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My Unicorn Girl 穿盔甲的少女 Episode 1 Recap

The hostess Sang Tian is an amateur cartoonist who draws cartoons at home and completed the first cartoon in her life. The theme of the comics she drew was a romantic love story with snowflakes. Everything had to start on the day of the exam, so Sang Tian began to tell her own memories…

Sang Tian took the figure skating entrance examination of the Six-Leaf Physical Education Institute, but she made some mistakes in the final action. She thought that she might not be able to enter the Physical Education Institute. The last admission qualification. Sang Tian said that she actually has another identity, that is Sang Ye who is playing ice hockey on the ice hockey rink while disguising as a man. Sang Tian collided with the protagonist Wen Bing after changing clothes in the locker room, and the two took the wrong club. Sang Tian played games in the wild ice arena, won the game and made money. Wen Bing came to the field for an ice hockey game. During the game, Wen Bing accidentally interrupted Sang Tian’s cue, and finally Wen Bing successfully won the game. After the game, he asked his uncle to help him get the club back and lost money to Sang Tian.

Sang Tian went to the women’s bathroom, and Wen Bing accidentally entered the women’s bathroom by mistake. Sang Tian stared at Wen Bing and just wanted to say how he entered the women’s toilet. Someone came out at this moment, so Wen Bing and Sang Tian both hid in the toilet cubicle. Wen Bing pushed Sang Tian out. The girl in the toilet thought Sang Tian was a boy, so Wen Bing took the opportunity to come out. Sang Tian quickly took off the wig and explained to the girls. This solved the misunderstanding.

After Sang Tian came out of the toilet, she met Wen Bing who was being interviewed at school. Only after seeing his uncle did he realize that the club belonged to him, so his uncle asked Wen Bing to hurriedly report to Shuren. At this moment Meng Na just saw Wen Bing, so the two chatted together. Wen Bing deliberately broke his uncle’s cell phone and the two of them could not take a photo together. Sang Tian looked at all this and felt that Wen Bing was a very hypocritical person.

Sang Tian came to the milk tea shop to find her best friend Fang Xiaorou, and told Xiaorou that she had been admitted to Liuye and could be a beautiful girl. It is really not easy for Xiaorou to feel sorry for Sang Tian. Sang Tian said that fortunately his younger brother Sang Zhan was admitted to Shuren Business School. But the younger brother called and said that today’s report asked his sister to help him go first, and he wanted to play a game farewell. So Sang Tian had to disguise herself as a man and came to Shuren Business School to help her younger brother put his luggage in the dormitory. Wen Bing received a call from her mother at school, so she went to the dormitory to report after chatting with her mother. Wen Bing happened to be in the same dormitory as Sang Zhan, but Wen Bing asked his uncle to go to Shuren Business School instead of him, and asked him to hand in his homework on time to prevent his mother from finding out.

Sang Tian met an old grandma on the side of the road. The old grandma asked her to draw a tarot card. Sang Tian said she didn’t believe in such a thing. But she drew a card under the persuasion of the grandmother. The old grandma said that her fate was entangled with a black thread. Grandma told her that all the lucky or unlucky before would be reversed, and Sang Tian left because she was in a hurry. Sang Tian sent a message to Xiao Rou that she had counted a tarot card and said that there was a black thread entangled. Speaking of his own schoolbag, he hung up Wen Bing’s black sweater, who walked towards him, and the two kept walking. Later, Wen Bing and Sang Tian found out about it, so they walked back along the line.

Sang Tian accidentally kissed Wen Bing, so Sang Tian ran away immediately. Sang Tian suddenly received a call saying that her qualification for figure skating had been cancelled because her cultural class was still a bit short. After Sang Tian returned home, she found that her home had been burnt due to spontaneous combustion of electrical appliances. Wen Bing was painting a portrait of Sang Tian in the studio. It turned out that Wen Bing had face blindness, but after kissing Sang Tian, ​​she suddenly could see her face clearly.

Sang Tian and Wen Bing met on the road, and Wen Bing saw Sang Tian in the crowd. Sang Tian sat alone on the chair and wept. Wen Bing watched this scene, so she left his umbrella beside her.

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