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Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 17 Recap

In this way, Fearless received multiple injections of morphine without knowing it. Nong Jinsun took the gold bars to look for Master Bei, saying that he must take Huo Yuanjia away. Master Bei’s humanity made him very embarrassed. Nong Jinsun took out two more rods today, hoping that Master Bei Tongyi would take Huo Yuanjia away today. Master Bei agreed to him for today’s sake.

Nong Jinsun led the people to carry Huo Yuanjia back to Huo Mansion. When they arrived at the door of Huo Mansion, Huo Yuanjia asked them to stop. He insisted on getting up and walking in, so that his mother could not see him being carried back. Everyone couldn’t hold him back, so they could only agree. Back in the mansion, Huo mother held Huo Yuanjia and wept bitterly. Yuan Jiadao made her mother worry about him. After comforting her mother, Huo Yuanjia asked Xiao Wu’s whereabouts. Liu Zhensheng reluctantly said that Xiao Wu has been buried. Huo Yuanjia wanted to go and see in person, everyone advised him to take care of the injury, Huo Yuanjia insisted on going.

When he came to Xiaowu Tomb, Huo Yuanjia blamed himself and vowed to avenge Xiaowu, otherwise he would be a teacher in vain. Nong Jinsun came to persuade him, Huo Yuanjia was very grateful to him, this time he must have spent a lot of money to save himself, Nong Jinsun said that Huang Dafa respected the master, as it should be. Huo Yuanjia wanted to know how much it spent, so Nong Jinsun asked him to ask Huang Dafa.

Then Huo Yuanjia thanked him for the doctor he had hired for him. Nong Jinsun mistakenly thought that Huo Yuanjia was referring to the doctor he had just found for him. He said that he needed to go to the capital in an urgent matter. Doctor Fei had already gone to Huo. House.

In Huofu, Dr. Fei was very interested in Chinese weapons and asked Wang Yunying that since she is Huo Yuanjia’s wife, she must be able to martial arts, so she put a big knife in her hand and let her make gestures. Xiao Lian said that he was rude, and Wang Yunying didn’t care. When Huo Yuanjia returned and saw that he was different from the doctor in the prison, he was a little confused. Huang Dafa thought he was a fake doctor, because he carried a camera with him, and everyone didn’t trust him. In addition, Doctor Fei brought up the tragedy of the Huo family’s destruction and was asked to leave. Before leaving, Doctor Fei knew that something was wrong with Fearless, so he left the medicine specially.

Huo Yuanjia became irritable because of drug addiction, and Wang Yunying was furious at Sha Yan’s expulsion. Then Huang Dafa called to the training hall and asked about gold bars. When he learned that Huang Dafa had spent forty gold bars, he was very excited. Huang Dafa hurriedly let him take the medicine and went to the doctor who treated Fearless in the prison.

Then Huo Yuanjia returned to the house and discussed Sha Yan with Wang Yunying again, and finally decided to teach Sha Yan to be a teacher for three months. He also said that Huang Dafa spent thirty gold bars to save him, and he was very grateful to Wang Yunying for going to Beijing to file a court case for him. Then the two discussed Xiao Lian’s marriage. Xiao Lian mistakenly thought that Huo Yuanjia had asked him to marry Xu Dayou and was happy to wait for me to agree. But Wang Yunying said that Xiaolian didn’t like Huang Dafa, and Huo Yuanjia was controlled by drug addiction at this time, and lost his temper, insisting that Xiaolian marry Huang Dafa.

Helplessly, Wang Yunying asked Xiaolian and Xu Dayou to let them elope. Xu Dayu was unwilling to disobey the master’s order and was unwilling to take Xiao Lian away. Wang Yunying saw that he was so unaccountable, it was worthless for Xiaolian.

Huang Dafa found an interpreter and asked him to tell himself where the foreign doctor was. Of course, the interpreter would not tell him. Huang Dafa lowered his head and went back dejected. On the way, he met Xu Dayou and wanted to die with him. I didn’t expect that he was such a villain who would forcibly marry Xiaolian after spending forty gold bars for the master. Huang Dafa didn’t know what he was talking about, so he could only control the excited Xu Dayou and go back to clarify the situation.

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