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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 11 Recap

In the bar, if you find Duan Muhao who is boring , it is probably because of Wei Yichen , and the super powers they possess are themselves Wei Yichen. Because Wei Yichen is leaving, a farewell party was specially held for Wei Yichen in the bar. Duan Muhao picked up the microphone and talked about the story he had with Wei Yichen, from the initial unpleasant acquaintance to now being good brothers, especially the story he started with Wei Yichen, Nan Ruoyi and the three of them. The classmates thought they were a love triangle. Duan Muhao began to refute the rumors that he was already with Nan Ruoyi, and I had to thank Wei Yichen. If it were not for him, he would not have the opportunity to be with Nan Ruoyi. Wei Yichen He also has his own soul mate.

Duan Muhao called Cong Lexi onto the stage and introduced to everyone that at this moment, Ah Fu suddenly appeared on stage and cried with Wei Yichen. Because they were about to leave, Duan Muhao suggested that everyone get the same tattoo on their bodies to prove that they are a team. Ah Fu took out a marker and asked everyone to take a form and draw a tattoo on their bodies to see whose friendship is true. They can hold on for a long time without taking a bath. Everyone put the beta symbol on the tiger’s mouth.

Duan Muhao asked Wei Yichen if she must go abroad with Lexi, and why not at home? Wei Yichen said that he wanted to accompany Le Xi. Duan Muhao said, if he leaves, what should the other two superpowers do? Wei Yichen is not worried, because the Flash only knows to go around Teacher Huang, don’t disturb him, and he won’t disturb you. He didn’t expect Wei Yichen to have considered all this. Nan Ruoyi asked Cong Lexi what he had planned in the future. Lexi said that he might live in a place that Wei Yichen liked.

Nan Ruoyi expressed his sincere blessings. Because he was worried that Duan Muhao would drink too much, Nan Ruo ran over to look for him, and there was a person standing behind Ah Fu and Nan Ruo. It turned out that this was the real Wei Yichen. As early as when Wei Yichen was lying in the hospital, the imitator appeared. He stolen the post, locked Wei Yichen and lay on the hospital bed like Wei Yichen. No wonder Wei Yichen who had been drinking with Duanmuhao before It’s so drinkable.

Wei Yichen led everyone to chase the fake Wei Yichen in front of him. As soon as the counterfeit was over the wall, Nan Ruo saw his true face and turned out to be Jiang Doudou. When Jiang Doudou first met Lexi , he fell in love with her, but at that time she was Jiang Liren ‘s daughter and his sister-in-law. Jiang Doudou recalled that he was knocked unconscious by the man with glasses. When he woke up, the ward was empty and there were no shoes, so he had to put on nurse shoes. Who knew he immediately became like a nurse at this moment.

He understood that he had superpowers, and his first thought was to find Le Xi, who had become Wei Yichen and Jiang Liren. The lost Jiang Doudou walked outside. He didn’t understand why Le Xi didn’t like him. Maybe it was because he was not good-looking. In fact, Jiang Doudou is still very kind. Walking in the garage, he would actually help an uncomfortable person. Although it was pretended by a bad guy, it was obvious that that person was a man with glasses.

Le Xi understood that the idea of ​​going abroad was just Jiang Doudou’s idea, not Wei Yichen’s own desire. The school held a play event. Everyone was planning to go out to relax, but Duan Muhao didn’t want to go, because he found an old Chinese doctor who wanted to see him, hoping to help Wei Yichen.

It turns out that the man with glasses is Dr. Sun Ming, and the unpredictable Sun Ming controls Jiang Liren. He uses Jiang Liren to falsely spread the will and uses the company’s people to catch the superpower owner. The Flash strayed into the den of thieves, not only that, but also treated Sun Ming as an organizational person (fake organization), treated him as a teammate, thought Wei Yichen was their enemy, and volunteered to help Sun Ming capture others.

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