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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 30 Recap

A table of people eating at the table, Dujuan suddenly swiped a Weibo, Zhou Miao took it and read it and said it was very popular, and everyone asked Zhou Miao to send it out for a look. Du Juan always wanted to stop but was sent out by Zhou Miao. This Weibo was written by Li Jianjian about the relationship between himself and his two brothers. Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu found out the truth after seeing them, and Du Juan came out to break the embarrassment and let everyone eat. After returning home, Li Jianjian was pulled into the room by Ling Xiao and He Ziqiu to make it clear.

Ling Xiao first said that He Ziqiu and Li Jianjian were siblings who grew up under the same roof. How could they like Li Jianjian? He Ziqiuye said that Ling Xiao is not the same as herself except not sleeping at home, why can she like it? The two had a fierce quarrel, and in the end He Ziqiu said that Li Jianjian had always treated the two of them as brothers. Ling Xiao pulled Li Jianjian over and said that they were already together, and Li Jianjian had no choice but to nod. He Ziqiu was very disappointed and said why he didn’t want him.

On the second day, He Ziqiu still cooked food for everyone as before and left first. Li Jianjian held him to apologize He Ziqiu and said that he was not angry, but He Ziqiu’s attitude towards Ling Xiao was very different after seeing Ling Xiao come out. difference. When Li Jianjian was at work, he received a question about Weibo from a high school classmate. Li Jianjian was very upset that his classmates who had not contacted him for many years contacted him because of this matter. Du Juan comforted Li Jianjian and said that if it were he, he would not know how to choose. Zhou Miao came out at this time and said that he must choose He Ziqiu because he is a rich second generation.

At this time, Du Juan received a text message and found that the copyright fee had been paid. Zhou Miao offered to use some of the money for publicity, but Li Jianjian only asked Du Juan to give his part to himself, and then asked Zhou Miao not to mention it in front of him. Do propaganda, or let him go. On the other hand, Feng Xixi read Weibo and asked Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao first denied that it was them. In the end, Feng Xixi kept asking Ling Xiao and directly said that she didn’t find that experience very interesting, but a painful one. When Ling Xiao was resting, Chen Ting called him and asked him where the Huanglida shop in his university was?

After answering the phone, Ling Xiao felt that something was wrong and called Qin Meiyang to ask about Chen Ting’s condition. Qin Meiyang told him that he had become a little normal and went out to buy things and invited people to eat. Ling Xiao relieved his heart and asked Qin Meiyang to be obedient not to make Chen Ting angry.

Qi Mingyue and Zhuang Naito were doing legal inquiries in He Ziqiu’s coffee shop. When they talked about He Ziqiu, they thought he was too calm, and Zhuang Bei thought that the sadness of men was in the middle of the night. Luo Hong chatted with Anna Ma and asked her to recognize He Ziqiu, and Anna Ma said that it was inappropriate for Li Haichao to recognize He Ziqiu.

At this time, Mae received a call from the kindergarten teacher. Only when he arrived in the kindergarten did he realize that Mae’s son had a psychological problem and bit other children, and the teacher did not want Dongdong anymore. Ling Xiao went to pick up Li Jianjian from get off work. The two went to Li Jianjian University and saw the tree Li Jianjian had planted. Finally, Ling Xiao kissed Li Jianjian under the tree.

After the two of them went to eat, Ling Xiao let Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu get along a little bit, and Li Jianjian also said that Ling Xiao should keep a distance from him in front of He Ziqiu. Ling Xiao was very angry when she heard that Li Jianjian would be pitiful if he was pitiful. Don’t choose others if he sees others being more pitiful, and then asked Li Jianjian if he would choose again? Li Jianjian was also very angry when he heard this, saying that he was not pitying anyone, and would not be with him if he didn’t like Ling Xiao.

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