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My strange friend S1 我的奇怪朋友第一季 Episode 5 Recap

San Ye found Mr. Qin, he sent the surveillance video he saw before to Mr. Qin, and asked Mr. Qin to help him deal with it. However, Mr. Qin said that among them is a witchcraft, which needs high-level talents to solve it. San Ye asked him what candidates he recommended? Mr. Qin called all the people in the set meal he prepared. A few strangely dressed people are in San Ye’s office. It turned out that they were all the so-called masters whom Mr. Qin found, strange people, strangely dressed up, and strangely behaving, but a person dressed as a Taoist priest succeeded in attracting San Ye’s attention. This person seems to have a special liking for the piano.

Since the meeting, he has been playing the piano, interacting with Sanye’s assistant, one playing and the other dancing. At this moment, several people who claimed to be supernatural researchers came to find San Ye and said they would help San Ye solve the mystery? In order to be recognized by the three masters, the Taoist priests and the supernatural researchers showed their own talents. The talents of the Taoist priests were deciphered by the supernatural researchers one by one. It turned out that he was just a liar, so the third master decided to cooperate with them.

After talking, Nan Ruoyi understood that his abilities were acquired because of Wei Yichen . Nan Ruo first asked who was Wei Yichen? Wei Yichen did not say, but frankly said that Nan Ruoyi’s electric shock and Duanmuhao ’s ability to predict the future were once his own abilities. I hope they will accept reality as soon as possible, and promised to find a way to restore them to normal. . After Wei Yichen left, the mysterious singing sang again, but Duan Muhao mistakenly thought that someone was dancing the square dance near Nan Ruo’s family. In the boxing room, Nan Ruoyi became absent-minded after learning that she had superpowers.

When she left with the women’s boxing registration form, a dissatisfied peach appeared, grabbed her and made Nan Ruo Once she competed with her again, Nan Ruoyi said she didn’t want to compare, Taozi shot Nan Ruo regardless of her three, seventy-one, Nan Ruo gave in step by step, Taozi pressed harder, she was caught by Nan Ruo. When Taozi hit her face, Taozi was hurt by Nan Ruoyi’s superpowers. Nan Ruo left in horror. Taozi looked at Nan Luyi’s leaving back, thoughtfully… after learning that she had super powers. After that, Nan Ruoyi was not able to control his superpowers well, and his daily life was seriously affected.

After watching the video of Jiang Doudou’s accident, Wei Yichen began to analyze the floating chair and mysterious singing. It turned out that all these were invisible people at work, and his target seemed to be Nan Ruoyi. Wei Yichen came to Nan Ruoyi’s home and began to observe her home environment. Was it monitored? Duan Muhao came over, but Nan Ruoyi drove Duan Muhao away. In order to catch the invisible person, Wei Yichen planned to guard Nan Ruoyi for a few days, and set up numerous traps in her house. Unexpectedly, the trap was destroyed by Duanmuhao’s accidental hitting, and they were entangled in whether to let Nan Ruoyi.

When participating in the competition, the singing voice appeared again. Wei Yichen asked Nan Ruo to go to rest first, and he and Duan Muhao stayed in the lobby. Late at night, Duan Muhao told Wei Yichen that he could be good friends with him, but not You can like Shang Nan Ruoyi…Wei Yichen, who wants to find his notebook and solve the mystery, does not understand this. He also doesn’t understand. His non-explaining behavior will make Nan Ruoyi deeply infatuated with him…

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