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My strange friend S2 我的奇怪朋友第二季 Episode 10 Recap

Giuliano asked Teacher Huang to have dinner. In order to apologize to Teacher Huang for what happened next downstairs, he kept toasting to Teacher Huang. Teacher Huang said that he didn’t know how to drink, but Giuliano said that he could drink enough. All of this was seen by Teacher Ma in the distance. Giuliano sent Teacher Huang home, feeling restlessly with his hands and feet. Teacher Ma hurriedly put on his shirt and rescued Teacher Huang. The little horn kept spreading this in the school, Wei Yichen heard it, and planned to pretend to rob Teacher Huang to lure the Flash with his friends.

It turns out that Teacher Huang knew that the Flash is Teacher Ma, and Teacher Huang told him not to hand over his superpowers. Teacher Ma predicted that he was targeted by evil organizations, and they might also have super powers. He also said that he only wanted to be the lightning of Teacher Huang alone. Xia, Teacher Huang, who was chewing gum, gave him a roll of eyes, saying that he just wanted to date her, Teacher Huang agreed.

Since this incident, Teacher Ma has always come to the infirmary to look for Teacher Huang. He wants to make an appointment with Teacher Huang for lunch, but he refuses. Wei Yichen and Cong Lexi, who were outside the infirmary, played a game… After a day of waiting, the Flash finally figured out at night, but he did not catch up. Lexi had to go to Teacher Huang to find out the situation.

According to the Flash, Huang said. The teacher is his wife. Teacher Huang denied that he said that after the Flash rescued her that day, he never contacted her again. Lexi asked if there was anyone around her who deliberately approached her recently. Teacher Huang said that he did not know. Of course Teacher Huang was She was telling the Flash to be careful. Wei Yichen appeared and wanted to use mind-reading to understand, but before touching his face, Teacher Huang kept dodge. Lexi felt that the teacher was embarrassed and stopped Wei Yichen.

Wei Yichen took Le Xi away. Wei Yichen, who was riding the bike, didn’t say a word. The speed was getting faster and faster, and then he fainted. The Duanmu Hao and the South if a master found a hole, you want to calculate the true face turning those, ho, various random Duanmu analysis, master hole to draw on the basis of his analysis, through constant correction, drawn people not to The person in his own heart? Duanmuhao messed up and found exactly the same person according to the painting given by Master Kong. Duan Muhao asked if the person who couldn’t run in front of him was an imitator.

This person insisted that he had admitted the wrong person, and suspected that this person pretended to be unable to go, and even hit someone else’s wound. At this time, Nan Ruo received a call from Wei Yichen to be hospitalized. The doctor said that he didn’t know that Wei Yichen always fainted. After Wei Yichen woke up, he promised that Le Xi would go out with Le Xi when these things were over.

The man in glasses asked Jiang Liren if he had seen the latest news, saying that he was the owner of the teleportation ability if he was brave enough to do justice everywhere. Jiang Liren asked him what he planned to do. The man in glasses said that he liked Jiang Liren’s obedient way. The two brothers Jiang Liren sent to steal the glasses man were brutally murdered by the doctor. The man with glasses was very angry. If Jiang Liren hadn’t been useful, he would have killed him. The Flash ran into the alley, only to be found by the man in glasses.

In the infirmary, after Wei Yichen and the others left, a crazy smile appeared on their faces. Just then the Flash ran in to find and took off his headgear. Teacher Huang seemed to be a different person, and he would look at Teacher Ma with tenderness, and Teacher Ma said that he had been discovered, and he was afraid that Teacher Huang would be implicated and asked to leave. Their conversation was also observed by someone in the dark.

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