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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 35 Recap

The head of Chu asked Zhong Minyan if he was guilty, and Zhong Minyan said he was guilty. The head of Chu asked him to talk about what crimes he had committed. Zhong Min said that he did not respect his master’s orders, and that he was humiliated by being with the demons. Chu Xuanji told the head of Chu that Zhong Minyan made a mistake because of bewitched by the demon, and it was not his fault. The head of Chu told her to stop interceding with him.

The head of Chu asked him how he should apologize. Zhong Min said that he should apologize with death, and he would commit suicide with a knife. Chu Linglong came to stop him. Chu Linglong said it was not him who was wrong, she had already remembered what happened in the Tianxu Hall, Zhong Minyan told her not to say it, it was all his fault. Zhong Minyan begged Master Chu to die, Chu Xuanji knelt down and interceded for him, and other disciples also pleaded with Chu. The head of Chu asked them to get up, saying that Zhong Minyan was forgiven for being deceived by demons, but that Shaoyang faction must be expelled.

Head Chu asked Zhong Minyan to hand over his name tag, and Head Chu put away his name tag. Zhong Minyan kowtows to the head of Chu, and Chu Linglong also handed over her name tag, saying that today’s affairs are because of her, so she wants to go with Zhong Minyan. When Chu Xuanji saw them leaving, she had to hand over her name tag and walk with them. Chu Linglong persuaded Chu Xuanji that if he wanted to choose, he would choose the most important one.

Chu Linglong said that even if she was a Shaoyang school disciple, she was still her sister. The head of Chu asked her if she really decided, and Chu Linglong said that she had decided. Head Chu could only take away the name tags of the two of them, saying that Shaoyang disciple Chu Linglong Zhong Minyan expelled from Shaoyang from today. Head Chu told them that this Yangfeng would always be their home.

Chu Linglong was packing her things in the room, and Chu Xuanji took her hand and said that they were living under the mountain first, and when Dad was angry, I would go and persuade Dad. Chu Linglong said no need to persuade, if you want me, you can come to see me. Chu Linglong gave a bead to Chu Xuanji, saying that it was a surviving bead. It was a bit of a record of Chu Xuanji’s miserable lack of six senses in the past. Zhong Minyan came in, and Chu Xuanji asked him to take care of Chu Linglong. Chu Linglong and the others came to their residence down the mountain.

There were no candles in the room. Zhong Minyan was going to buy them. Chu Linglong said that the moonlight was pretty good today and it was bright enough. Yu Sifeng asked the head of Chu to take good care of Chu Xuanji, and head of Chu also agreed to stay together. Teng She appeared beside them, pushed them away and left. Aunt Chu Xuanji saw the hairpin on Chu Xuan’s head and asked where it came from. She said that the golden red bird was the right-hand man of the demon clan, and fled to the world after the immortal demon battle. She asked Chu Xuanji where the hairpin came from, and Chu Xuanji lied to her, saying that she bought it by herself.

Chu Xuanji took out the invigorating bead that Chu Linglong had given her, and let Yu Sifeng watch it with her. Chu Xuanji said that she remembered that it was the Golden Red Bird Demon who killed her mother. Yu Sifeng said that this hairpin was given to him by her mother, and that not all golden red birds in this world are bad. Yu Sifeng asked Xiao Yinhua to investigate the matter, but Xiao Yinhua wanted to persuade him, but Yu Sifeng let her go out.

The head of Chu was still worried about the spies in the Tianxu Hall, and Hao Chen said that he could find them out. Wutong was caught by Yuen Long, and then Wutong’s hand was broken. Wu Tong said that he still had a way to serve the hall master, saying that he had a way to break their institutions. Yuen Long said that if he could scorch his broken arm wound with the fire of a brazier, he could give him a chance.

Yuen Long loosened him, Wu Tong reluctantly stretched his arm into the brazier, and Yuen Long said he was giving him a chance. But let him not have other ideas, otherwise it will make him worse than death. Yuen Chak back from the palace, it was reported that he said had found Miyaji what they need, but this time Miyaji find people. Yuen Long went to find the palace lord and told him that the chalcedony had grown. The palace owner cooperated with Yuen Long to get the chalcedony at the hairpin conference.

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