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Dance of the Phoenix 且听凤鸣 Episode 12 Recap

Zuo Qingluan asked the Holy Empress for an antidote that could cure Chaoge’s poison. The Holy Empress told her that although the Temple of Junwu did have many treasures, the poison was rare, and there was no antidote to the right medicine. However, the Queen told her that she could go to Tianxialou to ask. Zuo Qingluan said that she knew the world, but she heard that she would lose her cultivation if she failed to pass the pass, so she didn’t dare to go rashly. The Queen said that this is true, but there is nothing that can be easily obtained in this world. How to choose depends on your own choice.

Feng Wu came to Tianxialou and was about to go in, but Jun Linyuan grabbed her. Jun Linyuan took her away and came to a lake and said that she would build a house for her. Feng Wu said that it was too troublesome, so there was no need. Jun Linyuan insisted on doing this and gave her daily necessities. Jun Linyuan hugged her. Feng Wu watched the introduction about Tianxialou in the room, and wanted to take the secret treasure of Tianxialou to help Chaoge return to normal.

Feng Wu found Jun Linyuan, and Jun Linyuan said to Feng Wu that she hoped she could go to the Junwu Academy, because the queen said that to be his concubine, she must have at least a high-level spiritual master or above. Feng Wu thought it was Jun Linyuan who looked down on her, but she had other plans, and she had to leave without understanding. Jun Linyuan stopped her and asked if she had something to say. Feng Wu said that she has her own plans, and she decides her own life. After talking about Feng Wu, he left and met Yu Mingye. Yu Mingye said that she might be interested in Tianxialou, Feng Wu ignored her and left, Yu Mingye followed.

Three days later, Feng Wu was ready to go to the world, let them rest assured. The people in the world asked her to beat the drum first, and Feng Wu used her spiritual power to beat the drum, and Feng Wu went in and broke through the barrier. Feng Wu walked in, and the door closed by herself. She heard the sound of the piano and found that someone was playing the piano. Cai Fengniao reminded her that Feng Wu asked the guards how to pass. The quatrain must be paired with Feng Wu. He said a line of poem, and Feng Wu came up with a line: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, the law is legal, breaking his sentence. The quatrains continued to be right, and Feng Wu came out easily, and Feng Wu passed the test. Feng Wu came to the second level, but the person did not come out but hurt Feng Wu.

Feng Xun found Jun Linyuan and told him that Feng Wu had gone to the Tianxialou, but Jun Linyuan did not go, saying that rash action would make her angry. Feng Wu closed her eyes, trying to find the person, and used the fold-tone bird Yu Mingye taught her, and the person had to let Feng Wu pass. Feng Wu reached the third level. Feng Wu threw the hidden weapon Yu Mingye had given her, hoping to fight the swordsmen fairly and fairly. The knife customer told her that there are no rules at this level, and I hope you don’t let me down. Feng Wu said she was welcome. Feng Wu waved Fengming Sword and sent out a sword light to slash at the swordsman, and the swordsman did the same. Chaoge and the others waited anxiously outside the building.

Jun Linyuan asked Feng Xun and Xuan Yi to go to Tianxialou to meet the opportunity. He was going to meet the person who had broken through the third level of Tianxialou for a while. Feng Wu and the swordsman fought with each other with swords, and Feng Xun and Xuan Yi also rushed over to comfort them Feng Wu was fine now. Feng Wu asked him why he went downstairs in this world, and asked him who he was practicing, which made him fall into the memory.

Feng Wu took the opportunity to give him a palm, and the swordsman asked her why she didn’t kill him. Feng Wu said: I’m here to break through, and I have no grievances with you, why should I kill you? The master of Tianxialou came out, and he was also the gatekeeper of the last pass. Min Zhongqing was playing with a few women. Jun Linyuan found him and asked him what the mystery was in the world. The owner of Tianxialou asked her to carry out a box of jewels and told her to leave. Feng Wu said that she wanted Tianxin Huacai. Feng Wu asked him what he meant, and the host trapped Feng Wu and told her to leave. Feng Wu said that she would leave as soon as she got the Tianxin Flower.

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