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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 6 Recap

Wen Renjun walked out of the cabinet, but accidentally twisted her ankle and pulled Luo Qiuchi’s clothes away. Then Luo Qiuchi put the clothes on again. Luo Qiuchi picked up Wen Renjun and helped her rub her feet. After a while, Wen Renjun left. , And threw a coat to Wen Renjun. Wen Renjun wore his coat and went out sneakily, but was discovered by Fu Yuanzhi. Fu Yuanzhi stopped Sun Zuoyang, and the two of them went back.

Luo Qiu came to the guard late and asked them to claim the waistband. The guard said that the person who was transferred from the waistband should still be able to find it. However, the file was in the library. Luo Qiu went to the library and saw Wen Renjun. Fu Yuanzhi and Xie Ziyun were planning how to fix Luo Qiuchi. Fu Yuanzhi had an idea and asked Xie Ziyun to tell Luo Qiuchi that if he beat the night watchman, Xie Ziyun thought it was a good idea. Later, he came to Luo Qiuchi. Luo Qiuchi promised to gamble with Xie Ziyun because he wanted to investigate the waist.

Pei, you have to pass the night watchman, this time it happened just right. Luo Qiuchi went to find Hang Ruxue. Hang Ruxue was going to watch. Everyone was waiting for Luo Qiuchi to challenge him. Wen Renjun came. To Fu Yuanzhi, Luo Qiuchi’s arrival in the academy had caused a lot of sensation. No wonder Wen Renjun. The sky circled him around, and Fu Yuanzhi was unhappy. Luo Qiuchi asked Wen Renjun to calculate Hang Ruxue.

Hang Ruxue stepped on the foot clamp. Then the two went to the library. Wen Renjun was very worried about Luo Qiuchi. Luo Qiuchi told Wen Renjun not to forget who he was. , Let Wen Renjun rest assured. Luo Qiuchi went into the library and told the night watchman that he hoped it would be convenient for him. Luo Qiuchi and the night watchman started their hands. Luo Qiuchi was not recruited. The night watchman moved very fast. After a while, the doctor was called in. The doctor asked Luo Qiuchi to go in. How long has it been, Fu Yuanzhi said that half an hour has come, and the time has come. Luo Qiuchi clicked on the night watchman’s acupuncture point. After an hour, the acupuncture point was automatically unlocked, and Luo Qiuchi walked out of the library.

Luo Qiuchi asked them to fulfill their promise. Xie Ziyun planned to drill the hips for the three of them, but when Xie Ziyun got past, he still did not let Xie Ziyun get through. Later, Xie Ziyun hoped to be able to bond with Luo Qiuchi. What to do, the doctor let the others go first. Luo Qiuchi promised to reconcile with Xie Ziyun and others, and then Fu Yuan’s team Luo Qiuchi said that he is very similar to Dongyi Shanjun. Luo Qiuchi said that Dongyi Shanjun has fallen into the cliff. Fu Yuanzhi said that if he is not dead, he will do everything possible to get him.

When he died again, Wen Renjun’s face didn’t look good at this time. Then Wen Renjun saw that his brother was injured on his hand, so he took him to the medicine. Luo Qiuchi felt that Cangshu Pavilion was not suitable for intruding. The next day, everyone came to the archery class. Xie Ziyun and others came over, hoping that Luo Qiuchi could help with archery. Xie Ziyun said to Luo Qiuchi that they had been scolded miserably for making a small mistake, but Hang Ruxue did not come. Qinghe asked Wen Renjun where Hang Ruxue was.

Wen Renjun said that he didn’t know, and then went to Luo Qiuchi. Luo Qiuchi said that he had already sent people to the back mountain. Wen Renjun hoped that Luo Qiuchi would no longer trouble Hang Ruxue in the future. Luo Qiuchi asked Wen Renjun to agree to one thing, that is, to stay away from Fu Yuan. Wen Renjun said that this had something to do with his brother, and then Wen Renjun also understood that Luo Qiuchi was trying to coax himself, so after Wen Renjun agreed Staying away from Fu Yuan, Luo Qiuchi promised not to trouble Hang Ruxue again.

Hang Ruxue was spotted by the guards and brought back. Everyone asked Luo Qiuchi to talk about Hang Ruxue. Luo Qiuchi said that the head of Hang was hungry, and everyone laughed. When Hang Ruxue returned to the room, someone brought food. Wen Renjun said to Qinghe that she was kind to Hang Ruxue too! Qinghe said that he didn’t know who was so bad, and he even said nothing to Hang Ruxue. Fu Yuanzhi came to see Hang Ruxue and asked Hang Ruxue who asked him to go to the back mountain. Only when Hang Ruxue realized that Luo Qiuchi was making a ghost. At night, Luo Qiuchi was followed by Hang Ruxue. Luo Qiuchi picked up the stone on the ground and turned on the surrounding lights. Went out.

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