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Dear Lord Herbal Medicine S2 (2020) 亲爱的药王大人第二季 Episode 10 Recap

Xiao Songlan woke up and found herself in a strange place. Xiaoyan came in with the medicine bowl. Xiao Songlan hurriedly got out of bed, thanking her and Long Bai for saving herself. Xiao Yan hurriedly confided the couple, saying that she was still hurting her body and got up quickly. Komatsulan doesn’t want to rest, and after thanking him, he will go to Yaowanggu. Long Bai came in and said that her internal organs were extremely injured, and Master Xiao ordered her to be wanted all the way. Long Bai couldn’t break the high priest’s spell, and now she couldn’t enter the Medicine King Valley, and she was isolated by the barrier.

Xiao Songlan was very anxious. What could be done, Chu Zhimo didn’t want her anymore, she knelt down and asked Xiao Yan and Long Bai to help her.

Chu Zhimo knelt in front of Daddy Qing Yun’s mourning hall, and blamed himself for not protecting him, and found that Daddy Qing Yun had not carried the purse that Xiao Songlan gave him. The purse is a real body of Qingyun Komatsulan. Chu Zhimo said with tears, Komatsu Lan gave him a real body, and did not protect his safety.

The subordinates found Chu Zhimo and discussed the war with him, saying that although they had more victories in battle with the Chihuo Clan, Daxing City suffered a great loss. And now it’s almost winter. The Scarlet Fire Race can adapt to the weather, but Daxing City cannot. They won’t wait for the Scarlet Fire Race to start fighting, and they will freeze to death. They need to find a solution quickly.

Chu Zhimo asked Xuhuai how long their food and grass could last. Xuhuadao was at most half a month long, and when they were discussing the military situation, Long Bai broke in. Xuhuai they immediately fought against each other, saying that he was here to overhear the military situation. Long Bai disdainfully said, isn’t it just how to defeat the Scarlet Fire Race? Yuwenling is the only son of the Scarlet Huo Clan. He needs to rely on energy to sustain his life every month because of the practice of sorcery. Now he escapes by himself. Yuwenling is not far from his death. As long as Yuwenling is cured, the Scarlet Huo clan will naturally retreat.

Xu Huai and others said that he was a spy, making Chu Zhimo absolutely unbelievable. If Chu Zhimo alone could solve the danger of Daxing City, he was willing to give it a try.

Long Bai found Chu Zhimo, and Chu Zhimo asked him about the situation in Daxing City. Long Bai said that everything was fine. Chu Zhimo asked about Komatsu Lan again, and Long Bai said she was very sad. Chu Zhimo asked what was wrong. Long Bai said that as soon as the news of Qing Yun’s father’s death was passed back to Daxing City, Mr. Xiao was convicted of collaborating with the enemy and traitorous country. Jiang’s family has been sealed up, and Xiao Songlan is also wanted. Long Bai persuaded him that since they fall in love, they should not think that they are forced by themselves.

In the Chihuo Clan, Yuwen Ling’s poison relapsed and the pain was unbearable, so his father quickly found him medicine. Chu Zhimo asked to see him at this time, and sent someone to tell the patriarch of the Chihuo clan that he could heal Yu Wenling. The patriarch did not believe him, and then stopped his subordinates and asked him how many people Chu Zhimo had brought. . The patriarch heard that this was the case, and thought he could give him a try, but he just happened to find someone to ask for it, but was intercepted by Chu Zhimo.

Chu Zhimo first probed the pulse, and then explained the symptoms in detail. He cured Yu Wenling with his own blood. The patriarch promised to immediately retreat. Chu Zhimo asked him for the trade deal between Daxing City and the Chihuo Clan in recent years. , Let Xuhuai handle the matter of retreating, and rush back to Daxing.

When Xiao Songlan woke up, she saw Chu Zhimo very happy, and hurried forward, asking him why he didn’t want himself. Chu Zhimo hurriedly apologized and asked him to forgive himself. Komatsu Lan asked Qing Yun’s father. Chu Zhimo said that he had really died in the battle. Komatsu Lan cried with grief.

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