was hit and killed by a motorcycle. The police did not rule out a deliberate murder. The deceased was Teacher Jiang.

Jiang Liren, who had nothing left, could only live with his two brothers in the warehouse. At this time, a man wearing glasses found Jiang Liren and told him that he could help Jiang Liren regain everything that belonged to him. The price was that Jiang Liren helped him kill someone. With the help of the glasses man, Jiang Liren’s uncle was sent to the hospital. Jiang’s enterprise has returned to Jiang Liren’s hands. The glasses man talked with Jiang Liren about cooperation. The glasses man suggested that Wei Yichen and the people around him could not be touched at the moment . Temporarily useful to him, Jiang Liren expressed compliance.

Death blow to Wei Yi Chen’s special ginger teacher, there have been several days did not go out, Duanmu ho with the South if a decision to investigate the monitoring results mansion CEOs have a big opening to fifty thousand dollars before they agree to see , The clever Nan Ruoyi took advantage of Mr. Wang’s carelessness to stun him with super powers, and then took away the surveillance video, but even after taking away the content of the video, he still couldn’t see clearly, and Le Xi saw the car in the video. I felt very familiar with the misunderstanding that the murderer was Jiang Liren. Lexi, who was walking alone, met his former brother and learned that Jiang Liren had returned to the position of chairman of Jiang’s enterprise, and that the fourth and thirteenth masters also suffered a stroke and entered the hospital.

To find out the murderer of Teacher Jiang, Wei Yichen has been following Jiang Liren, but he was deceived and taken to a sparsely populated place. The outnumbered Wei Yichen fell into the enemy’s hands again. The man with glasses called Jiang Liren and asked him why he caught Wei Yichen? Jiang Liren said that he most hates other people’s orders to him, and Wei Yichen’s fate is about to be fixed. How could a man with glasses who are extremely deep in the city and with extremely high means easily compromise?

He had drugged Jiang Liren long before, and Jiang Liren had to listen to him if he wanted to live. The man with glasses asked Jiang Liren if he had a dog? He said that he had been raised, because he was not obedient, so he was given medicine. After taking the medicine, he said that he would be very painful without medicine. There are two super power owners who have not appeared. He needs to investigate. Before completing the plan, Jiang Liren could not move Wei Yichen again. So began to investigate everyone in the warehouse at the time.

Because the previous fire scene did not happen, Nan Ruoyi asked him not to be suspicious and said that it shouldn’t happen. At this time, Duan Muhao suddenly foresaw a scene. In the scene, there was a red room and a mysterious person took them all. I caught it, and before the analysis started, I received a call saying that Wei Yichen was in the hospital. Lying in the hospital, Wei Yichen began to wonder why Jiang Liren would release him suddenly? Le Xi, who was standing by, asked Wei Yichen to agree to her. No matter what decision she made in the future, she must tell her.

When Wei Yichen was discharged from the hospital, Duan Muhao teased. Wei Yichen and Le Xi will have time to talk about love… Wei Suddenly Yichen remembered what the teacher said to leave him. He ran up to the attic and found the broken pages of the notebook under the flowerpot of the white crane yam. Wei Yichen didn’t understand why the teacher took the broken pages?

In physical education class, the little speaker asked Ah Fu, how did you think about being with her? As a result, Ah Fu agreed. Because Nan Ruoyi said that Duanmuhao predicted the situation of the mysterious person, he immediately came to Ruoyi’s home and looked for Duanmuhao. He forced Duanmuhao to predict the mysterious person, and he predicted a new superpower…

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