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The Eight 外八行 Episode 28 Recap

When Uncle Huan heard that Fang Yuanji had come to Shanghai, he sent people around to inquire about the news of the early Huamin Dynasty, but he found nothing. He found that Zhong Yao had always been calm and calm. Xishui discussed with Xihe and wanted to find him using the method of the early Huamin Dynasty. Li Jue and Huagu didn’t know where they were hiding at the beginning of the Chinese People’s Republic of China. They didn’t know where to find them. Huagu hurriedly took Li Jue to Ke Shu for help and asked him to find out about the news. Ke Shu could only go after work. Contact the truth listener.

The true listener Lin Bei came afterwards, and Huagu couldn’t wait to ask him about the whereabouts of Hua Minchu, but he didn’t know it, and even Liu Er was of no avail. Huagu was not reconciled, and decided to use her ability to find Huaminchu. She always felt that Liu Er must know the hiding place of Huaminchu. It was just that the people who were not at the level of Di listen to a group of people who did not know it. Hua Gu and Li Jue discussed the sign of Di listen. If they were stolen by French encryption, Ke Shu could crack them. Huagu followed Lin Bei and stole all the books and materials he had contacted, so that Ke Shu could translate them as soon as possible. Ke Shu sorted out these materials overnight, hoping to find clues. , The result was nothing.

According to all the materials of Zheng He at the beginning of the Chinese People’s Republic of China, it was found that the southwest giant of the Fuxing Grand Mansion was related to Fang Yuanji. Ke Shu had been busy all night, and found no valuable clues. Huagu and Li Jue waited outside the restaurant all night, and they had to go to Zhong Yao for information. As soon as Fang Yuanji arrived in Shanghai, he came directly to the Fuxing Grand Mansion. Feng Bennuo, Caigu, Heyun, Hongxiu and Jiufang waited there early. Fang Yuanji decided to use this as the resident of Baxing from now on and sent them to inquire as soon as possible. The whereabouts of painted scrolls at the beginning of China and Wanshanhe

Fang Yuanji quickly received a call from Yuzhi, and Yuzhi urged him to take action as soon as possible. Hua Min Chu came to the station for an interview and learned that Shanghai was suffering from a food shortage. He found out that Fang Yuanji and others were doing a ghost. In the evening, Hua Min Chu came to the magnificent Red Wall Club, and he discussed with one party to solve the people in Shanghai. Qiming recognized the problem of food shortages in the early days of the Chinese People’s Republic of China.

Ke Shu was thinking hard about the whereabouts of Hua Minchu, when he suddenly saw Xishui appear and he was reluctant. He felt that he was dreaming and could not help hugging Xishui tightly, but still didn’t believe that Xishui could escape from the dead, Xihe, Li Jue and Huagu Afterwards, Xishui wanted to take them to the early Huamin Dynasty. Ke Shu took out a map of Shanghai with detailed indications of the places that were impossible to appear in the early Huamin Dynasty. The club and Shikumen began to search. Xishui suggested to change his mind. Instead of passively searching for Hua Minchu, he should go to the place where he should appear. Huagu concluded that Zhong Yao knew the whereabouts of Hua Minchu and decided to follow Zhong Yao to find someone.

Zhong Yao made an excuse to distract Li Jue and Huagu. She went directly to the newspaper office and removed all the truth listeners and reporters inside. At the beginning of the Chinese People’s Republic of China, they read historical materials and found that Jing’an Temple was moved to a small fishing village. He took Zhong Yao to the net overnight. In Ansi, Yuan Bao didn’t know about it. At the beginning of Huamin, he went to the abbot and asked him to hand over the Wanshanhe drawing scroll. The abbot felt that he was unable to dissolve the Eight Elements and asked him to get the drawing scroll after the food shortage. The matter was entrusted to the Songhu military governor Lu Shaojie, Marshal, and the abbot drew the Wanshanhe scroll from the broom and gave it to Hua Minchu.

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