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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 4 Recap

Shen Jun took Xu Dawei all the way out of the school, Duan Muhao chased after him, but he ran away for them.

Duan Muhao called Wei Yichen to reprimand Wei Yichen because of Shen Jun’s escape, but Nan Ruoyi kept explaining him and spoke for Wei Yichen. Duan Muhao immediately lost his temper and said that Nan Ruoyi always treated Wei Yi. Chen was concerned about his affairs, ignored his affairs, and accidentally scolded Nan Ruoyi. If he got angry, he immediately left.

Lexi came to the office to find Liren, but her subordinates went home first. Brother Ren was not free now. Lexi was very angry and ran in to find him. Liren asked Lexi to stay in Ruo’s family for a week, relax and then come back. He didn’t mention what he was busy now. Lexi thought Liren didn’t trust her. She told Liren that if he didn’t even trust her, then there was no need to be together, and then left angrily. It turned out that Xu Dawei and Shen Jun were caught by Liren. Liren wanted to learn about his brother Jiang Doudou through them, saying that he did not want to follow in his father’s footsteps. Xu Dawei and Shen Jun said that they were students and didn’t want to mix up these things. Liren said they would give them time to consider.

After drinking, two people started bragging, and then began to sing a chorus. Liren couldn’t stand it, and asked them to sober the two of them. Liren’s men rode motorcycles and let them run behind. The two people who were afraid began to push everything on Wei Yichen’s body, and told Li Ren about Wei Yichen’s superpowers, including touching his face and reading his mind, as well as Duan Muhao’s foreseeing the future and Nan Ruoyi.

The electric shock ability, and Ah Fu’s invisibility technique. Liren asked if there are still seven abilities that he said? Xu Dawei told Shen Jun that they didn’t know, and they also told about the notebook. After Liren knew about these things, he took the photos of their families and threatened them not to say anything they shouldn’t. The behavior of Wei Yichen’s people is closely monitored by Liren…

Wei Yichen met his childhood teacher again. Teacher Jiang is now working in the library. The two were sitting at the dinner table chatting and talking about each other’s recent situation. The teacher was married and divorced again. Then asked Wei Yichen’s super powers how? Wei Yichen said that something happened, but it was much better than before. Professor Xing who accompanied him also passed away a few years ago.

Le Xi and Nan Ruoyi came to the bar. Unexpectedly, he discovered Duanmuhao among the dancing crowd. Lexi saw Ruoyi’s face with puzzled and surprised expression, so Ruoyi said that he had quarreled with Duanmuhao in the afternoon, and he was so depressed, but Duanmuhao was so happy. She started to drink, her eyes kept staring at Duan Buhao, Le Xi said that she really couldn’t understand the two of them, because they obviously liked each other, why did she have to fight every day. Then Lexi kept drinking, if she saw that she seemed to be in a bad mood, ask him what’s the matter?

If one says that she hates others not trusting herself the most, and her boyfriend doesn’t trust her. So the two people with their own minds began to drink and buy drunk wildly. With the rhythm of the live music, the two people drank more and more alcohol. Although they looked good on the surface, they were actually uncomfortable in their hearts… When I woke up, I found that in the teacher’s office, when they were drinking the fragments last night, on the way home, they met a few drunk men who were planning to molest them.

By chance, they met with a fighting strength and were still in the mood. The bad Nan Ruoyi was beaten severely in the end, and Ruoyi’s superpowers seemed to start to lose control. They were taken back to school by the teacher who were originally in the police station. After Lexi wakes up and asks Nan Ruoyi what happened last night? Her body was like an electric shock. The lights in the surrounding shops were all off, and Wei Yichen appeared. If she said she was going to class, she would go with Wei Yichen first.

A school girl looked at Ruoyi coming, pretending to call Duanmuhao, saying that she had a very good time with Duanmuhao last night, and Nan Ruoyi left angrily. When returning home, Ruoyi found that she had a lot of things Duan Muhao had given her when she was sorting things out, and she began to remember the past.

Lexi’s mother found Lexi and not only froze her bank card, but also showed Lexi the photos that followed Lexi. Lexi’s mother said that a series of actions by Lexi would have an impact on her company. Sent her back to the United States, when she saw Wei Yichen, she got out of the car and ran away. The two of them were sitting in a bar drinking…

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