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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 16 End Recap

On the Song yellow orange fall sweet love Chen most they are not able to directly express feelings

Tan Song finally found Yellow Oranges. Tan Song told Yellow Oranges that oranges are not the only fruit, and oranges are, and then confessed to Yellow Oranges. Although he is afraid that the relationship between his friends will become bad, but if you don’t say it, It would become a pity. In the end, Tan Song still mustered up the courage to say, telling his previous series of abnormal behaviors.

He also said that he knew that Liu Gaoxu planned to confess to Huang Chengzi, and Tan Song said that he was afraid and afraid that Huang Chengzi would be taken away. ……guess what? Huang Chengzi took the initiative to kiss Tan Song, Huang Chengzi took two steps back shyly, saying that he was hot-headed, Tan Song said with a smile, they are too tacit understanding, the hot-headed are all together…

Should it be led or not? Isn’t this the beginning of the relationship? I am happy, nervous, excited, Tan Song said frankly, I bought a couple outfit when I went to Jiangxia before, so I was already prepared! Talking about wanting to wear romance with her, the two who were about to get close were met by He Jinchao. The two hurriedly explained that She Huangcheng had their eyes into the sand, and He Jinzhao walked between the two of them.

Holding the two of them home, Tan Song was very unhappy, and asked He Jinzhao if the street lights were on? Let him not study like a street lamp, and He Jinzhao seems to be unable to understand. Excitedly, Song ran to Chen Zui and said that he was with Huang Chengzi. Coincidentally, Chen Zui was calling Zhu Jinxiao, and Zhu Jinxiao asked them where they had developed. Who else knows? Tan Song actually told them all about their kisses. Zhu Tonight interrupted him and asked him not to say so carefully.

Tan Song said that they would not make it public for the time being. Zhu Jinxiao wanted to question Huang Chengzi while she was talking, Tan Song let Chen hold Zhu Jinxiao and let her not go, but halfway through Cheng Yaojin-He Jinchao opened the door and just happened to hit this scene. The next day, he told Huang Chengzi that he suspected that someone in the group of five was in love, and that I wished Chen Zui tonight.

He Jinzhao also said very proudly that he would threaten them with this and let them act as cattle for him. In fact, only He Jinzhao does not know the truth. There must be a single dog in the five-person walk! However, He Jinchao still sighed, and indeed only Chen is the most worthy of Zhu Jinxiao. He intends to let Huang Chengzi form an alliance with him to assist. What will happen to the relationship between Zhu Jinxiao and Chen Zui?

After that day, He Jinzhao asked Chen to go to their home to discuss some things. The so-called discussion is to lock Chen Zui and Zhu Jinxiao in the same room and lock the door to keep them both out. Will the two in the house be hungry? Will it be boring? Of course not, all of this was carefully prepared by He Jinchao, eating, drinking, and playing. Turning on the computer, it turns out that the so-called movie is a love movie. The two happened to see the intimate scenes of the male and female protagonists. What about the food? The three words “together” were also written on the cake.

The stupid Chen didn’t know how to do it, and honestly told Zhu Tonight that He Jinchao had misunderstood the two of them together. Chen Zui analyzed with Zhu Jinxiao and liked the various performances of a person, and Chen Zui, who was timid, did not dare to say Zhu Jinxiao, who had low emotional intelligence. I can’t feel Chen Zui’s feelings. I wish my mother opened the room. Chen Zui said that he would go to the aquarium as a guide and would like to ask her to see the Beluga… I wish Chen Zui wish for the Beluga tonight, but Chen Zui said that he hoped that he would like it. Girls can be themselves…

After falling in love, Huang Chengzi also began to dress up carefully. Just when the two were about to play, they happened to meet Huang’s father. Huang’s father discovered that he was exactly the same as Tan Song’s clothes and ridiculed them. His father… When the other two people were shopping happily in the amusement park, Huang Chengzi found that there was a picture of Liu Yifei in Tan Song’s purse. Jealous Huang Chengzi didn’t want to talk to Song. Of course, nothing was resolved by a kiss. It’s impossible.

When Ouyang returned, it was a pity that Chen Zui still did not confess, and Zhu Tonight did not ask who the girl was. Talking about Tan Song and Huang Chengzi’s affairs, He Jinchao happened to see it again. This time they confessed. In order to let He Jinchao calm down, He Jinchao took Tan Song’s diary and read the content publicly. It turns out that he has liked Huang Chengzi since he was a child…

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