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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 6 Recap

Le Xi, who used the excuse to go to the toilet, secretly changed and escaped, and immediately went to find Jiang Liren .

The caught Wei Yichen found out that he had been cheated and asked why. Jiang Liren said that because Wei Yichen let his father and Jiang Doudou become plants and lie down in the hospital, Le Xi heard their conversation outside the door and learned about Jiang Liren. She betrayed her to her mother and installed a monitor in her mobile phone, using her to trick Wei Yichen over. Just when Jiang Liren was about to kill Wei Yichen, the Fourth Master and the Thirteenth Master came to take the house. I hope to let him move out now, and know that there are two people in his house.

If he doesn’t leave, he will be detained illegally. Jiang Liren had no choice but to lock Wei Yichen and Le Xi in the warehouse. For the money, Jiang Liren approached Le Xi’s mother to discuss a deal. In order to torture Wei Yichen who was sleeping, Jiang Liren’s subordinates planned to torture Wei Yichen with an electric drill. At this moment, Lexi, who was in danger of Wei Yichen, exploded with super power-moving objects in space.

After rescuing Wei Yichen, Le Xi told Nan Ruoyi about his superpowers . When Nan Ruo asked Lexi if she liked Wei Yichen, Lexi said no. Wei Yi Chen put everyone together, the Cong-Le-hee and her powers introduced to everyone, pick things Duanmu ho let Cong-Le Cid show what super powers, since before the turn of events Le Hee no mood, he went out alone breathe. And Wei Yichen also began to admit his mistake, that he was too careless to get caught in Jiang Liren’s trap and pulled everyone in. Ah Fu comforted the discovery that Cong Lexi’s superpower was a blessing in disguise.

Wei Yichen said that Jiang Liren wanted to avenge his father, so he had to find a way to let Duan Muhao return the broken pages to him. Duan Muhao had to take out the iron box and found that the broken page was missing. Everyone had to ran to the location of the library yesterday and found that it could not be found. The broken page just disappeared like this. The contradiction within the team broke out. Wei Yichen couldn’t bear such a mistake in her heart. She scolded Ah Fu and said that they did not want to use super powers. You can just say that everyone broke up. All this was seen by Teacher Jiang behind.

Each has his own thoughts, and Wei Yichen realized that he was wrong after getting angry. Ask Lexi for a way to make friends forgive. The first attempt to work, failed because of unfavorable hands and feet. Second, try to apply nail polish to Ruoyi, attentive and sincere.

Teacher Jiang really has a problem. A mysterious person is using a medicine to control her. In order to get the medicine, the teacher put a tracker on the team members. The mysterious person said that he only wanted to get their superpowers. The painful teacher Jiang looked at the flower basket. The card Li Wei Yichen left her was sad. Teacher Jiang told the mysterious man that he didn’t want to help him. The mysterious man threatened her with the teacher’s secret.

Teacher Jiang was not outdone. She also had the secret of the mysterious man. As long as she was free, everyone would be in peace. In order not to continue to be used to deal with Wei Yichen, Teacher Jiang called Wei Yichen and said that he was going to a far door, and he left something in the attic for him to see.

Because when I heard Duan Muhao rejected the other girls in the library, he said that he would only concentrate on Nan Ruo one person and two people and just reconcile. Duan Muhao found Ruoyi and said that he had always predicted that Nan Ruoyi and him were trapped in the middle of the fire. In order to protect Nan Ruoyi, he planned to stay at her home.

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