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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 23 Recap

Yu Sifeng didn’t take the blame, and the Lord of the Valley Valley continued to torture Yu Sifeng. Canna Linglong changed into a new dress in front of Wutong and asked him if he liked it. Linglong said that if he didn’t like it, she wouldn’t dress like that. Wutong doesn’t like her, saying that this is not what she should be. You are so proud. As long as there are things you can’t see, you will provoke. From the first time I saw you under the Shaoyang School That’s it, your bad temper makes people angry. Linglong didn’t know what he was talking about. He wanted to let Linglong slap him. Linglong slapped him over, and he smiled happily.

Chu Xuanji wanted to break the seal of Brother Haochen in the room, but Zhong Min said that she couldn’t break it at all. Chu Xuanji said that she couldn’t help Yu Sifeng at all. Zhong Min said that he had obtained Master’s consent and could go to the dungeon to take a look at Yu Sifeng. Wu Tong went to see the hall master, and the hall master shot Wu Tong directly. Wu Tong said that he helped the wolf to get two spirit keys, and he didn’t know why he was punished.

The hall master said that he did have merit in the battle on Fuyu Island, but the merits could not be offset. How many demon army was lost by attacking Fuyu Island. Wutong said that the Xiuxian School had also suffered heavy losses. Isn’t the purpose of the hall master to destroy the five major schools? The hall master said that the spirit key matters were all taken care of by the earth wolf, so that Wutong was not allowed to interfere, and he had no right to mobilize the demon army of the Tianxu Hall.

Zhong Minyan went to see Yu Sifeng, Zhong Minyan fed him water and asked him if he really wanted to ignore his friends and himself for that Lu Yanran. Yu Sifeng said that Lu Yanran was definitely her false name, but as she walked along the way, the common tribulations were true. Zhong Min said that he is a demon, which is fundamentally different. Zhong Minyan told Yu Sifeng that Chu Xuanji was desperately trying to save him now. Yu Sifeng asked him to tell Chu Xuanji that he had nothing to do and would be released in the future. Chu Xuanji came to the dungeon and was blocked, Zhong Minyan came out and told him that Yu Sifeng was fine.

But Chu Xuanji found that there was blood on Zhong Minyan and wanted to rush in, but Hao Chen stopped it. Hao Chen destroyed Yu Sifeng again, but Chu Xuanji didn’t believe it, saying that the Yu Sifeng he knew was not what he said. Seeing that Chu Xuanji would not listen, Hao Chen went to the dungeon and asked Yu Sifeng what his purpose was, and said that Yu Sifeng bewitched Chu Xuanji to search for the six senses. Yu Sifeng said that Chu Xuanji’s life should be decided by herself, and Haochen gave Yu Sifeng a palm and then left.

Chu Xuanji asked his father to let Yu Sifeng go, but his father told him that it was impossible to let him go. Chu Xuanji said that the Xiuxian school was ruthless and unjust, so that the head of Chu was angry and gave Chu Xuanji a slap. Qing Rong was arrested back and identified Yu Sifeng as a member of the Monster Race. Chu Xuanji wanted to ask questions, but was knocked out by the head of Chu. In front of several heads, Qing Rong said that Yu Sifeng was a member of Tianxu Hall. Qing Rong was no longer reasonable. They took Yu Sifeng down to prepare for interrogation. Ji Linglong took the second brother away to become a slave. The Master of Dotting Valley took out their divine weapon to hit the demon whip and decided to let Senior Brother Haochen use the demon whip. Chu Xuanji and the others heard that they were going to use the demon whip. People pretending to be Fuyu Island broke into the dungeon, stunned the guards, and found Yu Sifeng.

Yu Sifeng asked Chu Xuanji if she believed him, and Chu Xuanji said that of course she believed him. There must be other reasons why Xiaoyin spent money at Tianxutang. Yu Sifeng told Chu Xuanji that he asked Xiao Yinhua to go to the Tianxu Hall to find the mirror of the Myriad Tribulations and Eight Desolations. He wanted to know the whereabouts of the mirror and wanted Chu Xuanji to restore his six senses. This was an agreement between them, if he Tell them, they will know the uncontrollable power in Chu Xuanji’s body. Chu Xuanji took Yu Sifeng away and was surrounded by them. The head of Chu asked Chu Xuanji to put down the sword, and Chu Xuanji said that if they had to wrong Sifeng Yu, she would give them her life. Chu Xuanji said that doing things is not worth it, only reluctantly. Yu Sifeng asked her to hand out the sword, saying that he could endure the three flogging demon whips, and they locked up Yu Sifeng.

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