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Improve balance and flexibility With Tai Chi

Improve balance and flexibility… Ease pain… Strengthen your heart… Reduce stress and more with Tai Chi!

Tai Chi is one of the most exciting online courses ever developed by Harvard health experts. But just what is tai chi? Tai chi is a form of mind-body exercise that is based on slow, flowing, and choreographed movements.

The benefits of tai chi can help you function better in your everyday life. For example, it can help improve your balance and muscle tone while fostering a calm, focused clarity of thought.

Classic texts say that tai chi will help you become “Strong as an oak, flexible as a willow, and [mentally] clear as still water.”

It’s often called meditation in motion. Scientific studies are showing more and more health benefits that you can get from this practice. In fact, the health benefits are so numerous, some people call tai chi: medication in motion.

7 Amazing Reasons to Start Doing Tai Chi Today!

The ancient Chinese practice of tai chi is becoming widely recognized as one of the most powerful ways to improve both physical and mental health. Try Introduction to Tai Chi today and help your health with:

1. Better Balance: Studies show older adults who did tai chi one to three times a week were 43% less likely to fall, and they cut their risk of injury in half!

2. Pain Relief: Tai chi offers significant relief from back, neck, arthritis, and fibromyalgia pain

3. A Sharper Mind: It’s shown to help reduce age-related cognitive decline … and even slow dementia!

4. Better Heart Health: Tai chi may reduce your chances of developing heart disease — even if you have risk factors

5. Improved Mood: In 82% of studies, tai chi greatly improved mood and lowered anxiety. It’s also an effective treatment for depression

6. Less Stress: Learn the secret to taking deep, calming breaths and reduce anxiety and depression

7. And so much more!

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