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Maiden Holmes (2020) 少女大人

Maiden Holmes (2020)
Other Title: 少女大人 / Shao Nu Da Ren

Genres: drama, Historical, Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Detective, Investigation
 Li Xiao Jiang
Tencent Video
Release Date: 
Aug 27, 2020 – Sep 10, 2020
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  • Sebrina Chen as Su Ci
  • Zhang Ling He as Pei Zhao / Prince Qi
  • Zhang Jia Ding as Xie Bei Ming
  • Wang Yi Zhe as Dong Ru Shuang
  • Huang Yi as Fei Yuan
  • Zhang Ye

At the age of 19, Qi Wang Pei Yanzhi receives orders to defend the country against foreign invaders. With his natural military prowess, Pei Yanzhi turns the tides in their favor but his army is ambushed and defeated in the final battle that causes them to lose the war. As he returns to the palace, the cunning and power Yun Wang questions his defeat, forcing Pei Yanzhi to relinquish control of the military. Yun Wang places a young emperor on the throne and starts to rule behind the curtains.

Pei Yanzhi comes to an agreement with the young emperor to temporarily retire from politics as he investigates the truth behind his crushing defeat. Now undercover with the new alias Pei Zhao, he is off to investigate a case surrounding missing government funds set aside for the calamity when he meets the young and determined detective Su Ci. Pei Zhao starts to work with her, attracted by her coolness and incredible deduction skills. Along the way, the two get to know Xie Beiming, who is the young master of Yunshan Manor and Dong Rushuang who is the daughter of the Poison King. Forming a four-member team, they work together to solve mysterious cases and eventually uncover the secrets of the palace.

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