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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 3 Recap

Luo Heng married Wen Renjun , and Wen Renjun took the stage to speak. He said to everyone that he might not be able to return home for the rest of his life. Then he would admit it and be willing to be a cow and horse. Wen Renjun said that if you want to humiliate yourself, it is absolutely impossible. He would not marry a bandit unless he died, and wanted to commit suicide. Luo Heng knocked out the knife in Wen Renjun’s hand. Wen Renjun ate something, and fell asleep after drinking. Wen Renjun woke up and leaned on Luo Heng’s lap and asked everyone where they were. Luo Heng said that there is a flower festival in the city and everyone will go to see After that, Luo Heng also went to change clothes. Luo Heng came out wearing white clothes. Wen Renjun was fascinated, and the two went to see the excitement in the city.

The two came to the answering activity, and they could take the float to parade if they answered the first ten questions correctly. The first question was answered correctly by Zhou Meng, the second question was answered incorrectly by Wen Renjun, and the third question was answered by Luo Heng, Luo Heng and Wen Renjun. Then left. Zhou Meng chased him out and wanted to ask Wen Renjun to ride a float together. Then the two subordinates of Dongyi Shanjun came to find Wen Renjun and Dongyi Shanjun, and called them Shanjun and his wife.

Zhou Meng apologized after hearing this. , Said he was reckless. Luo Heng asked where Zhou Meng was studying and why he didn’t go to the exam for fame. Zhou Meng said that the exams are now set up for officials’ children. He left after that. Wen Renjun wanted to eat Chaos, so Luo Heng took her to eat. Chaos, Wen Renjun asked the grandpa who bought Chaos who it was. Grandpa said it was Lord Dongyishan.

Wen Renjun thought that Lord Dongyishan was not only a bandit, but also forced the people to worship him. Grandpa said he was the guardian of Qingzhou. God, Dongyi Shan is a good man. Qingzhou City was in chaos at first, but three years ago, Dongyi Shan led him to accept the chaos. Wen Renjun told Dongyi Shan that he was not a bandit, but a heroic hero. Man. Then Wen Renjun ran around casually, Dongyi Shanjun thought she was going to escape, Wen Renjun said that he didn’t want to escape, so Luo Heng took her to the roof and asked her to stay and be his wife, Wen Renjun Thinking of the scene of Luo Heng being frivolous while drinking, he blushed and said that he was not deliberately frivolous.

Jun Dongyishan saw a fire on the other side of the cottage, so he stayed on the roof and hurried back to the cottage. Wen Renjun went to the woods and saw his brother shooting an arrow at Luo Heng, so he hit Luo Heng with a stone to remind him that Luo Heng escaped the arrow and saw a piece of jade pendant on the ground and the jade pendant on the man who assassinated him back then. It was exactly the same, so he picked it up and ran to the edge of the cliff.

When Fu Yuanzhi saw Luo Heng holding the jade pendant in his hand, he pushed him into the cliff while Luo Heng was not paying attention. Wen Renjun saw this scene, very sad, and Hang Ruxue was also dissatisfied with Fu Yuanzhi’s behavior. After seeing Wen Renjun’s appearance, Fu Yuanzhi took Wen Renjun away. Wen Renjun was very unhappy along the way. He didn’t want to have contact with his brother, and did not speak. After a while, Hang Ruxue took the first step. Fu Yuanzhi told Wen Renjun.

Handing water, Fu Yuanzhi asked Wen Renjun if he was angry because he saved Wenren Shu first, and Wen Renjun said no. Wen Renjun asked people to stop the carriage and go to the little monkey’s grave. He kept saying that Luo Heng must be lying to himself and that the little monkey’s things must be fake, but after hearing that Renjun dug the skeleton, I understood Luo Heng. He didn’t lie to himself, and cried, thinking that Luo Heng was really dead.

Hang Ruxue returned to the court to petition, because he went to Dongyi Mountain privately, so he was dismissed. Wen Renjun studied at the academy. Fu Yuanzhi and Wen Renjun heard that Qilinkui first came to the academy to study. Wen Renjun asked Fu Yuanzhi if he was worried about Qilin. The leader compared his position as the first person. Fu Yuanzhi said no. His first position is because everyone has elevated himself. He has never owned it and is afraid of losing it. Wen Renjun is very curious about what the Kirin leader looks like.

Later, Luo Heng changed his name to Luo Qiuchi and came to the academy. He was the leader of the unicorn. Si Cheng Luo Qiuchi led the Yu Qilin order. Si Cheng asked Luo Qiuchi to choose someone, that is, Fu Yuanzhi to lead him to familiarize himself with the environment. However, Luo Qiuchi wanted to choose someone by himself, but in the end Luo Qiuchiran Wen Renjun takes himself to familiarize himself with the environment. Wen Renjun said to Jun Dongyi that he thought he was dead, and he blamed himself for getting him tired. Jun Wenrenjun said that Wen Renjun deceived him with a great favor.

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