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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 39 Recap

Yuen Long said that the palace owner was only wishful thinking, and Hao Feng would only hate her. The palace lord asked Haofeng to take off his lover’s curse mask, and he was swallowed by the lover’s curse. Yuen Long said that if he hadn’t killed Chu Xuanji ‘s mother, the palace lord would be discovered. Yu Sifeng knew that Yuen Long was the one who killed Chu Xuanji. Yuen Long admitted, saying that he couldn’t do anything if he knew. Yuen Long said that in order to make the palace owner less sad, the old palace owner found Wang Qing Dan before he died and let him take it. The palace lord didn’t believe it. Yuen Long said that Elder Luo also knew about it.

The palace lord asked Elder Luo to tell him that this was false, and Elder Luo said that these were all past events. Seeing that Elder Luo was reluctant to say, Yuen Long took out the blood book Haofeng had written to her father, and Yuen Long read it out. The palace owner didn’t believe it, he was heartbroken. The palace lord’s lover curse had happened, and Yuen Long was still saying that Yu Sifeng told him to shut up. Yuen Long also said that because the palace owner stole Haofeng’s body, Haofeng could not be resurrected. Yuen Long asked Haofeng’s body to be brought over, the coffin opened, and Haofeng suddenly disappeared into the air. The palace lord fell to the ground and said that Yu Sifeng’s mother had loved him before she knew he was a demon. Gong advocated opening the wings and slowly feathering in the air, leaving only one piece of clothing.

Yu Sifeng picked up the Jinyu Order. Yuen Long wanted to be the lord of the palace and wanted Yu Sifeng to give him the Jinyu Order. Yu Sifeng asked them how many people in Tianxu Hall were away from Ze Palace, and asked those people in Tianxu Hall to leave or withdraw from Tianxu Hall, otherwise he would never forgive them. Yu Sifeng declared war on Yuen Long, and Yuen Long kidnapped the disciples in Lize Palace.

Yu Sifeng wanted to do something with Yuen Long, but they began to kill the disciples of Li Ze Gong. Yu Sifeng handed the Jinyu Order to him, and Yuen Long gave the first order to join the Tianxu Hall up and down in Lize Palace. Chu Xuanji was drinking alone, and she was still sad for Yu Sifeng. Purple fox watch the Chu Xuanji, kiosks slaves have cured her injury. Zihu told Chu Xuanji that she could be friends with Tingnu and Zihu, why not be friends with Yu Sifeng.

Chu Xuanji said he shouldn’t lie to her, and Zihu asked her to make a clear statement with Yu Sifeng. Chu Linglong was alone by the river and blamed herself for her affairs in Tianxu Hall. Zhong Minyan came to her and stayed with her. Zihu was still comforting Chu Xuanji, asking her whether she wanted to follow the fairy gate or follow her own heart. Zihu explained that Tian found a way to find Yu Sifeng and let them meet. Chu Xuanji said that she would return to the Shaoyang faction tomorrow, and Zihu let her discover that she could find them.

Chu Linglong has nightmares, and Wutong has always troubled her. Yu Sifeng paid homage to his father, looked at the portrait of his mother, and thought of what the palace lord had said to him. Xiao Yinhua came to him, Xiao Yinhua said to the palace lord that he hoped that Yu Sifeng would understand his lesson from the past, take the Wangqing Pill as soon as possible, forget Chu Xuanji, and hope that the demon clan will rise, and kill those people.

Yu Sifeng said to her, what are you talking nonsense here, let Xiao Yinhua go out. Yuen Long came over, and Yu Sifeng said that he had already got the golden feather order, so what else did he come to do? Yuen Long said that they are of the same clan, and it is their wish that the golden red bird will fly to Huang Tengda. They can work together. Yu Sifeng said, you, a person like you who can kill as a group, are ashamed to talk about cooperation with him. Yuen Long said that the people he killed were useless people.

But Yu Sifeng is different, as long as he opens his bloodline, he can become a great demon. Yu Sifeng said that if you want to use his power, you must have a little sincerity. It’s better to tell him exactly what he wants to do. Yuen Long said that what he wants to do is to do great things for the Yaozu. He asked Yu Sifeng if he knew what their golden red bird was, and Yuen Long told him that their golden red bird was the subordinate of the Demon King Shura a thousand years ago.

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