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The Song of Glory 锦绣南歌 Episode 53 End Recap

Under heavy rain, Liu Yikang knelt in front of the main hall and asked the emperor to take his life back. Shen Lige, who did not know the truth, prepared a meal to wait for Liu Yikang to come back from the temple to enjoy it. The Three Treasures felt uncomfortable but could only pretend to behave as usual.

Liu Yikang knelt out of the blood. The emperor still did not move. In the end, he was helped by the Sambo Xu Zhan and returned to the Pengcheng Palace. He did not forget to ask the Sambo Shen Lige if he was suspicious. He looked at the food Shen Lige prepared for him. Distressed and ready to go to see Lige immediately.

Shen Lige was very happy to see him and asked what was wrong with his leg. Liu Yikang only said that he was infected with the wind and cold, and then he painted her brows and hugged her into his arms and lied and told him that he was granted the emperor’s permission to rest for three months. He wanted to find a mountainside. The place of the water and Shen Lige had lived a life of the gods and relatives and immediately set off today. Shen Lige was surprised why it was so fast, but he was more happy without doubt.

The two came to the yard with a pear tree full of breeze, Shen Lige and Liu Yikang agreed that they would come to hang the wind chimes every year in the future. Liu Yikang hugged her tightly, reluctant to let go, and were about to leave. Shen Lige was still helping Liu Yikang repair his gift. His cushion was something Xiao Xin needed for his outing. The Three Treasures came to secretly inform Liu Yikang that Minister Liu Yikang had gathered in the courtyard and asked Liu Yikang to give an explanation, and Liu Yikang had to tell Shen Lige that he had to deal with political affairs first and then he would arrive.

After arriving in the yard, Liu Yikang resisted the pressure and made the ministers not to force himself. He would also ask the emperor to change his attention. Shen Lige decided to give Shen Feng a wedding gift before leaving. But when he came to Shen’s house, he found no one. San Jiu Tang couldn’t find anyone. Shen Lige noticed something was wrong, and Liu Yikang alone recalled the bit by bit with Shen Lige. She felt painful and couldn’t help crying because she couldn’t save her.

Liu Yixuan told the fourth brother that he would help him no matter what decision he made. The two talked about things without knowing that Shen Lige, who was hiding by the side, had already heard everything. She suddenly remembered the strangeness of Liu Yikang two days ago and how he could not help crying because of his kneeling blood on his legs, in order not to let Liu Yikang because of himself. In embarrassment, Shen Lige seemed to have made some decision. At night, Shen Lige prepared a lot of food, lit a lot of lights in the lotus pond and happily invited Liu Yikang to dine together. Both buried the secrets in their hearts and embraced each other.

Shen Lige’s tears from being hot with chili peppers really made me really sad and wanted to cry. Liu Yikang told her that she would grow old with her. Shen Lige told Liu Yikang to close his eyes and look at his face carefully. The two of them drank and enjoyed themselves. Soon the next morning came.

Liu Yikang once again asked the imperial decree to save Shen Lige. He hurried back and said that he was okay. At this time, Shen Lige was swinging in the pear blossom forest in the suburbs. Liu Yikang ran to look for her, but she was nowhere to be seen. One missing, it turned out that Shen Lige had already drunk the poisoned wine, and Liu Yikang seemed to understand what the imperial decree in his hand suddenly fell to the ground.

Three years later, Mei Qi and Shen Feng had children. Mrs. Shen was happily teasing her little grandson. Liu Yikang was accustomed to dining at Shen’s house but did not see Shen Lige’s New Deal. The people also lived and worked in peace and contentment. Liu Yikang came to Lihualin to hang wind chimes again. Unscrupulous people are accompanied, and everything about Shen Lige in the small wooden houses in the suburbs is only Liu Yikang’s imagination.

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