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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 3 Recap

After the capture, San Ye deliberately asked Wei Yichen to beat Wei Yichen . Nan Ruoyi insisted that Jiang Doudou was not killed by Wei Yichen. San Ye was angry and pinched Nan Ruoyi’s neck, Wei Yichen could not bear to take the initiative. Take responsibility and let San Ye count everything on his head. Ah Fu, who was hiding in the dark, looked at all this, was forced to helplessly, and drank the reagent…

A Fu knocked down the people surrounding him, and when San Ye picked up the katana to kill Wei Yichen, Ah Fu appeared. When he pinched San Ye’s neck to kill him, Wei Yichen stopped Ah Fu in time. When they were about to leave, San Ye drove over and planned to kill them, but he was injured…

Fifteen years ago, a woman was lying on a hospital bed. A teenager was reading an article to her. The woman was very weak and fell asleep. The third master appeared. It turned out that the teenager was Liren and the woman belonged to him. Mother, and San Ye turned out to be his father. Because San Ye divorced his mother, the young man Liren hated San Ye very much. When facing San Ye giving him money, he threw away that there was no emotion in his eyes…

Back in the current hospital, Liren appeared. The doctor told him that it would be difficult for the third master to wake up again. Liren looked at his father in distress. At this time, someone showed up and told Liren that the third master had explained before the accident. , If he has anything, his inheritance will be inherited by Liren. Li Ren said that San Ye was like this. He never thought about other people’s feelings when he did things. In fact, he said that San Ye appointed him five years ago. He and Jiang Doudou had half of his own property. Li Ren opened the file and San Ye worried about him. Anwei did not tell him this action. Liren recalled that he was masked before and his father was lying in the hospital again, thinking that Wei Yichen did all this…

In the hospital, Duanmuhao shook Nan Ruoyi’s hand and said that he could not feel the pain anymore and everything became very beautiful. The nurse sister on the side couldn’t stand it, saying that Duanmuhao didn’t need to stay in the hospital for observation and could be discharged directly. Nan Ruoyi thought that Duanmuhao had to be as smooth as ever, and Duanmuhao sang a love song to Nan Ruoyi…The little speaker came to the ward to interview Ah Fu and said how he rescued everyone. Ah Fu said she had a big mouth with disdain. However, Little Horn said that he liked heroes very much when he was a child, and then began to approach Ah Fu, Ah Fu became shy.

When Liren came to Sanye’s company, everyone thought he was here to take over the company, but only to find out how many people there were in the company and who were there on the day of Sanye’s accident. Sitting in his office, Liren looked at the information about the Jiang Doudou incident. Through the information, Liren found that the names of Xu Dawei and Shen Jun appeared frequently, and had doubts in his heart, so he ordered his men to bring Xu Dawei and Shen Jun to him.

Le Xi sent a message to Nan Ruoyi asking where she was. In the milk tea shop, Le Xi told Nan Ruoyi that he had a deep misunderstanding with Ren Ge and he was still secretly investigating Wei Yichen. When Liren came home, Lexi asked him where he was. Liren lay down and fell asleep without saying anything. Although Lexi felt a little sad, he helped him take off his shoes and put a cup beside him. Hot water.

After the dock incident, Duan Muhao and Ah Fu smiled and enmity. Duan Muhao asked Ah Fu who had the strongest super power in their team. Ah Fu didn’t even think about himself. Then Wei Yichen just didn’t mention him. Duan Muhao boasted that he was the strongest and he was suitable to be the leader of the team. Duan Muhao said unwillingly about his plan to design the emblem.

In the laboratory, Wei Yichen wearing a lab coat while working in the laboratory received a call from Duan Muhao, listening to him while doing the experiment, Duan Muhao suggested that the cohesion of their team should be enhanced. Duanmuhao proudly took out his own design emblem, and said that Xu Dawei and Shen Jun were near the school.

Ah Fu seemed unwilling to hear their names. Duanmuhao suggested that they should be controlled because Jiang Doudou and Sanye had an accident. They were all there at that time and knew a lot of their secrets, but Ah Fu had left beforehand under the pretext of

Xu Dawei and Shen Jun hid in the school. They also knew that they didn’t dare to do anything in the school Wei Yichen, so they went to class with confidence. Wei Yichen saw Teacher Jiang who was accidentally injured by him when he was a child. When he was a child, his superpower broke out. Everyone ran away, only Teacher Jiang did not leave him.

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