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Love and Redemption 琉璃美人煞 Episode 1 Recap

When the chaos first opened, the heavens ruled the monsters and the human world as the first of the three realms, but the ambition of King Shura swelled and set off a big battle. King Shura’s generals, Luo Houji, defeated the gods of the heavens. Seeing the world is in desperation, King Shura will succeed. But before the final battle, the evil spirits disappeared. A general of the god of war appeared in the heavens and wiped out King Shura, and the demon world was gone. But every thousand years, there will be great chaos in the world, and the monster world is about to move around. If the evil star returns, it will destroy the world.

In the dimly lit hall, a group of people were attending the hall master. The hall master didn’t know what he was holding, and it was shining. The hall master speaks: Elder Stars, are you talking about these two stars? Obtained an affirmative answer from Elder Constellation. The elders of the stars said: Since the death of the devil star Jidu, there have been two more stars in the sky, called Jiduxing and Luohouxing. In the past 1,000 years, they were all distributed on one side, but today, the two stars are close to each other, and it seems that they are about to merge into one. The hall master said: Does he really want to wake up. Another subordinate reported: Qi told the hall master, that half of Luohou’s soul, which was inquired by his subordinates, was about to go down to the mortal dust.

Fen Rucheng, those immortals whose bones have been removed will go to the mortal world to cross the calamity. If they succeed, they will have a chance to return to the heaven. The hall master’s subordinates said to the hall master: The General of God of War will enter the Mortal Tribulation with Luo Mou. They guessed that if the War God and Luo Maw went through the calamity together, it would have an impact on their demon world revival. The hall master asked them to find the reincarnation place of these two old enemies, and he wanted to get these two children.

There were painful voices from the mansion. The woman was giving birth to a child, and she was too late to give birth. Fen Rucheng, the hall master’s men broke into the place of reincarnation, and those who wanted to reincarnate entered the Du’er Road. At the same time, the wife was born. The wife’s child was born and thought it was dead, and was going to be buried, but she didn’t expect to cry suddenly. Little Junior Sister jumped from under the tree, and Linglong rushed over and was very dissatisfied with their bullying of Junior Sister. Linglong told Chu Xuanji to participate in the hairpin conference. Chu Xuanji didn’t want to go and was pulled over by Chu Linglong . A group of first sons were fighting with the wolf demon and almost died. A masked man came out and killed the wolf demon. He was the eldest disciple Yu Sifeng of Palace Lord Lize . Only he succeeded in this test. Was abolished martial arts and expelled from Lize Palace. The palace lord said that Yu Sifeng had succeeded in the hairpin conference, and he handed over the order of Jin Yu to Yu Sifeng.

The hall master’s subordinates reported to the hall master Jun Tianhaice’s whereabouts, and arranged manpower in the five major immortal sects. The hairpin conference is being held, and many disciples of the school have entered one after another. Chu Xuanji was made things difficult by the finishing touches, dropped from the air, and was rescued by Yu Sifeng. Chu Xuanji asked Yu Sifeng to bring her back to the Shaoyang Sect, and Yu Sifeng took her back to the Shaoyang Sect at her request. Chu Xuanji picked up Yu Sifeng’s token and found that they were born on the same day and the same year. Chu Xuanji’s father was scolding Chu Xuanji and was defended by her sister Lingling. Seeing this, his father gave Chu Xuanji ten days to connect Yaohua’s sword skills.

Chu Xuanji found Yu Sifeng with the birthday cake his father gave him, and sent it to him, but Yu Sifeng refused. Yu Sifeng found the peach tree and took the morning dew on the peach tree. Chu Xuanji also slept on the tree and fell down accidentally. It turned out that the snake was a beast of Yu Sifeng, and Chu Xuanji apologized to Yu Sifeng. The snake ran away, and the two went looking for the snake. Yu Sifeng said that something was attracting the spirit beast Xiao Yinhua. They accidentally hit Taoyuan’s formation and entered the secret realm of Shaoyang School. Yu Sifeng wanted to go in and rescue Xiao Yinhua, Chu Xuanji opened the secret realm, and Yu Sifeng went in alone, looking for Xiao Yinhua inside.

A black dragon bit towards Yu Sifeng, and Yu Sifeng used mana to fight against the black dragon. Chu Xuanji saw that Yu Sifeng was in danger and entered the secret realm. He saw the black dragon and told the black dragon to stop. Yu Sifeng was not an opponent of Zhulong, and was knocked out by Zhulong. Chu Xuanji woke up Yu Sifeng, Yu Sifeng found that the mask was missing, and was very anxious. The candle dragon struck again and knocked the two of them into the air. Chu Xuanji’s palm was bleeding, and it was strange that her blood turned into a flying sword and floated out.

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