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Go Ahead 以家人之名 Episode 10 Recap

Li Haichao was very pleased to see Li Jianjian and He Ziqiu beside him, so he said frankly that he had nothing to do but didn’t have a good rest, so he got up to cook for them. When Li Haichao accidentally touched Li Jianjian’s wound when he got up, Li Jianjian woke up and asked his father Li Haichao about the situation. Li Haichao was extremely sad when he saw his daughter’s sadness. After resting at home for a few days, I went to the noodle shop to see the decoration.

At this time, a woman wearing sunglasses came outside the noodle shop. After the woman took off the sunglasses, she discovered that it was Mae. Anna Mae also saw Li Haichao and gave 30,000 yuan to Li Haichao, saying that it was to help her mother pay back the money borrowed from him for medical treatment. Li Haichao was not interested in money but asked Anna Mae what he had been doing all these years?

How is it now? Anna Mae told Li Haichao that she went to work in a beauty salon in Shenzhen after she left. The two hadn’t seen each other for a long time and didn’t know what to say. Li Haichao thought that Anna Mae had come to see He Ziqiu and told Anna that He Ziqiu was not at home to play with his classmates. However, Anna Mae said that he didn’t come to see He Ziqiu this time, nor did he come to pay Li Haichao’s money.

It turned out that Zhao Huaguang found Anna through his former colleagues and asked him to return the child to him. He Mei told Li Haichao that Zhao Huaguang was a bully and fearful of hardship, and he would definitely not give up unless He Ziqiu was taken away, so he asked Li Haichao to give up his custody of He Ziqiu. Li Haichao also firmly stated that as long as He Ziqiu is unwilling to go with Zhao Huaguang, he will not let He Ziqiu leave him even if he goes to beg.

Anna Mae did not expect that Li Haichao, who has always been gentle and elegant, was so determined to face He Ziqiu’s problem this time, but Anna Mae still asked Li Haichao to return He Ziqiu. Because Zhao Huaguang had the conditions to send He Ziqiu to study abroad, and if Li Haichao sent him to study, He Ziqiu would definitely feel that he would not go abroad to study if he owed him, so after Anna Mae asked Li Haichao to think about it and prepare to leave.

Li Haichao expressed that she could meet with He Ziqiu. He Mei said that he already had a new family. He Ziqiu was a burden for her, and asked Li Haichao not to tell He Ziqiu about his visit today. Li Haichao returned the extra money to He. Mei then told her not to worry about He Ziqiu in the future.

On the other hand, Ling Xiao’s mother was awake, but she might be paralyzed in the lower part of her body, and the Qin family had to take care of Uncle Qin Meiyang and returned to work in China. So my uncle asked Ling Xiao to stay in Singapore to go to school so that he could take care of her mother, but Ling Xiao was unwilling.

Li Haichao had been thinking about what Mae said to him and told Ling Heping. Ling Heping asked him not to tell He Ziqiu that he would not accept it. Li Haichao begged Ling Heping to help himself persuade Ziqiu when the time comes, and this is also for his future. After He Ziqiu came back, like Li Haichao mentioned about studying abroad, he decided not to go because of the family situation.

Li Haichao asked He Ziqiu to study abroad in order to have a future, but he had to recognize Zhao Huaguang, and both of them could hardly separate in this atmosphere. Li Jianjian bought two pairs of shoes as gifts for his two older brothers, but when he returned home, he found that the atmosphere was not right. He thought that his father and He Ziqiu had a quarrel.

Finally, Li Haichao asked He Ziqiu to tell Li Jianjian about this. Ling Xiao smirked when he saw the blessing message in the hospital, and then told his uncle that he was going home to see Li Jianjian. Uncle said Ling Xiao had a meal. When Ling Xiao went home, he told He Ziqiu that he would go to school in Singapore next week, and then asked He Ziqiu to take care of Li Jianjian. He Ziqiu was very angry that Ling Xiao had no conscience, and then punched Ling Xiao.

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