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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 28 Recap

Chu Xuanji found Yu Sifeng , ran over to hug him, and told Yu Sifeng that she used to be heartless, but told Yu Sifeng not to leave her, she could reason and teach her. Chu Xuanji said that she has regained her six senses and can treat Yu Sifeng very well. Yu Sifeng said that in the ninth century, there was also a person who told him that he would remember him every time, but the result was nothing. Chu Xuanji said that she didn’t remember the past ninth life, she only knew the current life. Chu Xuanji said that she liked him and wanted to be with him forever, so Chu Xuanji kissed Yu Sifeng.

Chu Xuanji asked him if he wanted to leave, but Yu Sifeng said that he had never said to leave. Lu Yanran was unhappy when she watched Yu Sifeng and Chu Xuanji reconcile as before. Chu Xuanji and the others went to the Magpie Bridge, and someone told them to make a wish on the Magpie Bridge very well. Chu Xuan wanted the hairpin that Yu Sifeng gave her last time, and Yu Sifeng said that he was his person who took the hairpin. They took the dough man and went to the Magpie Bridge to make a wish. Liu Yihuan asked him in the room if he wanted to fall down at the same place for the tenth time. Yu Sifeng said that it was before. Now he is just Yu Sifeng. He believes that they will have a good time.

Ting Nu told them that the soul of the purple fox is still in the mirror of the horrible tribulations, she is indulging in the past and will not wake up tired, she will forget the reality and the soul will slowly disappear. Chu Xuanji asked how he could save the purple fox, and Tingnu said that only Yu Sifeng or Chu Xuanji re-entered the mirror. Chu Xuanji said she was going in, Yu Sifeng took her hand, and they wanted to go together. They entered the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations, and the Purple Fox didn’t want Wuzhiqi to participate in the battle of immortals and demons. Wuzhiqi said too much to Zihu and asked Zihu to leave her.

Zihu left and said he would never come back again. Wuzhi Qi saw that the purple fox was gone, he had nothing to worry about. Wuzhiqi left, the soul of the purple fox wanted to make the memory come again, and was consuming his soul. Chu Xuanji said that she understood the feelings of Zihu, but the answer she wanted was outside, and Chu Xuanji asked her to go back with them. Zihu returned to reality and she woke up. Chu Xuanji said that she promised that Zihu would rescue Wuzhiqi. Zihu said that if he can’t be rescued, she will be there to stay with him. They decided to go to rescue Wuqi together.

Liu Yihuan wanted to go out alone, but Ting Nu found him. Ting Nu couldn’t understand why the people in Tianxu Hall were so sure that Chu Xuanji would definitely go, could it be that they had found someone with Tianxue early in the morning. Liu Yihuan said that who knows how these people feel at ease, Liu Yihuan said that he couldn’t sleep and was going to drink, and then left. Liu Yihuan went to see the people in Tianxu Hall, and they let Liu Yihuan kill Yu Sifeng, and Chu Xuanji was stimulated. Liu Yihuan was unwilling, but was threatened by him.

Yu Sifeng and the others came, and Ting Nu said he was from Tianxu Hall. The people in Tianxu Hall wanted to catch Chu Xuanji, but was rescued by Zihu. When they returned home, Liu Yihuan told the truth about the matter. Zihu is very disagreeable with God of War. Zihu said Wuzhiqi was framed by Yuen Long, and she always wanted to find Yuen Long. Tingnu told them to go to Buzhoushan early in the morning, and Tingnu told them how to find the address of Buzhoushan. But Liu Yihuan couldn’t go. Yu Sifeng said he would definitely bring Yuer back.

Chu Xuanji and the others went to Buzhou Mountain, they could only pass by on the road. Vine snake found Si Ming and asked him to talk about the God of War. , Si Ming said about the God of War under the persecution of the vine snake. But it wasn’t what Teng She wanted to hear. Seeing no useful things, Teng She left.

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