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The Eight 外八行 Episode 34 End Recap

Fang Yuanji was hit hard. He always thought that Xishui’s martial arts had been lost. He didn’t expect her to suddenly exert her strength. At the beginning of Huamin, he persuaded Fang Yuanji to surrender. The Tibetan news is that he wants Fang Yuanji to invite him to the Great Mansion, and the treasures in the picture scroll can be seen by the blood of the male and female Yiyang masters. He and the Eight Immortals have compiled it, as long as the light is refracted in the early morning of the summer solstice. Seeing the location of the treasure clearly, Fang Yuanji suddenly became angry and frustrated Hua Minchu. Xi Shui and Hua Minchu joined forces to fight Fang Yuanji.

One party came to rescue in time. He and Fang Yuanji started a fierce battle and pierced Fang Yuanji’s thigh with a knife. Xi Shui and Hua Minchu picked up silver needles and pierced Fang Yuanji’s throat. He screamed Pushing one party to the door, the silver needle pierced one party’s neck deeply, Jiufang suddenly realized that when she hurriedly came, one party had already vomited blood and fell to the ground. Hua Minchu and Jiufang were heartbroken, Fang Yuanji Lying in a pool of blood sneered.

At the beginning of Huamin, he pulled Fang Yuanji up, punched and kicked him, and vented all his hatred on him. At the beginning of Huamin, he beat Fang Yuanji, who was so heinous and murderous, to death, to avenge those who died tragically. avenge. When the dust settled, Feng Bennuo jumped into the river and committed suicide. Hua Minchu asked Lu Shaojie to release Heyun, Red Sleeve, Jiufang and Caiqi, and asked them to go back and apologize to the beginning of the line. Hua Minchu handed the knife to Jiufang. , Let her lead the black yarn to the right path on behalf of one party, and the nine parties were grateful.

Both Li Jue and Huagu knew that Huamin had properly arranged the eight actions at the beginning, and the next step was to solve the matter between Qiming and Jin Xiu Niang . They decided to take the children back to Qianyang Fang, but it was not worth it for Jin Xiu Niang. They did not expect her to help. Qiming. The three wise men gave their stolen treasures to the Eight Immortals, and the Eight Immortals couldn’t put it down.

At the beginning of Huamin, Qiming, the Eight Immortals, Jinxiuniang, Xishui and Zhong Yao were called together, and they decided to abandon the treasures and make the treasures a secret forever. Qiming strongly opposed. At the beginning, Huamin exposed Qiming as the biggest enemy in public. He pretended to tell him, he opened the curtain, which was densely covered with paper strips, and there was also a huge network of relationships. Hua Minchu stated that Xishui came to Shanghai ahead of schedule.

Integrating all the clues, he found the leader of the Qing Dynasty National Congress when he was named. He used his kindness to force Jin Xiuniang to approach Baxing, hoping to seize the treasures of mountains and rivers for ambition to restore. Qi Ming disguised as an order from the original father of Hua Min, secretly They cultivated Fang Yuanji, Ding Tianci, and Bai Jin’s minions, which caused harm to the country and the people, and caused Baxing to fall into one disaster after another. Qiming quibbleed in every possible way, insisting that the Chinese people were beginning to swallow the treasure. A big braid immediately appeared behind.

Qiming admitted that his father and Yuzhi were friends of life and death. He knew everything about the early Huamin Dynasty, so he carefully planned all this. Qiming persuaded the early Huamin Dynasty to help him recover the Qing Dynasty. Huaminchu categorically refused. He gave up as soon as possible. History cannot go backwards. Qiming claims that he has a braided army and can use his identity as the Ksitigarbha at the beginning of the Republic of China to threaten the entire outside world. He can still get treasures and realize the great cause of rejuvenation. Zhong Yao had to admit Hua At the beginning of the Republic of China, it was not Ksitigarbha at all, Xishui admitted that she was the Ksitigarbha, Qiming was immediately dumbfounded.

Qiming was unwilling to give up and wanted to take Jin Xiuniang away with him. Xi Shui and Hua Minchu desperately blocked them, and Qiming drew his guns to kill Hua Minchu himself. Jin Xiuniang took off her head and stabbed into Qiming’s neck. , He fell to the ground and died on the spot. Jin Xiuniang has been trapped in the kindness of her parents for a lifetime, and now she is finally free. She saw a girl crying on the side of the road, so she gave her the golden bracelet on her hand to let her live well.

Ke Shu decided to study in Germany. He left a note to Hua Min Chu and left without saying goodbye. He vowed to return to China after completing his studies. Zhang Yu led Xianliu’s disciples to worship him and vowed to carry forward his spirit. Li Jue and Huagu returned to Qianyangfang, and the children warmly welcomed them.

Zhong Yao disbanded the group, most of the disciples went to the newspaper office to do things, she wanted to go to the United States to relax. Hua Minchu brought Xishui to the highest point of the White Pagoda again, overlooking the entire city. They felt unprecedentedly relaxed and comfortable. Hua Minchu agreed to accompany Xishui to see the stars, and then deeply kissed Xishui, Hua Minchu claimed She planted love poison on Xishui, and never separated for the rest of her life. The two people couldn’t help but embrace each other deeply. Xishui wanted to bring Huaminchu to Kunming to have a baby. Huaminchu was so angry that she could not laugh or cry. The laughter and joy of the two people echoed on the white tower. .

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