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Alice Episode 1 Recap

Do you believe in time travel? Alice’s time travel has come true in 2050. It is an exciting thing to go back in time and meet the dead again. But once a book of prophecies of time travel, the ending was tragic. In order to maintain time travel, Alice’s time traveler Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee Sun) in 2050 must find the book, so she and her boyfriend Yoo Min Hyuk, who is also a time traveler, drove through the wormhole and returned to 1992.

In 1992, in the dead of night, a man suddenly appeared outside a house, and the sky suddenly flashed and thundered. The little girl sleeping in the house was surprised, crying to find her father Zhang Dongzhi. A dark shadow suddenly flashed outside the door, Zhang Dongzhi noticed something, let the little girl hide and seek with him, and tore a page from the prophecy book so that the little girl hid and don’t lose it. The little girl pulled the hook and nodded.

The strange man walked in and drew out the knife to let Zhang Dongzhi hand over the prophecy. It turned out that the man had traveled from 2050. Zhang Dongzhi took out a hand and pointed at the strange man, indicating that the book was not something he could bear, and let the strange man put down the knife. The strange man put down the knife in his hand, and while Zhang Dongzhi was not paying attention, he pulled out another knife and killed Zhang Dongzhi. The little girl hiding under the table watched Zhang Dongzhi die in front of her.

The strange man was curious about the contents of the prophecy book. When he opened it, he saw that one page was missing. He happened to hear the little girl’s sobbing. When he bent down, Yin Taiyi pointed at the back of his head with a high-tech weapon and asked him to hand over the book. . The strange man fought with Yin Taiyi, and the porcelain and furniture in the house were also messed up. Yin Taiyi got the prophecy book, and Liu Min Hyuk saw that there was a fairy tale book about Alice on the table. He guessed that there was someone in the room, so he went upstairs to check it. The strange man was injured. He knew there was a little girl under the table, and he grabbed the little girl’s neck and asked her to hand over the page. Yin Taiyi rescued the little girl at a critical moment, but the little girl was so scared that she cried and lost control.

When the local police car arrived, Liu Minhe asked Yin Taiyi to leave. When Yin Taiyi left, he remembered that the innocent little girl felt sad. When she wanted to open the prophecy book, Liu Minhe stopped in time. Due to the influence of the wormhole, Yin Taiyi seemed to be a little uncomfortable with gastrointestinal pain. Liu Min Hyuk mentioned that the radiation effect of the wormhole would end at 0 o’clock, so Yin Taiyi endured it.

While Liu Minhyuk took a bath, Yin Taiyi opened the safe and opened the prophecy book. The tragedy started when she opened the prophecy book. It is written above that if the child does not pass the gate of time, nothing will happen. What would happen if the child was not born and entered the time gate? Yin Taiyi was a little hesitant, and Liu Minhe took a bath, and she quickly put the prophecy in the safe.

Yin Taiyi still feels uncomfortable. She went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said she was pregnant. Liu Minhyuk was worried that the wormhole would radiate and the child would be terrible. He advised Yin Taiyi to think clearly. Yin Taiyi said that he would destroy the child. A policeman found them suspicious and ordered Liu Minhe to get out of the car. Liu Minhe worried that he had traveled back from the future after all. He had no identity information and fled in disregard of the police. The police all drove over to be wanted, Liu Minhe told Yin Taiyi to get off the car and return to the hotel first, to get rid of the police.

In the evening, Yoo Min Hyuk returned to the hotel and couldn’t find Yin Tai Yi, and the prophecy was also taken away by Yin Tai Yi. Yin Taiyi left a letter expressing his unwillingness to destroy the child, and then left alone. After reading the letter, Liu Minhe couldn’t help but opened the wormhole at 0:00 to return to 2050.

Yun Taiyi gave birth to a child named Park Jinqian (played by Zhou Yuan). In 1997, Park Jinqian was 5 years old. Although he looked like an ordinary boy, he was withdrawn and did not like to socialize. The key point was that he was extremely violent and cruel, and often tortured small animals. This made Yin Taiyi feel very scary. The doctor said that he might be affected during pregnancy, but Park Jinqian has a superb IQ. Yin Taiyi plans to treat Jinqian himself.

In 2004, Yin Taiyi had an appendicitis operation. Park Zhenqian didn’t like the excitement of the hospital and insisted on going home regardless of Yin Taiyi’s wounds. Yin Taiyi’s wound was infected again, and Park Jinqian had no human emotions and affection, and did not care about Yin Taiyi’s feelings.

In 2010, a girl suddenly fell from a building in the school, and the students were shocked. The frightened Kim Do-yeon told the police that Cheng Eun did not commit suicide, but that Park Jin-qian pushed it down. The police asked Park Jinqian and found that Park Jinqian’s hobby class had been reported to him by Yin Taiyi. Yin Taiyi was particularly worried. She tried to find evidence to ensure that Park Zhenqian came out of the police station. She distributed leaflets everywhere and posted leaflets from house to house looking for witnesses. Cheng En’s mother threw eggs on her face in public and kept accusing Yin Tai Yi, and everyone around them felt that Park Zhenqian was a lunatic. Finally, a girl saw what happened at that time, proving that Park Zhenqian was not the murderer.

Park Zhenqian had no ability to empathize since he was a child, and Yin Taiyi could only endure in silent crying. When he grew up, Park Zhenqian said he would not be affected by the outside world, but he did not want Yin Taiyi to be sad. Kim Do-yeon called the police for suspicion of Park Jin-qian. After knowing that Park Jin-qian was not the murderer, she ran to apologize and wanted to know about Cheng Eun’s situation. Park Jinqian knew that Chen En had been subjected to campus violence during his lifetime, and was filmed by several boys. He found the reason for Cheng En’s suicide and handed it to Kim Do-yeon.

Yin Taiyi was very pleased. On her birthday, Park Zhenqian knew to celebrate her. Yin Taiyi was happy and wanted Park Jinqian to learn to drink, but she ran out of alcohol. The rare lunar eclipse day plus her birthday. Yin Taiyi went out to buy wine. He wanted Jinqian to accompany him, but Park Jinqian would not go. On the way, Yin Taiyi encountered the future space-time drone. No matter how she ran, she never escaped the drone. Seeing that Yin Taiyi hadn’t come back, Park Zhenqian went out to search, found the broken wine bottle and silk scarf, and found that Yin Taiyi was covered in blood. Before he died, Yin Taiyi told Park Jinqian that he would come back one day, but he had to avoid himself.

The police went to a forensic doctor to examine Yin Taiyi’s body and found that it was not caused by an ordinary gunshot wound. The police found Park Zhenqian and encouraged him to study hard. Park Zhenqian encouraged him to enter the police college. In 2020, all kidnapping and kidnapping cases occurred in the urban area, and the hostages were held by criminals on the roof. While the police were thinking of a way, Park Zhenqian walked to the top of the building alone, rescued the hostages with his amazing ability and super high IQ, and caught the criminal.

Kim Do-yeon asks Park Jin-qian to complain about the company and finds that Jin Park-qian knows how to deal with men and women and is particularly excited. At this time, Park Zhenqian received a call from the police station that a little girl named Hong Enxiu was missing. Hong Enxiu’s family was rich, and the police thought it was kidnapped for money. The police found the kindergarten teachers and asked them one by one. They learned that Hong Enxiu’s mother was most suspected of taking it away, but Hong Enxiu’s mother said that it was impossible for her to be on a business trip in Europe.

Suddenly the police informed that Hong Eun-soo had gone home by himself. He also said that he was with his mother for three days after missing, and mentioned the time machine to Park Zhenqian. Suddenly, the infrared rays of the aerial drone were aimed at Park Jinqian. Park Jinqian found out that it was the same night as Yin Taiyi was killed. He chased him all the way and saw Yin Taiyi. In a hurry, a truck drove towards Park Zhenqian, and time and space stood still, except for Yin Taiyi and Park Zhenqian.

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