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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 21 Recap

Chu Linglong was lying on the bed, and the head of Chu was very worried. The head of Zhu Shi found the head of Chu Linglong and said that he had heard about Chu Linglong. He said that he was willing to exchange the spirit key of the Xuanyuan faction for Chu Linglong’s soul, and the head of Chu was grateful. The head of Zhu Shi said that he would go to see the owner of the Eastern Island now and get the spirit key to save Chu Linglong.

The head of Chu said that he felt that this matter was not appropriate. This key is related to the safety of the people of the world, and it should not be because Chu Linglong is alone to ignore the safety of the people of the world. This matter still needs to convene the heads of the five factions to discuss together, and there is a strategy for both. When the head of Zhu Shi saw that head of Chu said this, he could only agree.

The persons in charge of the five factions are discussing, and the deputy palace lord said that there is a way, the Xuanyuan faction’s Tianjizhu is ingenious, if you make a fake key, you can exchange it for Chu Linglong. The head of Zhushi said that of course he was willing to exchange Tianjizhu for the daughter of the head of Chu, but he said that his body had not recovered yet and he could not use the secret method of unlocking Tianjizhu. The deputy palace lord of Lize Palace said that there were no other schools in the Shaoyang School secret realm.

They wanted to know, and they worked together to protect the spirit key. To show his sincerity, the head of Chu told them the secrets of the Shaoyang School. Thousands of years ago, the heart and soul of the evil spirit star did not perish, but was sealed in the glaze lamp in the secret realm of the Shaoyang School. They bother the Valley Master of Dotting the Valley to crack the Tianjizhu, and the Gu said he will definitely crack the Tianjizhu tomorrow.

The Master of Dotting Valley was cracking the Tianji Pearl, took out the spirit key, and then put in the fake spirit key. They were going to the Tianxu Hall to exchange for Chu Linglong’s soul, and Chu Xuanji went after Yu Sifeng . A demon attacked Fuyu Island, and Yu Ning opened the sword net of Fuyu Island, but still let the demon from the Tianxu Hall break in. The disciples on Fuyu Island fought with them, and the head of Chu and them also arrived. Another group of monsters attacked Fuyu Island. The owner of Fuyu Island wanted to help them, but Qingrong rushed over.

The owner gave her a token of the owner of Fuyu Island. The island owner went to the formation to stabilize the formation, but was stopped by the Tianxu Hall, and the formation was about to be broken. Yu Sifeng rushed to restore the formation. However, under the attack of Tianxu Hall, Yu Sifeng couldn’t hold on anymore, and Chu Xuanji used her body’s strength to smash the demon away. Chu Xuanji told Daddy that there were monsters on this island, and he pointed out a direction.

The island owner knew it was the Treasure Pavilion, Qing Rong stunned Yuning and went to the Treasure Pavilion. Qing Rong and Earth Wolf took the spirit key from the Treasure Pavilion and left. The island owner and the others rushed over. They had already left. The island owner found that the spirit key had been taken, and they blocked Qingrong and the others. The head of Chu and the others are not the opponents of the wolf. They were injured. Yu Sifeng and Chu Xuanji teamed up to defeat the wolf. The owner of the island was about to kill the wolf. Qingrong stood in front of the wolf. , The wolf took the opportunity to take Qingrong away.

The island owner interrogated the little demon they had caught, and knew that Tianxu Hall wanted to rescue Wuzhiqi , because he had Juntian Haiqi in his body that could revive the evil spirit star. Only then did several heads realize that Tianxu Hall wanted to resurrect the demon evil star. They were discussing the affairs of Tianxu Hall. They had already obtained the spirit keys of Xuanyuan Sect and Fuyu Island, and they must beware.

The deputy palace lord asked them what they should do now, and the head of Chu said that he had sent someone to search the whereabouts of the earth wolf, hoping to find the location of the Tianxu Hall. The head of Chu urged Dianjinggu and Lizegong to be extremely careful, and never let the monster succeed. The Earth Wolf is healing, he was injured, but he got the blood of the head of Chu. The earth wolf put the blood of the head of Chu in his hand into the jade bottle.

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