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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 26 Recap

Tang Can saw Li Jianjian feeling very sad and stepped forward and asked who was bullying her? Li Jianjian still didn’t say anything. Tang Can ran to knock on the opposite door to let people comfort Ling Xiao. After Ling Xiao entered, Li Jianjian directly hit him and said that he was to blame. In the end, Ling Xiao took Li Jianjian to the opposite side. Ling Xiao took ice cubes to put Li Jianjian’s eyes and waited for Qi Mingyue to calm down for a few days, and he would go to her and apologize. Li Jianjian felt better after hearing this and saw that Ling Xiao’s shoulder was bitten by himself, so he felt distressed, so he rubbed Ling Xiao’s shoulder.

At this time, He Ziqiu came back and found Li Jianjian’s eyes were red, and asked if she was crying? Li Jianjian said that she was okay, but Ling Xiao directly said that she had a quarrel with Qi Mingyue. He Ziqiu poured a glass of water and said that he had seen Aunt He today. Ling Xiao had forgotten to tell Li Jianjian He Mei. The two of them heard He Ziqiu pretending to be strong and said that he and He Mei were very distressed today.

Both Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao knew that He Ziqiu was doing her best, but they didn’t know how to comfort him. After a while, Li Jianjian took the chocolate to He Ziqiu. He Ziqiu covered himself in a quilt and took the chocolate and then stretched out his hand. Li Jianjian remembered that when He Ziqiu was teased when he was dragging the oil bottle when he was a child, he held his hand to accompany him, so Li Jianjian took He Ziqiu’s Hands comfort him.

The next day Dujuan answered the phone and realized that the translation was not available, so he asked Li Jianjian to find his younger brother who had been studying. He Ziqiu wore a suit and sunglasses and came to the studio to look stupid. Du Juan praised He Ziqiu for wearing a suit and took out a cell phone to take pictures with He Ziqiu. Zhou Miao on the side looked a little jealous.

Du Juan then showed him the information this time. When the people sent by the international company arrived, He Ziqiu’s excellent translation helped Li Jianjian solve the problem. In the end, Li Jianjian proposed to invite He Ziqiu to dinner. During the meal, Zhou Miao thought that it needed to be hyped and suggested that Li Jianjian go to the teacher of the year and introduce her to the art circle.

However, Li Jianjian thinks it is necessary to have good works. Ling Xiao on the side said that hype and luck are strengths, so Zhou Miao can find a company that relies on flattery to work. The Dujuan on the side hurriedly came out to round the field and told Zhou Miao to stop talking. After a few people were separated, He Ziqiu asked Li Jianjian how her senior sister had found such a person? Li Jianjian said that the senior sister is now in love, but it is estimated that she will not last for a few months.

Ling Xiao lay on the sofa and dreamed that Chen Ting suddenly knocked on the door and appeared in front of her and asked if she didn’t want her mother and sister anymore? Ling Xiao was awakened. Suddenly someone knocked on the door and the phone rang. Ling Xiao was very scared and held his head. Li Jianjian passed the courier outside the door and found Ling Xiao’s anomaly.

Then Ling Xiao grabbed Li Jianjian and hugged her. Li Jianjian took Ling Xiao for a run, and Li Jianjian asked how Ling Xiao came back this time. Ling Xiao told him that Chen Ting had hidden her credentials, but when she went to her room to look for it, Qin Meiyang came out and gave it to herself and asked him to live the life she wanted, and Qin Meiyang said that she could take care of it. mom.

Chen Ting also said that she could not keep Ling Xiao by her side. Ling Xiao rubbed Li Jianjian on the sofa, and Li Jianjian recalled the incident of wrestling in high school. He Ziqiu suddenly realized that it was not Zhao Huaguang who made a ghost but Li Jianjian who fell. On the other hand, Aunt Qian introduced Li Haichao to Li Haichao’s new partner, Hongying, who was a teacher and had been divorced for five years. At this moment, Anna Mae came, and Anna Mae first questioned how He Ziqiu came back? Later, I analyzed that He Ziqiu’s current store should be at a loss.

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