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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 23 Recap

He Ziqiu made breakfast as usual, but Li Jianjian did not come out for dinner. Finally, Li Jianjian came out, but he still felt very embarrassed when he saw Ling Xiao. At this time, Tang Can talked about Qi Mingyue’s return home and she didn’t know that Ling Xiao had already returned. Then Tang Can asked about the ambiguity and confession between Qi Mingyue and Ling Xiao. He Zi Qiuye was very curious about what Qi Mingyue confessed. Ling Xiao saw that Li Jianjian was also there and directly clarified that she and Qi Mingyue did not have a misunderstanding.

She came back this time to tell her that she already had something. The person I like. Tang Can said, who is the second-year junior high school girl? He Ziqiuye was very curious about who this person was. At this time, Li Jianjian became more embarrassed and went back to the room. After a while, they quietly looked in the crack of the door to see if they had all gone to work, and then quietly came out after confirmation. Ling Xiao also came out when he was pressing the elevator. Li Jianjian didn’t want to take the elevator with Ling Xiao but was forcibly carried into the elevator by Ling Xiao. In the elevator, Ling Xiao told Li Jianjian that he liked Li Jianjian and wanted to marry her, scaring Li Jianjian out of the elevator and fled hurriedly.

In the studio, Li Jianjian was thinking about what Ling Xiao said to himself. It happened that Du Juan and Zhou Miao came back and asked Li Jianjian why he came to the studio without going on a date on the weekend. Li Jianjian first said that they had only met a few days ago and then said that they had broken up, because Zheng Shuran felt that Li Jianjian and Li Jianjian did not have the feeling of being a lover. The things they do when they are friends and lovers are almost the same. Li Jianjian said that her first love was less than a month old, but Du Juan felt normal because she had known that Li Jianjian would break up with Zheng Shuran, because they did not have the aura of a lover at all.

Zheng Shuran went to He Ziqiu’s coffee shop. He Ziqiu didn’t welcome him at all, but when he heard that he and Li Jianjian broke up, he was very happy and called the clinic to tell Ling Xiao. At this time, Feng Xixi came in and asked the person Ling Xiao liked. Ling Xiao directly told her that the girl she liked was her younger sister Li Jianjian, who was two years younger than her. Feng Xixi finally left disappointed. He Ziqiu asks Zhuang Bei to eat to point him out. Zhuang Bei tells He Ziqiu to take the initiative to let Li Jianjian change his view that He Ziqiu is just an older brother, and He Ziqiu wants to change the relationship between their siblings.

In the evening, Li Jianjian was downstairs and did not dare to go home. When Tang Can came back, she found that she thought she was still angry with Ling Xiao. Finally, Tang Can took Li Jianjian back home, and Ling Xiao soon came in and asked her to remember to review tomorrow. Li Jianjian didn’t dare to look directly at Ling Xiao but said that Sister Xixi said that there was no problem and she could not go. Ling Xiao saw that Li Jianjian didn’t want to rely on herself and left. Li Jianjian thought about it in the room and decided to go to Ling Xiao to make it clear, saying that Ling Xiao had not come back for so many years, he would definitely feel owed to him, but don’t mistake family affection for love.

Ling Xiao said that she had liked Li Jianjian since the third year of high school, and decided to marry her at that time. The next morning, Li Jianjian posted a note saying no breakfast is not required on his door, and He Ziqiu had to eat with Ling Xiao. Ling Xiao asked He Ziqiu if he had thought of looking for his mother. He Ziqiu actually found him but didn’t have the courage to meet her, so he had to say why he was looking for her. But when he went out, He Ziqiu rode the battery car to the place where he got off, and finally left. Just as He Ziqiu was leaving, Li Haichao got off the bus and came to the address that Ling Heping found.

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