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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 12 Recap

After Li Haichao hung up the phone, he stopped Li Jianjian and asked if Li Jianjian wanted to sever the relationship with the two of them? Li Haichao wanted Li Jianjian to cherish the feelings of the three of them since childhood, but Li Jianjian said that he already knew and He Ziqiu Lingxiao and they were not family members at all.

Even if he and Li Haichao had the operation, neither of them was qualified to sign. . And if a good relationship is a family, then everyone has many homes. Li Haichao was a little sad to hear these words, saying that if the two brothers heard these words, they would definitely be very sad, after all, they regarded the tip as closer to their sister.

Li Haichao then told Li Jianjian that He Ziqiu went to study abroad in order to reduce the burden on the family, and Ling Xiao was because his seriously ill mother needed someone to take care of him, and they did not leave on purpose. And in the future, the three of them will grow up and have a family to be separated. Even Li Jianjian and Li Jianjian will be separated because of Li Jianjian’s marriage, but they can’t be a family just because of this. Li Jianjian didn’t know what to say when he heard his father’s words, so he didn’t refute it.

At the Spring Festival, there were only three people, Ling Heping, Li Haichao, and Li Jianjian, but fortunately, Li Jianjian and his two older brothers reconciled and were playing a video. The few people worshipped each other for the new year and He Ziqiu left without a signal. Li Jianjian and Ling Xiao continued to call. Li Jianjian liked the things Ling Xiao sent to him before. Ling Xiao said that if he likes it, he will act like a baby. While Li Jianjian was acting like a baby, Qin Meiyang came in and asked Ling Xiao to eat, and kept pretending to be cute and acting like a baby in front of Ling Xiao. Li Jianjian felt very uncomfortable seeing this scene in the video.

A few years later, Li Jianjian graduated from high school and was recruited to the sculpture department of a local university. Ling Xiao had to leave school to take care of her mother. As time passed and things changed, all three of them got busy, and the connection was also a hasty thing. Soon Li Jianjian was in his junior year, because Ling Xiao was also a junior when he dropped out of school, and He Ziqiu did not come back after graduation.

He Ziqiu told Li Haichao that he was going to learn how to make desserts and only then could he go home to develop. He Ziqiu saw that Li Jianjian didn’t say anything and thought Li Jianjian was angry, but Li Jianjian said that he was not angry. Li Jianjian also understood that with the passage of time and distance between the three of them, the three of them had become more and more unfamiliar. Ling Xiao’s call Li Jianjian did not want to answer, so he let Ling Heping answer. Ling Xiao and his father talked about Chen Ting’s basic situation and then hung up.

Soon after graduating from university, Li Jianjian opened a wood carving studio with his senior sister, named Time Gap. Having dinner at home in the evening, Ling Heping said that Ling Xiao’s internship hospital would give him a full year, maybe Ling Xiao would stay in Singapore. Both Li Haichao and Li Jianjian were disappointed, and Ling Heping felt that Chen Ting refused to let Ling Xiao come back.

Ling Xiao and Jianjian called and told him that they would come back after Qin Meiyang grew up and could take care of Chen Ting in two years. In 2018, high school classmate Tang Can couldn’t mix in Beijing and went back to his hometown. The three agreed to rent a house with Li Jianjian, Qi Mingyue and Tang Can in a place not far from the studio, and they started to rent a house with them.

Life, this year, when Li Jianjian was 25 years old, she gradually became very open to gains and losses. After all, those who return will definitely come back, and those who don’t do not need to wait. Li Jianjian’s sculpture won the prize, and Li Haichao held an event to celebrate at the noodle restaurant, and then Ling Heping called and told him that Ling Xiao was back. Qi Mingyue mentioned the exhibition of Li Jianjian’s works, but Ling Xiao said that he still had to go home beforehand.

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