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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 5 Recap

In the company, the fourth master and the thirteenth master, who were opposed to the third master, found Liren, expressing their dislike of his father’s failure to do business, and Liren was too young and inexperienced. The fourth master and the thirteenth master took out Sanye’s will and said this will The appraisal was invalid, and they also bought Liren’s car dealership at a high price. All this was done was to drive Liren away and dominate the company’s property.

Because Lexi’s mother wanted to take her back, Lexi had to find Nan Ruoyi , but as soon as he walked in, he saw Ruoyi drinking alone. Lexi knew that Ruoyi had become very different recently and asked her what was going on. Nan Ruoyi used Jiujin to tell Lexi about her superpowers, and Lexi thought she was drunk and was talking nonsense. I don’t believe it, if she immediately showed her electric shock ability, Le Xi would believe it, and then start the story with Wei Yichen. Nan Ruo started crying for the two lying on the bed and found that she fell in love with Duanmuhao , and Duanmuhao seemed to have a girlfriend. She was so uncomfortable that she drank and vented.

Wei Yichen remembered again when he was a child, he asked the teacher how to be liked by others like a flower. Teacher Jiang said that all this takes time, and all he can do now is to wait quietly. Just when Professor Xing took him away, The teacher gave him the pot of white crane yam. After many years, Wei Yichen brought the old white crane taro to the teacher again, thanking the teacher for spending so many years of company. Wei Yichen invited other super-powerful friends to Teacher Jiang’s place and used this place as their meeting place in the future.

Wei Yichen found a website with super-powerful couples daily, which is the daily life of Nan Ruoyi and Duan Muhao. Wei Yichen asked Duan Muhao to delete this. Duan Muhao was very angry and said that he should listen to him for whatever reason, Wei Yichen also said that Nan Ruoyi asked him to delete it, and Duan Muhao said angrily that if it weren’t for himself and Nan Ruoyi, it couldn’t be like this.

The subordinates encouraged Liren not to give up easily. Jiang Doudou and Sanye were still lying in the hospital and would accompany him to take back a little bit of him. Liren, who had nothing, remembered to look for Lexi. Lexi forgave him in this way. In fact, he didn’t trust Lexi for a long time. During the days when he was hidden by the third master, he learned that Lexi had always been very beautiful. Chen was together, and later asked his subordinates to install a tracker in Le Xi’s mobile phone. The misunderstanding was so deep, how did he know that Le Xi had been following Le Xi to find out.

At night, Wei Yichen walked alone on the road with a cardboard box and received a call from Ah Fu, which turned out to be a call to test whether he was at home. He and Duan Muhao sneaked into Wei Yichen’s home, looking for something. It turned out that Duan Muhao took it away when he was looking for the leftover pages of the pen, and Ah Fu also received the news that Wei Yichen would return immediately. According to the analysis, Wei Yichen knew that the internal staff had taken the broken pages of the notebook, but Duan Muhao, who was anxious, pushed these to the teacher, so Wei Yichen asked the teacher using mind-reading techniques.

Obviously, the teacher didn’t. It was getting more and more chaotic. Duan Muhao and A Fu ran away. Wei Yichen planned to chase him. Ruoyi immediately told him that he had accidentally told Le Xi about his superpower. Liren told Le Xi that he seemed to have superpowers, so Le Xi immediately called Wei Yichen and asked him to come to Jiang Liren’s home immediately.

Jiang Liren left Lexi, leaving Wei Yichen and Jiang Liren. Wei Yichen was stunned, and Lexi who went out shopping was betrayed to Lexi’s mother and took her away.

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