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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 12 End Recap

After Teacher Ma joined Sun Ming’s team, the first person caught was Duan Muhao , followed by Nan Ruoyi , Ah Fu, Wei Yichen, and Cong Lexi . Looking at the classmates lying on the ground, Teacher Ma said that he had caught Wei Yi. Chen is the hardest thing. Fortunately, there is a needle. Then the doctor took out the needle and asked Teacher Ma. When he caught Wei Yichen, the needle was stuck there. As a result, when the needle went down, Teacher Ma himself explained.

After Wei Yichen woke up, he looked at the person in front of him and asked who he was. Sun Ming said that super powers belonged to him, and he was the first person to touch super powers. People who witnessed the fall of a meteorite together. Because of dissatisfaction with the life experience, everything belongs to Wei Yichen. Not only that, but also the scene of everyone being tied up. The red room appeared, confirming Duan Muhao’s prediction. Each of them was given a potion of super power, and the energy at the moment was difficult to control and was in a state of extreme disorder.

Sun Ming came to the place where Lexi was imprisoned and told his story. Sun Ming, wishful thinking, intends to obtain superpowers through his own abilities, and then came to a laboratory in the Philippines, only to realize that he was deceived after going there. Those were perverted researchers, an illegal laboratory, and he was injected. Various medicines came to the place where Teacher Ma was locked up. He was locked in a container with water in it.

Then he went to the place where Jiang Doudou was locked up and continued to tell his own story. He had been in the laboratory for a long time. After running twice, he was caught back. Those people put him on a chair and kept injecting water into his mouth. While talking, he reproduced the experience of the year on Jiang Doudou. The next one was Ah Fu. In the place where he was locked up, he took out a liquid and applied it to Ah Fu’s leg.

He used to be like this. The leg was covered with sugar water and then climbed a lot of ants. Sun Ming caught them because they knew Wei. Yichen, there is a red room at the end, where Nan Ruoyi and Duanmuhao are closed. The story is almost finished here. Sun Ming asked if they were lovers? Ask Nan Ruoyi, is it worth it for such a person? He used to have a lover. When that person appeared, Sun Ming thought he was the happiest person in the world. He would give her whatever the lover wanted, but one day his lover was hurt by an experiment. He, even so, he didn’t blame her, and then Sun Ming threw the key into the brazier, but Nan Ruoyi unexpectedly put his hand in the brazier to take the key.

It seems that Nan Ruoyi really loves her. Duanmuhao, everyone is imprisoned in this way. Sun Ming is a very sick person, allowing others to feel the suffering he has suffered, but Sun Ming said that suffering is the most precious thing of mankind. After 16 years of meticulous planning, Sun Ming thought that everything would be over on this day. He sat in a chair and pressed a switch, and all the energy seemed to condense on him.

Wei Yichen’s reason is still very clear. He always believes that willpower is the key to superpowers. He feels that he must still have some ability. Without awakening, he strengthened his willpower and everything began to reappear. , The past experience, Wei Yichen’s new ability, awakening, is going back in time. He returned all this to the beginning of the story, when he was eight years old, he successfully prevented all of this, and everyone’s life was back on track, ordinary and warm, complete and happy…

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