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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 24 Recap

On the Fuyu Island square, Yu Sifeng was chained by them. Hao Chen stepped onto the stage and said that the monsters were rampant recently and killed my immortal disciples, but the monsters were cunning, and it was difficult to distinguish the form of a cultivated man. Today, there is a disciple of Lize Palace, Yu Sifeng, who colluded with the demon clan of Tianxu Hall and should be killed. However, the immortal gate has always used reason to convince people. Today, he can verify his body by hitting the demon whip. If Yu Sifeng can endure the demon whip three times, it will be fine. Hao Chen invited the demon whip, and he had to act on Yu Sifeng. Chu Xuanji stopped Hao Chen and said that Yu Sifeng was not a monster, and he could not be beaten with monsters. Hao Chen said that Yu Sifeng sent monster beasts to kill the immortal disciples in the Tianxu Hall.

Today it was just to verify Yu Sifeng’s true body, and nothing else needs to be said. Chu Xuanji said that Yu Sifeng sent Xiao Yinhua to the Tianxu Hall to help her get the Mirror of Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations and to help her restore her six senses. He had nothing to do with the Tianxu Hall. Hao Chen didn’t listen to Chu Xuanji’s explanation. After the three demon whips were beaten, they would know, and they controlled Chu Xuanji. Hao Chen beat Yu Sifeng with a demon, Yu Sifeng fell on the ground and vomited blood, Chu Xuanji was very anxious, Hao Chen asked Yu Sifeng if he was a demon, Yu Sifeng did not answer him, he got up . The second episode of beating the demon and whiplash was on Yu Sifeng’s body. Someone pleaded with Yu Sifeng, but the other leaders did not agree.

The power in Chu Xuanji appeared again. When Haochen hit the third whip, Chu Xuanji’s imperial envoy Dingkun blocked the demon whip, and Chu Xuanji forced Haochen back. She did not allow them to hurt Yu Sifeng, and the eyeball The demon whip was destroyed by Chu Xuanji. Chu Xuanji also knelt on the stage, and then fainted. Zhong Minyan said that they took Chu Xuanji away, and the master of the valley said that it was destroyed by the demon whip, and he still wanted to torture Yu Sifeng. Gu Zhu was about to act on Yu Sifeng, Yu Sifeng’s master, the palace lord of Lize Palace, appeared and rescued Yu Sifeng. The palace lord asked Ruoyu to take Yu Sifeng away, and Ruoyu took Yu Sifeng away. Hao Chen said that Yu Sifeng was suspected of colluding with the demon clan. The palace lord threw a demon and said that the demon was using a hidden weapon to escape, but he ran into him on the island. Aunt Chu Xuanji went to check the little demon and said that there was indeed residual venom on the demon.

Hao Chen also said that even though Yu Sifeng had nothing to do with the little demon, the evidence that he sent the little demon to kill the immortal disciple in the Tianxu Hall was conclusive. The palace lord asked his subordinates to bring up a person, saying that this was what they said was the slain disciple. Zhong Minyan was also very puzzled. He saw that this person was already dead. It turned out that Xiao Yinhua used the Lize Palace secret technique to wound him into a suspended animation, and then he avoided the Tianxu Hall and survived. The palace lord asked them who had identified his apprentice as a demon, but none of them spoke. The palace owner tortured Qing Rong and asked her where the demon in Tianxu Hall was. Qing Rong said that she was in Zhoushan. The lord of Lize Palace led people away.

The palace owner found the deputy palace owner and asked him why he wanted them to torture Yu Sifeng. The palace owner warned him. Yu Sifeng was still asleep, Zhong Minyan asked him if he was better. Zhong Minyan apologized to him, saying that he had misunderstood him before. Zhong Minyan told Yu Sifeng that Chu Xuanji was unique to him. Haochen said to the head of Chu that he wanted to make a sentimental decision with Chu Xuanji to return to Xuyang Fengxiu, and he was willing to become a cultivator with Chu Xuanji, and the head of Chu said that he also wanted to promote their relationship. Chu Xuanji went to see Yu Sifeng, Yu Sifeng said something Zhong Minyan told him, and Chu Xuanji said that Yu Sifeng was very precious in her heart. Yu Sifeng said she would teach her to fall in love with him slowly, and Chu Xuanji said that as long as Yu Sifeng taught her, she would like to learn.

Elder Constellation found Wutong, and the hall master needed Wutong to find someone with an open eye. This message was Liu Yihuan, and Wutong had to look for the others. Linglong was calling the second brother, and the second brother committed suicide with their sword. Wutong told Linglong that he was looking for someone named Liu Yihuan, and Lingling told him that the father of a little demon in the dungeon was Liu Yihuan. Hao Chen returned to Xuyang Peak and told Master about the latest events. The master said that passing the Dao Youqing Jue to him meant that Hao Chen and Chu Xuanji could practice together. Hao Chen asked Master to propose marriage and betrothed to marriage with Chu Xuanji. Yu Sifeng was teaching Chu Xuanji some things, and other men could not hug her.

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