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Dance of the Sky Empire 天舞纪 Episode 28 End Recap

“Xiao Fengming” rushed to kill Li Xuan and slapped him with a palm. At a critical moment, Zi Ji rushed over to resist Li Xuan. Ziji was seriously injured, and Li Xuan sacrificed his sword, dragged “Xiao Fengming”, and let Su Youlian quickly enter the secret realm to wake up the Dragon Emperor.

Su Youlian drove the Saintess Stone and was about to awaken the Dragon King. “Xiao Fengming” got rid of the constraints of Li Xuan and others and had to enter the secret realm forcibly. The dragon emperor broke out of the cocoon, the flying dragon was in the sky, and the seal on the Kunwu people immediately disappeared. The Dragon Emperor was imprisoned for ten years, and finally saw the sky. Thinking of the tragic deaths of his tribe and Qing Sheng, he slightly punished Li Xuan and others. Upon seeing this, Su Youlian pleaded with the Dragon Emperor. The Dragon Emperor only made them suffer a little bit of flesh and blood, so he left with Su Youlian.

Ziji was seriously injured and admitted his mistake to Li Xuan before his death. When he was young, he relied on his profound skills and wanted to use Qing Sheng’s blood to seal the Dragon Emperor. He did not expect an accident in the middle and killed Qing Sheng by mistake. He was Li Xuan’s mother-killing enemy, and he dared not ask for his forgiveness. He only hoped that Li Xuan could take care of himself after he left. After Li Xuan knew the truth, although he hated Ziji, the two had a ten-year relationship between master and apprentice. Now that Ziji died in his arms, Li Xuan was distraught.

Emperor Tianqi has been reduced from a high emperor to a prisoner in the cold palace. The huge change in his identity is temporarily difficult for him to accept. Long Wei’er took people to the cold palace, let the Tianqi Di Chuan be in her, and become the Supreme Emperor. The Emperor Tianqi wanted to go out and agreed to Long Weier’s terms without hesitation. Long Wei’er opened the door of the cold palace and saw Emperor Tianqi with his daughter.

When the Emperor Tianqi saw Long Wei’er wearing a women’s dress, he was shocked and panicked. Long Wei’er had been tortured by the Hundred Poison Soup for more than ten years. Now she wants to let the Emperor Tianqi see with her own eyes how wrong he was back then. Emperor Tianqi admitted his mistake, and Long Wei’er got what he wanted, but couldn’t feel a trace of satisfaction.

The Dragon Emperor awakened, the demons had been removed, and Xiao Fengming finally woke up, but Yunshan had already disappeared. Xiao Fengming was determined to accompany Yunshan on the road. He took the poison and lay beside Yunshan. Yunshan suddenly resurrected, and seeing Xiao Fengming lying next to him was shocked. Xiao Fengming was no less surprised than Yunshan, but he had taken the poison, and the effect was about half an hour away. Xiao Fengming asked Yunshan to beat him. Suck the poison out of his stomach.

When the Dragon Emperor wakes up, the Kunwu people are ecstatic. They have been oppressed for ten years, and they all clamor for revenge. The Dragon King summoned everyone to return to the Kunwu realm, unwilling to avenge the human race. The Dragon Sovereign slept for ten years, and has understood when it is time to repay the injustice. Kunwu is waiting to be revived. The most important thing for them is to revive Kunwu. The Dragon Emperor ordered the Kunwu Clan not to communicate with the Human Clan.

After the holy doctor learned of the decision of the Dragon King, he was very pleased. He had lived in harmony with the human race in Ping An Village for many years. The last thing he hoped was the continuation of the hatred of the two races. Su Youlian was worried that she would never see Li Xuan again after returning to Kunwu, and the holy doctor encouraged her to see Li Xuan before returning.

Su Youlian pleaded with the Dragon King to let her go back to Li Xuan. The Dragon King knew that Li Xuan was Qing Sheng’s son, but he had half of the human blood on him. Has he already ordered the Kunwu Clan not to interact with the Human Clan? Now Su You Lian insisted on going back, and the Dragon Emperor could only take back the saint mark on her body. Once the mark was withdrawn, Su Youlian would not survive long, and the saint doctor pleaded with the Dragon Emperor.

The Dragon Emperor will do what he says, and Su Youlian is willing to endure this pain for love. The Dragon Emperor took away the mark of the saint, and Su You Lian fainted to the ground in pain. The Holy Medical Medicine suppressed Su Youlian’s pain. She will be fine for the time being, but after the medicine disappears, she may die. Su Youlian wanted to find Li Xuan while she was still walking, the holy doctor asked her to hand over the saint woman stone, and he wanted to take it back to Yu Fengmu.

Li Xuan went out of the city to find Su Youlian, but couldn’t find it, but didn’t want Su Youlian to be waiting for him in the city. Seeing that Su Youlian was safe and sound, Li Xuan rushed forward and held her in his arms. Su Youlian’s medicinal power had passed, and she fainted in Li Xuan’s arms. Li Xuan carried Su Youlian on his back to the Scarlet Secret Realm to find the old man from the heavenly book.

The catastrophe has passed, and Moyun Academy has finally recovered. Every year, a large number of students come to the academy to study. Bian Lingcheng and others have become seniors and sisters.

Xiao Fengming and Yunshan’s lover finally got married. One night after their wedding, Xiao Fengming was so excited that he had to remind him of the cloud shirt even when he lifted his hijab. Yunshan couldn’t help being amused when he saw his dull look.

The saint doctor took the saint stone to save Yu Fengmu, soaked him in a medicinal bath every day, and told him stories about his friends, hoping that he could wake up soon. Li Xuan and Su Youlian stayed in the secret realm to accompany the old man from the heavenly book. As long as they wanted to be friends, they could see the outside world through the heavenly book, and everyone finally lived a peaceful life.

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