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Qing Qing Zi Jin 青青子衿 Episode 2 Recap

Lord Dongyishan and Fu Yuanzhi recite poems during the game. Fu Yuanzhi memorized one first, and Emperor Dongyishan also memorized one. Later, they changed to another game method, which means that they received the last sentence. In the next sentence, let no one else. In the end, Lord Dongyi Shan lost the last sentence and asked him to take the person away, but he could only take away one person. Fu Yuanzhi said that they are sisters, shouldn’t they count as one? Jun Dongyishan disagreed. After Wen Renshu came out, Fu Yuanzhi also learned that Wen Renjun had spent the night with Dongyishan Jun. Fu Yuanzhi still chose Wen Renshu, Wen Renjun was very sad, and watched his brother take his sister away.

Dongyi Shanjun said to Wen Renjun that his sister was rescued and his father did not come to save her. Could it be that she was born with him? Wen Renjun said that his father and brother must have difficulties, Dongyi Shanjun watched Wen Renjun said that her innocent appearance is hard to dislike. Fu Yuanzhi sent Wen Renshu back home. Wen’s father asked Wen Renjun if he had also returned. Wen Renshu said that the bandits kept his sister with him for the night every day, and he had stopped him, but there was no way. Fu Yuanzhi said that he wanted to take people to attack Dongyi Mountain, but Wen’s father disagreed, and no one wanted to have a conflict with Dongyi Mountain. Fu Yuanzhi told Wen’s father that Wen Renjun is his daughter, would he leave her alone? Got it! Wen’s father said that of course he had to take care of it, and then dealt with Fu Yuanzhi and told him not to care about this matter anymore, and he didn’t have to take care of it. When Fu Yuanzhi returned home, his mother told him that he had to be foresight in doing things, and that Fu Yuanzhi followed the teachings.

When Wen Renjun fell down the cliff, Dongyi Shanjun rescued Wen Renjun and told her that she was from Dongyishan and she would never die without letting her die. Wen Renjun said why he wanted to save himself. Anyway, everyone didn’t like him. He wanted to be like a sister. He worked hard, but his father still didn’t like him. Even if he died, his father would not care about him. Wen Renjun said to Lord Dongyishan that if it were not for him, he would not be left here, so Lord Dongyishan left. Wen Renjun thought he did not care about himself, but Lord Dongyishan turned around again. came back.

Dongyi Shanjun looked at the place where Wen Renjun was injured, Wen Renjun looked at Dongyi Shanjun, he said he was a bad person, Wen Renjun should be afraid of himself, Wen Renjun said that he is not a bad person, his father said, The bad guys would not have such good-looking eyes. Then Wen Renjun pulled Dongyi Shanjun, but he didn’t expect that Dongyi Shan was injured, Wen Renjun carried Dongyi Shanjun back. Dongyi Shanjun asked Wen Renjun why he wanted to die, Wen Renjun said no. He just wanted to see the scenery, but he didn’t expect to be cunning, so he was so careless. Then Wen Renjun took Dongyi Shanjun in his arms.

After a while, Mr. Dongyishan saw a hole and remembered that when he was a child, the original Mr. Dongyishan was called Luo Heng. Luo Heng and the little monkey went to take the exam together. But during the exam, the little monkey was kicked to death and Luo Heng was also killed. After the fight, Luo Heng carried the little monkey back to the mountain and buried him. When Luo Heng failed to win the top pick, he was very sad and cried while walking. Luo Heng was attacked on the way back, but the other party did not succeed.

Luo Heng hid, but fell into the cave. Later, a kindhearted person passed by. Luo Heng was rescued and found that his mother had passed away after returning home. Wen Renjun asked why her mother died. Luo Heng said that the news of his failure and disappearance was first known by his mother, and he became depressed and became a person without family. Later, he saw the old village owner on the street and stole it. His wallet was taken back to the stockade, and the master of the old village taught Mr. Dongyishan hand in hand, and Mr. Dongyishan told Wen Renjun not to speak out. Wen Renjun said that there is now an exam, which is specially set up for the poor students. Wen Renjun hoped that Lord Dongyishan would take the exam and fulfilled his childhood dream, but Lord Dongyishan refused.

When Hang Ruxue returned to the city, he met Fu Yuanzhi. Fu Yuanzhi hoped that Hang Ruxue could attack Dongyi Mountain, but was rejected by Hang Ruxue. Fu Yuanzhi said that he was willing to take action no matter what difficulties he encountered. To help, Hang Ruxue said that the terrain of Dongyi Mountain was dangerous, and Zhao Qinghe was found overheard. The two need to ask the gangster to rescue Wen Renjun. Zhao Qinghe asked if the copper plate of this box was enough, and if it was not enough, he would go back and get it by himself. The two did not speak. Wenfu, Hang Ruxue, and Fu Yuanzhi went to attack Dongyi Mountain. At this time, the Lord of Dongyi Mountain wanted to get Wen Renjun and sent his subordinates to put Wen Renjun in a happy suit. The people in the village were very happy.

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