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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 42 Recap

Zhong Minyan drew Master Yinghong away and asked Chu Xuanji to steal things out. Yu Sifeng fainted in Mingxia Cave, and Chu Xuanji arrived and healed Yu Sifeng’s exercises. Yu Sifeng finally got better. Yu Sifeng asked her what she was doing here, and Chu Xuanji said she was here to rescue him. Yu Sifeng said that she was not afraid of being entangled with his demon, so she was not afraid that they would know. Yu Sifeng said she didn’t believe him, why did she come to rescue him. Chu Xuanji helped Yu Sifeng to leave, but Haochen blocked him, and Chu Xuanji asked Teng Snake to stop Haochen. Xiao Yinhua felt that Yu Sifeng was in danger and wanted to save him.

Yu Sifeng told her that he had only lied to Chu Xuanji once, and he had never been with the Tianxu Hall. Xiao Yinhua also came, and Chu Xuanji wanted to take them away. The elders of Hengyang and the others were repairing the Liulizhan. Yuen Long didn’t know how to get in and defeated them. Hengyang was also killed. Yu Sifeng was about to leave, but he was suddenly trapped, the head of Chu and the others came, wanting Chu Xuanji to kill Yu Sifeng. Chu Xuanji let Teng She break the formation, Hao Chen stabbed them with a sword, and Yu Sifeng blocked it.

The evil spirit star is about to be resurrected, the head of Chu and the others also found something wrong. The evil spirit star is summoning his soul. Hao Chen said that Yu Sifeng is the evil spirit star, but Yu Sifeng understands that Chu Xuanji is the one. Devil star. In order to protect Chu Xuanji, he admitted that he was the evil spirit star and wanted to kill them. Yu Sifeng and Chu headed them fighting, and Chu Xuanji stopped them. Then he asked Yu Sifeng why he lied to her again and again.

Yu Sifeng said that he did not expect her to be so easy to lie. Yu Sifeng left, the head of Chu and the others went after Yu Sifeng, and Chu Xuanji couldn’t accept it. The head of Chu found that Master Yinghong had fainted, and they thought it was Yu Sifeng who did it. A disciple reported that Master Hengyang and the others were also dead, and Chu Xuanji was very sad. Teng She told Yu Sifeng that there was something strange about the evil spirit star, and he went back to the heavens to investigate. Chu Xuanji did not speak, Teng She said that he would be able to find out the matter, and maybe he could let Yu Sifeng come back.

The head of Chu and other heads discussed the evil star, and the other heads wanted an explanation from Chu Xuanji, because she let out Yu Sifeng time and time again. In order to give them an explanation, the head of Chu broke one of his fingers. He handed the position of the head of the Shaoyang faction to Hao Chen, and asked him to lead the Shaoyang faction to slay demons and demons.

Hao Chen was at the request of the head of Chu I agreed. Other schools say that Chu Xuanji and Yu Sifeng are also personal, and they cannot convince the public. Hao Chen said that he and Chu Xuanji were destined by fate, and this matter was already known on Fuyu Island. Chu Xuanji wanted to explain, but Hao Chen said that they were already sentimental. Hao Chen also said that they had a marriage contract, and they had already settled on getting along day and night.

Chu Xuanji had no choice but to say that she has nothing to do with Yu Sifeng from now on. Chu Xuanji was alone in Mingxia Cave and locked in it alone, thinking about the affairs with Yu Sifeng. Chu Linglong and they persuaded Chu Xuanji, Chu Xuanji asked them to leave and let her be alone. Haochen asked them to leave first, and Chu Xuanji said it was all her fault and was deceived by Yu Sifeng time and time again. Hao Chen said that killing Yu Sifeng was all over, and Hao Chen used a spell to give her a good rest.

Ruoyu went back to report to Yuen Long, saying that he had seen Yu Sifeng awakening the power of the evil star. Yuen Long also suspected that Yu Sifeng was the incarnation of the evil star. Yu Sifeng woke up and told Yuen Long that he was still the same. Yuen Long asked him if he was Jidu, and Yu Sifeng asked him to call him Yu Sifeng, saying that he was just awakening some memories. Yu Sifeng said that he must go ahead and open the glass cup, let him hand over the spirit key, and then he can rescue Wuzhiqi .

Yuen Long said that the time has not come, let Yu Sifeng take a good rest. Yuen Long needs time to verify whether Yu Sifeng is the evil star, and Xiao Yinhua came out and said that Chu Xuanji was the evil star. Yu Sifeng told her not to talk nonsense, he wanted to rescue Wuzhiqi and understand the truth. Yu Sifeng asked Xiao Yinhua to give him Chu Xuanji’s blood.

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